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Table Talk

Hi Cottage Friends.So, I took time this past week to do some furniture painting, starting with my little $3.99 Goodwill patio table. This is how it looked before.

Not too exciting in its original state, but after applying a can of Rustoleum Antique White spray paint, it took on a whole new personality. Not only does the white bring out all the pretty details, but it brightens up this spot, too.

Another one of my thrift store finds got a makeover this week. While nosing around Habitat for Humanity recently, I found this little table with no price on it. 

A nice young man who works there told me I could have it for $7.00. Needless to say, I happily took it home. I knew it would be perfect next to my chair and ottoman.
I didn't want a large table, just a side table big enough to hold my coffee while I have my morning devotions. (Right now I'm enjoying online Morning and Evenings devotionals by Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon's wisdom and ability to articulate biblical principles with …

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