Wednesday, September 5, 2018

On Blogging and Life in Texas

Tuscarora Crape Myrtle Blooms Here Summer Through Fall

Years ago when blogs were first appearing on the web a friend commented to me that she couldn't understand why anyone would think writing about their day-to-day life should be of interest to strangers. She wasn't aware that at the time (2007) I was contemplating starting a blog, and not wanting to embarrass her with that revelation, I remained silent on the subject. 

I often think the lives of others are much more interesting than my own, so when it comes to me blogging about my own day-to-day life I rather agree with her. Truthfully, I'm surprised that people actually come here and take the time to read what I write, and even more surprised when I receive emails from folks who say they just found my blog and wanted to tell me they enjoy it and would I please continue to blog, or I hear from a long-time reader inquiring about how I'm doing and would I share what's going on here in our new locale. 

I find the world of blogging -- Blogland -- to be a crazy, mysterious, awesome place, filled with incredibly gifted, funny, wise, loving people. Of course there are exceptions, but in general I find most people I meet through my blog (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) are pretty darn nice, and some of them have become close friends. Which goes back to the crazy part of blogging -- becoming friends with people you've never actually met. It's mysterious, too, and awesome. 

 Patrick Heath Public Library, Boerne, TX Featured In American Libraries

Since my last post, in June, I made a big change in my life: after over 8 years of retirement I returned to the workforce and now work as a part-time aide in the Patrick Heath Public Library. It was a really good decision; I work with wonderful people in a beautiful environment, performing a job I love. Living in this isolated apartment with only one car and Dennis needing it to drive to his studio 17 miles from here was making me a little crazy. I needed to meet people and interact. I needed a purpose. I needed to make a contribution outside of this apartment. My job at the library fulfills all these needs. I'm so happy and feel so blessed to be a part of this fantastic library. 

Gatherings - Comfort, TX

Dennis has rented studio space at Gatherings in Comfort. Comfort is a charming little town filled with antique and vintage shops, B&B's, boutiques, wineries, coffee shops and cafes. He's busy painting the scenes that interest him, along with commissions, and conducting workshops.

Collage of Dennis Reinke's Recent Paintings

We're not settled yet, though we're in negotiations on a house for rent. We had thought of building again, but that isn't in the cards right now. I haven't decorated this apartment or purchased much of anything. I just don't feel the need since we'll be moving again. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 

So life here in Texas is good, although not exactly what I anticipated. I thought I would be blogging and writing more. Instead I'm spending time with people and reading more. Which ain't a bad way to live.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: 
this is the ideal life.” ― Mark Twain

A Book I Finished Recently. Easy to see why it won a Pulitzer.

Thanks for stopping by, my friends. It's great to connect with you.