My Hiatus is Over

Six months is a long time to be on hiatus. I've missed you all so much, and I just couldn't stay away any longer. So, I'm back. 

There's so much to tell you: how I whiled away the hours whilst all of you precious people were carrying on with your own lives, but all that will wait for another day. Today I want to share my latest passion: Fabric/Mixed Media Collages. These, my friends, are what has consumed my time for the past month.


When summer gave way to fall I turned my attention from gardening to weaving rugs.


And while I do enjoy weaving rag rugs, it takes a long time to make just one rug (at least the way I do it. . .very tight weaving) and I wondered if there was something I could do with smaller pieces that would take less time. Something. . .different.


My mind kicked into searching mode, even into the wee hours of the morning.  


During one of my restless, tossing and turning nights it came to me, "Combine your love of fabrics and collage with your weaving."


Because I walk in the Spirit, I knew He was whispering in my ear. He had given me the answer I was seeking.


I barely could go back to sleep; I wanted to rush to my studio immediately and get started. 


For years I've been collecting vintage embroidery, crocheted items, lace, buttons, beads, and other bits and bobs; fabric scraps and music sheets found along the way, without really knowing how I would use them.


Finally, I had a purpose for all of it. They became the embellishments for my collages.


The woven rags are my canvas.


My first ten collages were 12" x 5"


Then I began making 6" x 5" collages.


Every day was a step in my journey of discovery.


Before I finished the collage in front of me, I already had the next one planned in my mind.


Dennis cheered me on and began bringing home boxes of lace and such that he had found in his travels.


Always one of my favorite internet stops The Graphics Fairy became a daily haunt.


Friends like my collages and have encouraged me to sell them.


So, I'm going to give it a go.


My work will debut November 25-26 and December 2-3 at the Jingle through Joseph Holiday Bazaar in Joseph, Oregon.


I'll be selling these along with some other handcrafted and re-styled items under my business name "Encore Studio."  


Dennis will be selling some of his work, too. Like this beautiful paper cast.

Tomorrow we'll celebrate Thanksgiving while we set up our booth.

We wish you and your loved ones a
Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

Local ranch photographed during a recent country drive.

P.S. I'd love to know what you think of my collages, and if you like them, do you have a favorite?


  1. you're back ... you're really back!
    ♥ so thankful.
    your mixed media collages are beautiful
    and should sell very well! such creativity!

  2. Oh Nancy! It's so wonderful to see you back here. I have thought about you so often. Your collages are just beautiful and I am so happy you are going to sell them. I was going to suggest that! You'll have to let us know how that goes! Happy Thanksgiving my friend! :) xo

  3. These are absolutely beautiful.

  4. You put a big smile on my face by coming back to the blog world, Nancy :) I love that you have a new passion and a budding business. I am a like-minded bits and bobs collector, haha. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. These are absolutely stunning! Exquisite! Unique! I love every one of them. The Christmas ones are so the O Christmas Tree and the red striped with the snowman. Wish I could be in Oregon to see them in person. Welcome back! So happy to see you on Instagram and came right over.

  6. These are wonderful - all of them - but especially the Christmas ones! Any chance of an Etsy shop so we might purchase them?

    So good to have you back; you've been missed!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, I'm thinking of an Etsy or other online shop. We'll see what happens. :)

  7. OMGOSH, Nancy! Those are just fascinating. I have to say I really like the smaller ones and the Christmas ones jump out at me. Just darling each and every one of them. The little one with the blue house is really cute! They all are. Good for your for finding your passion! xo Diana

  8. I am SO glad to see you back again! And I LOVE your collages. Each one was my favorite until I came to the sweet blue with the cottage and bit of music. My heart stood still - so I would say that's my favorite! Wishing you well with your sale. I'm sure you and Dennis will both do well. Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend.

  9. Like everyone else, I'm thrilled that you're back! Your collages are so unique. The fact that no two are alike makes them so very special. I would be VERY hard-pressed to select a favorite...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dennis.

  10. Nancy...I think you have found your true passion. That you wake up eager to get to your newfound love says it all. I absolutely love your creations and how they combine fabrics and bits and pieces of all sorts of textures. Thanks so much for including us in this new chapter of your creative life!


  11. Welcome back. I have missed your blog. I loved them all but my favorite was the one with the plaid Christmas tree. I think they will sell well. So creative and everyone different. I love that you could use the things you have been collecting for years. What a straight from the heart gift that would make anyone happy. Looking forward to admiring any more you share.

    1. Thank you, Olivia. The plaids are classic Christmas to me. xo

  12. Wow, you're BACK!!!! Yay. You've been busy creating some really lovely pieces. My favorite is the the one above Peace on earth, with a red rose, doves and a heart. :-)

    I think you will do really well selling these.

    Love your husband's piece also.

