On Blogging and Life in Texas

Tuscarora Crape Myrtle Blooms Here Summer Through Fall

Years ago when blogs were first appearing on the web a friend commented to me that she couldn't understand why anyone would think writing about their day-to-day life should be of interest to strangers. She wasn't aware that at the time (2007) I was contemplating starting a blog, and not wanting to embarrass her with that revelation, I remained silent on the subject. 

I often think the lives of others are much more interesting than my own, so when it comes to me blogging about my own day-to-day life I rather agree with her. Truthfully, I'm surprised that people actually come here and take the time to read what I write, and even more surprised when I receive emails from folks who say they just found my blog and wanted to tell me they enjoy it and would I please continue to blog, or I hear from a long-time reader inquiring about how I'm doing and would I share what's going on here in our new locale. 

I find the world of blogging -- Blogland -- to be a crazy, mysterious, awesome place, filled with incredibly gifted, funny, wise, loving people. Of course there are exceptions, but in general I find most people I meet through my blog (bloggers and non-bloggers alike) are pretty darn nice, and some of them have become close friends. Which goes back to the crazy part of blogging -- becoming friends with people you've never actually met. It's mysterious, too, and awesome. 

 Patrick Heath Public Library, Boerne, TX Featured In American Libraries

Since my last post, in June, I made a big change in my life: after over 8 years of retirement I returned to the workforce and now work as a part-time aide in the Patrick Heath Public Library. It was a really good decision; I work with wonderful people in a beautiful environment, performing a job I love. Living in this isolated apartment with only one car and Dennis needing it to drive to his studio 17 miles from here was making me a little crazy. I needed to meet people and interact. I needed a purpose. I needed to make a contribution outside of this apartment. My job at the library fulfills all these needs. I'm so happy and feel so blessed to be a part of this fantastic library. 

Gatherings - Comfort, TX

Dennis has rented studio space at Gatherings in Comfort. Comfort is a charming little town filled with antique and vintage shops, B&B's, boutiques, wineries, coffee shops and cafes. He's busy painting the scenes that interest him, along with commissions, and conducting workshops.

Collage of Dennis Reinke's Recent Paintings

We're not settled yet, though we're in negotiations on a house for rent. We had thought of building again, but that isn't in the cards right now. I haven't decorated this apartment or purchased much of anything. I just don't feel the need since we'll be moving again. Hopefully sooner rather than later. 

So life here in Texas is good, although not exactly what I anticipated. I thought I would be blogging and writing more. Instead I'm spending time with people and reading more. Which ain't a bad way to live.

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: 
this is the ideal life.” ― Mark Twain

A Book I Finished Recently. Easy to see why it won a Pulitzer.

Thanks for stopping by, my friends. It's great to connect with you.


  1. Why thank you for the chat this morning. I do miss our morning walks and talks. The book you recently read was one we talked about on our walks. Ray had loaned it to me over the past winter.

    The plums are falling in the breeze here in Wallowa...a sure sign that Fall is on the horizon. Cooler nights and deep sleep all make for a step back from the busy summer days.

    Glad you are happy, friend. ❤️

  2. Good morning friend, so great to visit this morning! I miss you, though I'm glad you are happy.

    The hint of Fall is in the air, the plums are falling...Cooler nights and deep sleep make for quieter days following a busy summer.

    Thanks for sharing your life. 💖

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Glad to catch your post today. Isn't it wonderful to be living in the sunshine? And better yet- taking time away from the computer's blue light. I have not visited a blog in many months nor posted and I don't feel like I am missing a thing. I love not being tied to or dependent on technology. No cell phone, no texting, only posting just a few times a year creates more room for blissing out in the beautiful summer sunshine here in NC as well as TX. Wonderful paintings, your hubby is so talented. Sounds like your heart is singing with the new job, while dwelling in the Texas warmth & sunshine and mingling with those awesome Texans.Can ya please send me some Tex Mex?? I'm jealous but life in Appalachia is wonderful,,just want some Tex Mex please. Blessings.

