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A Book Review - Biblical Minimalism by Cheryl E. Smith and a Giveaway

Hello Cottage Friends,

Many of you may know Cheryl Smith of the blog Homespun Devotions. She is a woman of God who shares from her heart, sometimes stepping out of her own comfort zone to write, from a Christian worldview, about matters that affect our culture. I have followed her blog for years, and find her well-written posts to be thoughtful, as well as oftentimes thought-provoking.

Cheryl has just published her book "Biblical Minimalism", of which I am a happy recipient.  

I finished reading the book last night, and I must say the timing could not have been more perfect. As I embark on a new life as a single woman after years of down-sizing and purging unnecessary material things from my life, I can use all the encouragement I can get to stay on course with "the simple life" to which God has called me. 

But Cheryl's book goes much further than instructions on how to get rid of stuff. She does give practical advice on how to rid our lives of excess possessions, …

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