Welcome December and a Little Decorating Inspiration

Happy December Cottage Friends!

Is it snowing where you are? It snowed for about 45 minutes yesterday morning, but then the sun came out and melted all the white within a few minutes.

Thanks for the nice things you said about my collages in my last post. I sold half of them at the Holiday Bazaar last weekend, received an order for two more and some nice leads for future custom work. 

I met some wonderful people, and really think that was the best part of the show. Greeting the public reminds me that there are an awful lot of nice folks in the world.

My display last weekend.

This weekend I hope to sell the rest of my stash, along with a few additional pieces I made this week. I won't bore you with all of those, but I do want to share my favorite one.

All this creating has kept me so busy I haven't had a chance to start any Christmas decorating. I think I'll get started on Sunday. If you need a little jump start yourself, here's a little eye candy that might do the trick.

Rose Garden Romantic Home
Traditional Living Room
The Farm at Banner Elk - Pasture Lane Lot 5


  1. Yes, I DO love this season! Everything from the traditional Christmas music playing on our music channels on TV to lighting the candles that I don't take the time to light the rest of the year...

  2. Love your work. I've found that the selling portion sometimes interferes with creative time. I'm still trying to find the right way to manage the two. I really glad your back.

  3. I'd love a little snow. Your work is darling. I'm so glad it sold well. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I am happy you had a great day! I agree, when I did the farmer market this summer, I too met so many wonderful people. It makes you smile!

    We are all decorated here! The only thing left to do is place the train under the tree. :-)

  5. So glad you did so well at the market. Your pieces are beautiful so no surprise they sold. Glad you made the connection with so many wonderful people too. Happy Decorating this weekend Nancy.

  6. Would have loved to see your additional pieces.Your beautiful creations would never bore me. I did my Christmas decorating early. I got the bug to decorate day after Thanksgiving.

    1. Good for you, Olivia! Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the season!

  7. I am so happy that your pretty collages were snapped up at the sale but I'm not surprised. They are so unique! Good for you. I need to start decorating as well. I want to keep it minimal as our home is so small and crowded with family on Christmas morning. We actually move the coffee table so we have room to sit on the floor to open gifts which sprawl out everywhere!

    We are supposed to have flurries tonight. We'll see. ;-D

    Happy Holidays, Nancy!

    Jane x

  8. congratulations on your success at the sale .. you are so creative and this mixed media process turned out fantastic. applause!!!

    it's chillier this morning with a good strong breeze. thinking that more than a light vest over my clothing will be necessary while taking the pooch for her morning walk. yes. scarf and gloves and perhaps a jacket. she has a gorgeous fur coat so nothing more for her.. we both love the cooler temps.

  9. Good Morning Nancy, I am so excited to see you back in blog-land. You have been missed. Your collages are beautiful. I wish that you would have posted more close up photos. Did you forget that you are among creative blogging sisters that never get bored by photos of lovely art.
    We have not had any snow yet, and I'm perfectly okay with that, LOL.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Connie :)

  10. I do love this season, Nancy. It really is magical. I have put up less decorations this year than ever before, simple seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life as of late. So glad to hear that your sale was a success...for the pocketbook and the soul. Continued success my friend! xo

  11. I love this season, too. I would love to have snow as long as I don't have to shovel it! I love your favorite piece. So glad you did well and met new friends at the show. I've been away all week visiting my cousin - a much needed break - so I haven't started decorating. My sweetheart put the tree up before I arrive home last evening. So far, just lights on the tree. Wishing you a great show this weekend, dear friend.

  12. Hello dearest Nancy! I LOVE this season as well, and part of the fun is fluffing up the cottage to make it as cozy as possible. How gorgeous are all these photos; I am currently into fur throws and pillows. They lend such a rustic feel coupled with some elegant touches. We too had a bit of snow two weeks ago, but it also melted so fast. It's been in the 50s which is WEIRD for Minnesota in December!

    Wishing you a lovely holiday season!

  13. Congrats on the show, Nancy. Your favorite new piece is lovely.

    No snow here yet, except for flurries that haven't accumulated. I'm looking forward to it this year. And to getting ready for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration -- love that last photo!

  14. Glad you are back! I love your collages, very nice work! I am not decorating as much as last year and little slow at it this year. Hope to get more decorating done tomorrow. No where near any snow here, wished it was though.

  15. Your "Silent night" collage is amazing. And each inspiration picture had me drooling.

  16. I love this season too . . .
    Happy your fabric, woven, collage like pieces found new homes . . .
    Very creative . . .
    Loved the Silent Night . . .

  17. How nice that you sold half of your lovely collages! I love the Silent Night one. Been decorating myself and only half done!

  18. These collages are lovely, Nancy, no wonder they're flying off the shelf.


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