Christmas Decor - Three Thrift Store Makeovers Under $6


Greetings Cottage Friends,

Today I have three thrift store makeovers under $6 each that I want to share with you for Christmas. All three were inexpensive and super easy and quick to accomplish.

First up is a picture frame I picked up for $3.

I've had this frame in my stash for months, waiting for a place to use it. It's in good shape and has great bones. I knew a coat of white chalk paint and some distressing would bring out all that beautiful detail. 

The shelf in my living room needed something for Christmas, and when I placed the frame on the shelf it fit perfectly. I wanted to put something Christmasy inside the frame, and one of the possibilities that came to mind was sheet music. So, I went to my favorite place The Graphics Fairy to see what she had for Christmas. When I saw The Christmas Tree sheet music, I knew I could cut it down to size and still keep the basic message.

My second makeover is this black wrought iron plate rack I found for $5.99.

I like to collect plates, and had it in mind to have at least one plate rack in my kitchen. I purchased a set of two plate racks, but when I got ready to hang them I realized one of them was missing a piece of one holder. Can you see it in the above photo? Yeah, that's what happens when you don't carefully examine a thrift store find before buying it. I totally missed the damage. (Ugh.) I've had these racks for months, so the return policy had expired. Oh well, lesson learned. 

Anyway, I liked the detail on this rack, but I did not like the black color. It's dated and just not my style. Once again, I knew some white paint and distressing would kick it up a notch and bring out that great detail.

You can see why even a little distressing shows off the detail!

The plates aren't Christmas plates per se, but the red is a Christmas color, and I do like the country cottage design. 

 My third makeover is this $2 tray.

For my fall centerpiece, I painted a thrifted silver tray and loved the way it turned out. I had another smaller tray that I wanted to use for my Christmas centerpiece. No guilt in painting it, as it's stainless steel and the finish was marred.

Two coats of paint later, my tray was transformed into a base for my Christmas vignette. The trees and "Joy" were purchased at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Walmart was my source for the black and white bead garland.

Each of these makeovers are more than Christmas decor. They can be used throughout the year, changed out with the seasons, or for any other reason.

So, tell me what you think. Which one of these makeovers is your favorite? Has a light bulb gone off in your head? ;)

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  1. You have such a great eye for the possibilities! I love what you've done for your Christmas decor. We are away from home in our cabin-on-wheels, spending time with family who needs help with a project. I brought a few Christmas decorations and a tiny artificial tree to bring the joy of the season into our 'cabin'. You've inspired me again, dear friend.

  2. You go girl with your re loving thrift store into beautiful new Christmas decor.
    Very nice Nancy. xoxo Kris

  3. I love all three! Anything painted white is a win win! I had some black wrought iron plate racks and I spray painted them white... they now reside in my bedroom! I like the look of chaulk paint but the price is kind of spendy, so I just use Rustoleum spray paint. I love the frame and how the distressing brings out the detail. Love the plate rack.. how did you replace that missing piece??? Also, the silver tray is probably my favorite and I can see using chaulk paint is a must on that! That's been on my wish list for years.. a nice tray for a centerpiece. I'll have to check out our local thrift shops again! Have a good week! xoxo Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn. I guess I didn't explain the situation with the damaged plate rack very well . I had purchased a matching set, and only one of them was damaged. I didn't realize it was damaged until after I hung it on the wall. So, the photo I showed was taken right after I hung it. That's when I realized the problem. I took that rak down and will re-donate it. I painted the second, undamaged rack and hung that one. So, I didn't replace the missing piece. I replaced the whole rack. LOL :D

  4. Your decorations will help get me into the Christmas spirit, Nancy. My creativity
    comes only from others and seeing patterns or directions. As a matter of fact, I took
    a photo of a simple ornament at good old Walmart, so I could come home and try to make
    one of my own, (note the "try to make one"). I really like the way your plates turned
    out with the holder painted, and I see you found a way to make it symmetrical. Enjoy your newly hung Christmas decorations as the season comes upon us. Lynn and Precious XX

  5. So creative. I love the first, O' Christmas Tree. That got me singing and smiling.

  6. I just love trash treasure posts and you are the queen! These are gorgeous. I especially like the frame and the plate rack. Super makeovers, move on over Martha there's a new gal in town.

  7. You always amaze me! I have no head for seeing the possibilities.

    1. Thanks, although sometimes being able to see the possibilities is a curse. LOL I have a stack of projects waiting for me to execute my vision. So many projects. . .so little time. :)

  8. Hi Nancy,
    Happy holidays. Your sweet new home has really changed over the short time ago since you bought and decorated it. Hope you still love Colorado. White paint renews everything. Great thrifty deals and make overs. Hope your holidays are blessed.

  9. Clever repurposing! So fun to uncover the possibilities!

    1. Thanks for your visit and kind comment. Makeovers are probably my favorite thing to do. Next to eating chocolate. THAT's my absolute favorite occupation. ;)


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