Living Large In Small Spaces - Swedish Country Cottage

From the front gate to the back door, this Swedish cottage is loaded with character.

Welcome to the sixty-fifth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Nearly every week I receive a comment from a reader that goes something like this: "Just when I think I've found my favorite cottage, you come up with another one I love and I have a new favorite.

Believe me, I understand. It's a conundrum for me to decide which small home to feature, there are so many that catch my eye and heart. The delightful cottage in Sweden that I'm featuring today is one of them.

Trust me, you'll want to take in every inch of this cottage. It's just that charming.

I love the contrast of white beadboard walls against the hardwood floor in the entry, the potted flowers on the windows sills and the little touches of black. And those white wellies are so sweet.

A wonderful, whimsical corner keeps the cottage playful.

Although this cottage is entirely painted in white and much of the furnishings are white, it maintains warmth with layers of textiles, woven baskets and materials taken from nature. Little bits of color add interest and give the eyes a place to rest.

This is a casual, unfussy style.

An abundance of windows keeps the 650 sq ft cottage bright and cheerful.

The small eat-in kitchen has maintained its old-fashioned, rustic appeal.

Exposed brick is never a bad idea.

I'm crazy about this bedroom. Perfect imperfection.

We don't have a headboard, so I'm thinking I seriously need to sew up a bunch of pillow covers like these and pile them up.

Tea and conversation in this room?  Yes, please.

A nap in this hammock would be nice.

Outdoor living here is as welcoming as the cottage itself.

Imagine alfresco dining on the lawn. Even the little ones have a shady table.

I have no idea what this crude structure is, but I think it's wonderful, the perfect backdrop to the landscape.

Okay, you've read my commentary on this cottage. Now it's your turn to weigh in. What do you think?

Source: Nicety Live Journal

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. Dear Nancy!
    What a beautiful home. Wow, love it. Love all the white, simple and cozy.
    thank you for sharing
    Hugs Kuni

  2. That first interior shot makes me want to put beadboard throughout my house and paint everything white! Simply gorgeous!

  3. Just when I think I'm all about the Cotswold, I find out that I love Swedish just as much. So cute. Gives me some ideas for decluttering my place.

  4. Beautiful little cottage. I would not want to live there as I grow older because of the stairs though. Perfect yard. Nancy

  5. I just love painted wood. I would have planked wood installed throughout my house and paint it if my husband would let me, haha! This is a sweet small-space cottage, and the outdoor spaces are so romantic :)

    1. I even like the painted wood floor in the kitchen. It reminds me of my parents farmhouse, where I grew up.

  6. Nancy,
    There is something magical in this architecture for sure! You're so right the color choice of White with black accents and the pine wood floor allows your eye to concentrate and appreciate the playfullness throughout the interior, Layered textiles and baskets add warmth and charm, I am in love. I have the same # 1 push car, a gift years ago on Christmas from John after I pestered him with showing it to him a zillion times in the DWR catalogue, Fun, enjoyable and charming cottage today.

  7. This would be MY cottage! I love white walls and furniture paired with wood and different shades of blue. (You should see my house!)

  8. Well Nancy there is no weighing in on it, of course I love it, and it's a given as to how inspiring this small cottage is... The elevation of its structure adds to its small grandeur. And the kitchen with the stone counter, the bread oven. The simplicity of its use of old mixed with the new adds all the rightness for my comfort. Look at the grounds that surround it? The white on white really sizes up this cottage as to truly living big in a smaller space.

    I bet all the twine and rag rugs inspired you to the depths of your soul being.... :)
    I really think you need a special little cottage shed bright and white inside and out windows to cast the perfect light on all your rag rugs you will need to stack on shelves to show off your works. Once a month a big shed sale of your primitive cottage rags :)

    Thank you for another beautiful sharing.

    A blessed weekend to you....
    I am putting in my order for one of your rugs :)
    Or I may have to knock on your cottage shed for one.


  9. The light in the rooms is incredible and all the rooms seem to have such a wide variety of textures. I can't help but feel how uncomplicated it would be to live there. And that would be so nice!

  10. Oh Nancy a very beautiful cottage. I sunk right into this cottage from the front door. So cozy and cute.
    Love all the white.

  11. Ahhhh... dining alfresco! Picture perfect.

  12. My daughter and I both love these rural euro cottages. I love the natural finishes, the uneven surfaces, the kitchen, and so on. I could live in one. xoxo Su

  13. This is a place I could easily move into, hands down. I love the white but some of the paneling is bit much. The contrast in the kitchen with the black is perfect and black would be a great accent here and there. Otherwise...beautiful!!

    Jane xx

  14. A wonderful little place, from the picket fencing outside, to the wonderful old wood walls painted white on the inside.

