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Puppy Love and Other News

Hello Cottage Friends,

I'd like to introduce you to Hazel.

Isn't she cute? Hazel's the newest addition to my son's family, and she's brought a lot of joy into this home.
When she's not rough housing with the other two dogs, or playing footsie, she likes to sleep.

And she's not very discriminating as to where she gets here zzz's. We were playing outside, when she suddenly dropped on the step and conked out.
She loves to snuggle, and sometimes Hazel crawls into a stray throw and dreams of chasing squirrels.

As  my son put it the night he came home to find a new puppy had appeared, "At this time with the stay at home restrictions, the kids need something to look forward to." They do, indeed. And every day this little charmer brings a smile to their faces, as well as to the rest  of us. She's a blessing.
I'm going to miss her when I finally get into my own place. I'm several steps closer to that happening, as I'm now in contract on a manu…

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