    I do hope you will be back more often, it was a real treat to see this post from you.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  13. Dearest Nancy, HELLO! I am so glad to see you are back blogging! Very nice to see you are enjoying art and creativity and your sweet little home. That is a gorgeous view of the landscape surrounding you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Anita

  14. I was so happy to see your blog pop up in my e-mails this morning!!! Your collages are beautiful and so creative. I love that they tell a story. My favorite one is the "Peace on Earth." I'm guessing you'll sell them easily. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Pam, thank you. It's so nice of you to visit and leave such a welcoming comment. Much appreciated.

  15. So happy to see you back! Love all the pieces you are working on, right now I am partial to the Christmas ones😊 Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

  16. Love them!!!! Especially the mostly creamy white ones :)

  17. Very cute Nancy! Welcome back!!

  18. Beautiful! My favorite is the Peace on Earth. Love the colors and the message. Welcome back!

  19. So glad you are back.
    I love your Artwork !!
    You have inspired me to get in my Craft Studio.

  20. Yeah, I am thrilled to see you back Nancy. Your art is fabulous! I love the blue with house. I also have started mixed media art about two months ago. My first attempt is on my blog. I was just thinking about contacting you yesterday and there you were in my e-mail. ;) Looking forward to catching up.

  21. Yeah Nancy soooo good to see you back posting on your blog. Missed you. These are just fabulous and works of art. Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Hi...i was just thinking about you the other day..don't know here you are..i prefer the smaller ones..and i like them all..i use the graphics fairy might like using as's like photoshop..but free..i use that A LOT..i like to layer the graphics to make my own designs..she even shared one of my favorite projects..
    don't forget to share some pix of your gardens..i bet they were left us just before the dry riverbed was finished..Happy to have you back in my inbox..

  23. Very nice! #3 is my favorite - I'm a lover of any and all things Christmas! Best of luck with your new endeavor...

  24. Oh what JOY filled my heart when I saw that A Joyful Cottage was back! Dear Nancy, we have missed you, and I often thought about you. What a wonderful blessing the Lord gifted you with, this creative idea that is truly unique, and all your own. Only the Lord! I just love each and every piece you have lovingly created. I could not pick a favorite! I pray you and Dennis have a very blessed time at the show. Both of you are such amazing artists! I love Denis' paper art too, gorgeous! So happy to hear that you are doing well, and wishing you a very blessed and special Thanksgiving today!

  25. I love #9 and #15
    These are sweet treasured wonderments that tell their own little stories.
    When you started making your rugs I was in love, and I could imagine you with a studio filled with them where neighboring buyers visit you for the next rug to fall in love with.
    I was one of them that wanted to commission an original by Nancy.
    I no that feeling of a brain ticking and inspiration kicks in and you can't wait for the morning hours to rise so you can get to work.

    These mini rag rugs are your new passion, and limitless with what stories each one can tell.


  26. Welcome back Joyful One . . .
    Happy you have found your niche with your weaving and collage . .
    Lovely, interesting . . . insightful too.
    Happy days . . .
    How wonderful it Is to give time to creating and enjoy!
    All the best in your new venture . . ,

  27. Congratulations Nancy,
    What a lovely, inspiring blog post. I am so excited for you.
    Thank you for sharing and best to you.
    Love, Carla

  28. Your collages are FANTASTIC!!! My favorites are #s 8 & 10; I would love to see you do something beachy, too. THAT I would buy in a heart beat!!!
    Keep up the fantastic work!!

  29. So glad you're back. I never gave up on you and would check in every so often.

  30. So glad to see you back in blogland, Nancy. Your collages are so interesting, lovely, wonderful. and beautiful! Loving that each one is different with its special embellishments.
    Mary Alice

  31. So glad to see you back! I love your artwork. I keep telling myself I'm going to do something like that, but blogging seems to take most of my time!

  32. I love your mixed media collages! Something tells me you probably sold them easily. :)

  33. Nancy, I'm playing catch up on my reading and I'm so glad to have found you back. I think your collages are just wonderful. So creative. I especially love the Christmas ones but that's only because I'm in the decorating mood. I wish you much success.

  34. I'm so glad you're back, Nancy, I've missed you.

  35. Nancy, it was great seeing you in my inbox the other day, and I'm finally having a minute to slow down and comment. Welcome back! I absolutely love seeing how your collections and talents have come together in your "brainstorm" collages. Actually, it's personally encouraging to me that perhaps some of my own bits and pieces will eventually come together. The Peace on Earth is my favorite.

    While you were on hiatus, we finally got a contract on our house—and closed today! We're starting a new adventure: living in a fifth wheel at the farm while we finalize plans and start building. Our downsizing won't be as drastic as yours, but we're happy to be taking the next step in our journey. I trust you and Dennis are still enjoying your wonderful new home!

  36. Nancy, I am so happy that I clicked on "Older Posts" and came here. It took care of my request for more photos and filled my heart with joy. These are amazing and the fact that you have incorporated your weaving into your collage art is awesome and truly makes them special. It's easy to pick up on your excitement as I read this post. You can't see it, but you have put a huge smile on my face :)

  37. So glad you're back Nancy!! I've missed your blog.

    Wonderful to see you fired up about your sweet, mixed-media weavings. Such joy!!


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