Monday Morning Encouragement - Joyful Worship


"Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth. 
Serve the LORD with gladness; 
Come before Him with joyful singing." 
Psalm 100:1-2

I've often wondered why it is we so easily shout and get excited over our favorite sports team, yet maintain a sober disposition and practically sit on our hands when it comes to worshiping God. 

The psalmist didn't seem to have a problem with this. He wanted the whole earth -- everyone around the world -- to shout joyfully to the Lord. We praise athletes for their abilities, while failing to praise God for our very existence. We call baseball players heroes just because they win a game. But a hero is someone who sacrifices his life to save the life of another. Jesus Christ sacrificed His life to save us from hell. Shouldn't we serve Him with gladness? Shouldn't we come before Him with joyful singing?

Join me in worshiping our awesome God this morning.  To help us get our hearts in the right place I've selected a special song by Matt Maher called Joyful Noise. Enjoy!

I love you, I'm thinking of you, and I'm praying for you.



  1. Yup. This is the way it is in my neck of the woods for sure. Cheering for sports = great fan. Discussing prayer outside of church = zealot.

  2. Happy New Week Nancy. Thank you for praying for us. xoxo

  3. Thank you for this encouragement. My dad was a pastor. He used to say that 'religious' people are often called fanatics. That was OK with him because the word fan is short for fanatic and people who shout and yell and act crazy over sports are called fans (short for fanatics). So why not be a fanatic for the Lord? I was a little girl when I heard him say that and it has always stuck with me.

  4. Amen to everything you said and lovely song, thank you . . . have a blessed week, my friend.

  5. I look, I read, I listen and then I repeat later in the week. Thank you.

  6. Our God is worthy to be praised!! Great post and link to Matt Maher. Thanks Nancy!

  7. Thanks for the prayers Nancy. Enjoy your week ahead. Hugs

  8. I’m so behind on reading blogs! Here to say, Yes! Be loud in our praise!


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