Saturday, August 26, 2017

Living Large In Small Spaces - Little House in Arkansas

This week's featured small space is a 600 sq ft home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Welcome to the 116th post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

This house has made the rounds on the internet for sometime now, so it may not be new to you. Nevertheless, it's a great little home and deserves to be included in this series. I was all set to show it to you with just a few photos I was able to find. But then I discovered a Youtube video by Tiny House Project that gives a complete tour of the home by Lyndsey, the owner. It's so much better viewed this way with the inside scoop from the source herself, so please sit back and enjoy this 5 minute video. You won't be disappointed. Before you click on the video I want to tell you that I'm taking some time off from blogging to attend to some things that need my attention, spend time with my husband and enjoy the month of September. Thanks for understanding.

I'll be back in October. See you then!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Cottage Life - My Mother's Pink Depression Glass Vase and Flower Talk

I don't have many things that belonged to my mother. I've moved long distances so many times that I've passed along most of what I once possessed to family members. However, I have kept my mom's pink depression glass. Back in the 1930's the movie theater she frequented gave away depression glass as a gift for buying a ticket to the Saturday matinee. My mother, single at the time, lived with her brother Fred and his wife Louise.  Fred sold furniture and Louise worked at the licorice factory while mom took care of their baby and did the household chores for room, board and a few dollars.  I seem to recall that Louise and she each had 25 cents from their weekly paycheck to spend on a movie and a treat. The movie ticket cost 15 cents. After the show they'd walk across the street to the confectionary where they spent the remaining 10 cents on two scoops of ice cream. The free gift of pretty glassware was the cherry on top. 

My favorite piece of mom's very small pink depression glass collection is a waffle rib ruffled top vase. Here you see it with flowers from my garden.

It's a lovely reminder of my mom, who passed along to me the joy of flower gardening, although she focused mainly on roses, while my tastes run the gamut of flower types.

Back in July I watched a Youtube video on planting containers hosted by an expert gardener in England. She gave a tutorial on how to create interesting pots. She talked about a workshop she attended where an American gardener explained that every container needs "a thriller, a filler, and a spiller". Perhaps you've heard this before, but I had not. I used that principle when I created this arrangement that sits outside Dennis' gallery.

The dwarf sunflower is "the thriller", the zinnia, geranium and verbena are "the fillers", and "the spiller" is, I think, vinca vine (it was on sale at the nursery and didn't have a label). I had all these flowers and the vine on hand when I planted the pot shortly after seeing the presentation. I think this works best in a really large container like the one I used. I tend to keep things simple with my smaller pots, especially if the container is particularly attractive. By the way, when using a large container like the one above there's no need to fill the entire pot with soil. The bottom half of the pot is filled with packing peanuts, styrofoam, whatever I could find that was light. Wine bottle corks work, too.

Remember the flower chair I created back in July? (You can read about it here.) When I showed it to you then it looked like this.

This is the photo I took of it this afternoon.

Isn't it pretty? I had a strong feeling the Thunbergia (Black-eyed Susan Vine) would love climbing up the chicken wire. It really is going crazy. I love when that happens.