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Thrift Store Finds - Staffordshire Ironstone, and Porcelain Farmhouse Pitcher


I truly believe that when it comes to discovering amazing finds at thrift stores, timing is everything. There are three shops in my town that I frequently patronize: Habitat for Humanity Restore, ARC Thrift, and Goodwill. All three stores are on my way home from work, so it's easy just to pop in. I don't always find something when I visit. However, it's always fun to browse, and sometimes I return for another look in the next day or two if I don't feel like going right home. Just something fun to do, and it helps me unwind from my job. It's often that second day visit that is the charm. Something has just been put out that day, and I'm fortunate to be the one who's on hand to claim it. My vintage french country night stand is a great example of an amazing "second day" find. 

I usually find good deals at ARC thrift store on Saturdays. That's the day they offer 50% off four of the five price tag colors they use. I always  check out their serving pieces -- platters, bowls, sugar and creamers, etc. Especially the white ones. I am particularly on the hunt for ironstone, which I never find. So imagine my surprise when I spotted this vintage Staffordshire White Mist ironstone creamer and sugar set.

They were priced at $4.98 each, which I thought was an unbelievably great price. The price tag color wasn't one of the colors on sale for 50% off, and that was fine. But get this. I had also picked up a few little items that were all 50% off, and when the clerk checked me out she gave me everything including the ironstone for 50% off. It wasn't a mistake. She let me know exactly what she was doing. 

When I got home I did an online search to see what the Staffordshire White Mist Creamer and Sugar Set might be worth. Turns out an Etsy shop has a set priced at $40. And that set has a little crazing. The set I bought is pristine. Needless to say, I'm pretty jazzed at having found this beautiful ironstone.

Earlier this month I discovered a white porcelain farmhouse pitcher at Goodwill that made its way into my cart.

I think Target sells a pitcher like this for $14. This one was $6.99, which is a little more than I would normally pay for a thrift store pitcher unless it's one that is in perfect condition, has great style, and is priced lower than one I can buy new. This gorgeous pitcher checked all the boxes. I know I'll enjoy it for a long time.

These new acquisitions have brightened my kitchen. All part of my after Christmas refresh.

Are you refreshing your home?


Monday Morning Encouragement - The Solid Rock


How is your home's foundation? Is it solid? Can it withstand heavy rains and high winds? Do you feel secure in your home when a storm blows through? Perhaps you're a little unsure of the foundation your home sits on. In that case, it's best to take measures to make sure it's solid. Today we'll look at what Jesus had to say about building a house on a solid foundation, and how that applies to our faith.

Making Over a Makeover

Last November I showed you the French Ephemera Decoupage wall hanging I made for my bedroom using an old frame I painted, and free printables from The Graphics Fairy. 

I liked it well enough, but I didn't LOVE it. In fact, the more I looked at it, the less I liked it.

Monday Morning Encouragement - Gentle Savior

"A bruised reed He will not break, And a dimly burning wick He will not extinguish;" Isaiah 42:3

When Isaiah prophesied of the Messiah, He showed Him as a Gentle Savior.  Jesus described Himself as "gentle and lowly in heart" (Matthew 11:29). The word "lowly" here means "humble". Jesus is gentle and He has a humble heart. 

New Addition to My Bedroom


Monday Morning Encouragement - Whiter Than Snow

"Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; 
   Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." 
Psalm 51:7

I must confess that I'm not much of a winter lover. Cold winds and snowfall make me long for warmer days, and I'd be content if my snow shovel never left its place in the shed. However, in light of what the Bible has to say about the whiteness of snow and how it relates to our salvation, I am able to look at snow from a different perspective.

Vintage French Country Nightstand


Hello Cottage Friends,

I hope the new year is off to a good start for you. I've had some challenges, which I'm not going to elaborate on now. I'm more interested in showing you my latest thrift store score: an amazing Ethan Allen French Country Nightstand from the 1990's for only $20!

Monday Morning Encouragement - New Beginnings


Source: Heartlight.org

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23 

I love turning the calendar page to a new year. There's just something about seeing that fresh page without any markings and knowing that not only is it a new month, but it's a whole new year ripe with possibilities.

Monday Morning Encouragement - The Overcoming Light


The Gospel of  John begins with the deity of Christ; that He is the Word of God made flesh. God has always existed and all of life comes from Him. But what is more is that in Christ there is spiritual life. Until we come to Him and receive Him as our Savior, we are spiritually dead, living in darkness.

Monday Morning Encouragement - Fourth Week of Advent - Peace


"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock."
Isaiah 26:3-4

As part of our celebration of the Advent season, we're exploring the four themes of Advent: Hope, Faith, Joy and Peace. Three weeks ago we looked at Hope. The following week we delved into Faith. Last week we considered what the Bible has to say about Joy. This final week of Advent we focus on Peace.

Christmas 2021 at A Joyful Cottage


Merry Christmas Cottage Friends!

My home is decorated, my Christmas shopping is complete, and I'm ready to invite you in for an up close and personal look at A Joyful Cottage Christmas 2021.