Fall In The Kitchen


Fall has definitely arrived here in Northern Colorado. Overnight lows have been in the 30's. Brrrr. And while I don't like the colder temperatures, I do like the turning of the leaves and seeing my neighbors placing pumpkins in their garden beds.

I don't typically do a lot of fall decorating, but I always place a wreath on my front door. This year I wanted something with a natural look, and neutral in color. 

I recycled a wreath I own that was looking kind of shabby (not shabby in a good way), removing all the flowers and leaves until I had the basic wreath. Then I glued on white faux berries, which in the photo kind of look like pieces of popcorn balls. LOL. 

It looks much better in real life.

The dining table fall centerpiece is very simple. 

I found the stripe fabric pumpkin at a local boutique while I was on vacation. The bouquet is a Hobby Lobby 50% off find. (I added the jute bow.) The tray is a makeover of a tray I found at the thrift store. I gave it a coat of linen white chalk paint.

And, I added my thrift store rooster makeover with a French Country vibe.

The little pumpkin plate on my counter came from the Pier 1 clearance section back when I worked there.

A basket of sunflowers and a fallish decoy sit atop my refrigerator.

This is my Fall In The Kitchen 2021.

I've been adding other decor to my kitchen, which I hope to complete and show you soon. Also, changes in my bedroom!



  1. Just think what the chicken would look like with it's polka dots for Fall, lol. Your tray definitely looks better with fresh paint too, instead of the original tarnish look. We are just having a major cool down with dark skies and some daily drizzle. No frost yet, which is surprising. I had some light garden clean up to do before the rain and I enjoy being outside. Next will be the leaf raking instead of biking. Enjoy your lovely home and crisper air. Hope the heavy snow holds off for you. Lynn and Precious XX

  2. Very sweet touches for Fall. The wreath is really pretty... love the white berries. And that tray... I need to find me a tray and paint it as I love the look of a tray holding this and that. The colors here in Oregon and my neighborhood are especially vivid this year and I love it! xoxo Marilyn

  3. That tray makeover is amazing. I never thought of painting a tray but now I'll have to try it. Great idea.

  4. Enjoyed all of your fall decorations, fall is one of my favorite seasons with spring next, our summers are so hot and humid! Your silver tray looks so similar to one I found at a thrift store!
    Have a great day,

  5. Your decor is always just right for your home. You have such a good eye for it and you make it sounds so easy.

  6. The fall chill arrived here this weekend, too, Nancy. Brrr...is right. Love your fall decor, super sweet and the perfect amount. I hope you have a warm week!! Hugs!!

  7. My autumn decor has gotten simpler over the years. I have some ceramic pumpkins, and some fall plates. Oh and a few pillows. I have a real pumpkin on a shelf, some flowers from the garden with their autumn blush on them. That’s it. It’s cozy and autumnal in my home.

  8. Your fall decor is simple and pretty, Nancy, and sometimes that's all we need. You did a smash up job on the wreath! Hurray!

    So happy to visit- I hope all is well in your world.❤️


  9. Can you tell I'm catching up again? I love your simple and subtle Fall decor. My fall things are in a box in the dining room! We've been working hard on some home projects and the Fall box just came in from the garage! You've given me an idea for a little tray I've wondered about. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. i love how you creatively design decor for the season.
    your home is filled to overflowing with your heart...


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