    Thanks again for sharing yet another lovely cottage.


  15. Well, you can count me in along with your reader who can't decide which one of these cottages is her favorite. One week I say, "THIS IS IT!" Then another week comes and I say, "NO, THIS is it...." I am facing the same dilemma right now; THIS IS IT! teeeeheeee

    WHITE is so appealing, especially in a smaller than average space. It opens up not only the physical area but the imagination. That is why I LOVE WHITE in my home. This emptiness allows me to breathe as I wish, to think and sleep easy, to arrange flowers against an uncluttered background.

    This cottage is by far one of the best. With its "perfect imperfection" Nancy, it invites us to live large in the pleasure zone but down to earth with humble elements well-placed.

    LOVE IT!

  16. As usual . . .
    thoughts and ideas swim
    white in and out . . . nice
    different forms of bead board, I like
    very much on the ceiling
    radio . . . not television
    warmth in white

  17. I think it is adorable...straight out of HGTV's Fixer Upper show. Love the shiplap (?) on the walls. It is so cozy even though it is all white.

  18. Love this simple uncluttered cottage, it makes me happy. I would have to add just a little more color though. LOL Thanks for another great find and have a blessed day.

  19. What do I think ?!?
    I think that it's simply wonderful, my sweet Nancy !
    It's quite small, but it's so much bright, with light walls 'enlarging' the wonderful rooms - the one I do prefer is the rustic kitchen, of course, that's my alley, you know it !!! - you breath so much gladness in such a home !
    Thank you for sharing, my darling friend,
    I'm always overjoyed to visit you here,
    sending much dear love to you

  20. I always enjoy your commentary on the homes you find Nancy, you have a way of drawing the details out into the conversation! I love the white look, with added colors throughout the home, and the unique decor - the ladders, the old black telephone... just a lot of lovely little vintage touches that add to the homes charm. And the outdoors is just as lovely as the indoors. Definitely another winner, in my books! Have a wonderful Sunday my friend :)

  21. It's so charming with the sparse furnishings and mostly white interior! Just goes to show we don't need to fill every wall and floor with furniture and accessories. It's lovely inside and out! Thanks so much for sharing, Nancy!

  22. I give it a thumbs up. :-) I like the white and the floors are a favorite.

  23. Perfect imperfection is absolutely right, Nancy!! You hit the nail on the head with that description. I have to say that I love the accessories in this cottage, too. I saw at least one sweet treasure that I would like to have in each photo. If only...

  24. Just stumbled across your blog. What amazing cottages you have found. Love the white, clean looking cottage and the whimsical corner. I'm going to look at some more now!

  25. I absolutely adore this cottage, Nancy, thank you for sharing it. The cottage itself is a gorgeous blank canvas and the styling is spot on and full of wonderful details.

  26. I think it's amazing. Interesting architecture, plenty of light, and simplicity at it's best. Another wonderful find, Nancy!!!
    Have a lovely day,

  27. What a lovely property! I agree with you, what is not to love about that bedroom! This cottage is so inviting and romantic. Thanks for sharing your latest discovery today and have a wonderful week :)

  28. It is precious. I like the beadboard & many other features. Personally, I would have trouble living in such a white environment, but it doesn't keep me from admiring it. :)

    I SO enjoy the variety of small spaces you find and show us so beautifully.

  29. Needless to say, I find this one adorable!
    Thanks for sharing - love the kitchen stove and wall oven.
    Hugs - Mary

  30. Oh my Nancy, this one is so charming. I quite agree with you that the bedroom is perfection and the outside is just as awesome as the inside. Thanks for sharing this one. Hope you have a great week!

  31. What a delightful cottage! So hard to believe it's that small. Such a fabulous use of the space. And yes I would live there in a heartbeat! Please stop by if you have a moment - we'd love to see you! Blessings for a very happy new year- Edie Marie & Marie Antoinette

    1. Thank you and thanks for the visit. I'll drop by. Happy New Year!

  32. Oh, yes, this is perfect! And the little enclosed porch is so close to what I envision for my own cottage!

  33. It's very cute, but the last one you featured is one of my very favorites of all that you've featured. The kitchen alone is ADORABLE :)

    I hope you're having a great New Year, my sweet friend.


  34. So pretty in the Swedish summer sunshine, but I think it would feel rather cold in the winter, even with a good wood stove!

  35. I'd love this as a weekend retreat. I always think of white walls as boring, until I see something like this, and then I think color is over-rated!

  36. Oh, I love that little corner with the little car. It does add something fun to the cottage. And I would so love to spend some time at that cottage.

  37. Super Cute!! Lovin this little cottage for sure!!

  38. I'm completely smitten! Love all that bright white and light! And I can imagine what that garden space could be with some more flowers!


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