  4. I am so glad you have posted again! I'd love to see photos of Comfort! It sounds delightful.
    And I'm glad you have found a spot to interact and be useful. And reading books--one of the delights of my retirement!

  5. Oooo! I was needing an update from you! Yay, so glad your job has been a good fit! I’ll be anxious to hear more about the living situation once you settle! Love you!

  6. I'v missed you Nancy! I'm one of those who keeps going to your blog to see if you've written anything! I miss knowing you were living here in my home state (Oregon). Isn't it funny how once we make a connection with someone, we continue to want to know what they are up to, even when they quit blogging, or slow it down. Like you said, blogging friends are mysterious and wonderful.. how we can feel close to someone we've never met in person intriques me too! I have a cousin I have never met... only when I was maybe 7 and she was just a toddler.... and we connected a few years ago via email (when I was doing my ancestry)... and we are fast friends and cousins now! I'm glad to hear about your life and what you are doing. Your husband's painting are just wonderful! That town of Comfort sounds heavenly and fun... neat place to have his gallery. I retired about 8 years ago and when we moved here to Madras 3 years ago, I found a part-time job at a lawfirm.. the work that I know... but after working there off and on a couple of years, I realized it was getting in the way of my "life"... so am not doing that anymore. It wasn't something I loved at all. Glad you have found a job that fulfills you and your soul. Take care and I hope you choose to blog a little more and keep us all abreast of your move(s)?? and life! Would love to see hubby's gallery once all set up... and are you crafting at all??? Hugs.. Marilyn

  7. Always great to catch up, Nancy! Sounds like you are really enjoying your new home and job. I'm so happy to hear that you are thriving in your new surroundings. Miss you tons, glad you checked in! xoxo

  8. So happy to see your post Nancy. I have missed reading your posts and finding out how things are going in your life. I have to agree Blog Land is a wonderful place full of interesting ways people get to know each other. I thought the same thing as your friend when I was getting ready to write my first blog post. Ok who on earth is going to care about me and my obsession with old things that are white and chippy?!!!

    Well I am glad I took the plunge. I found out that there are peeps from all over the world that get me and my decor. It opened up a whole new world for me and new people to get to know and become friends with that I would not have ever met in my lifetime. That is what is so wonderful.

    I still find it amazing how we all connect and how we get to feel so deeply in friendship and have never met in real life in some cases. I am a believer that God puts people in our paths for a reason and this is just one avenue in which he can help us find each other.

    That new studio for Dennis looks pretty fabulous and lots of light just what an artist needs. Glad you found a new job to help you feel like you are making some difference. I am glad you are getting settled in.
    Lots of hugs,

  9. I left a long comment Nancy but it didn't seem to post!
    Anyway, good to see you back and that was my favorite book this year - really awesome and so well written.
    Mary -

  10. Thanks, Nancy, for giving us an update on your new adventure/life in Texas. I think of you often when I walk past your former cottage. Blessings & {{hugs}}.

  11. Hello Nancy, it’s good to hear from you again. I agree with you about blogging. I think you can pick up on what a person is like through how and what they write. Congratulations on your new job. I worked in a library many years ago and loved it. Your library is a beautiful building. Dennis’ studio looks lovely, light and airy. Is that beautiful collage some of his work?

  12. Hi Nancy! So good to hear from you again! Not sure if your remember me; I've had a few blogs - Beach Bungalow, Impromptu and now A Whole Lotta Magic. But it's just not the same anymore. I guess I've lost interest lately. Glad to hear you've found something of your own to give you purpose. Good luck with your future plans for a house. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Sue xo

  13. So happy to catch up with you!! I just happened to look on my sidebar blogs I follow and saw your new post. Along with all the problems with blogger, now I don't receive emails when blogs I follow post something new. I have to check my sidebar so I am so glad I did this time! Your job sounds wonderful and what fun to hopefully have a home to make your home. Are you still making your rag rugs and wall hangings? I see mine every morning and night when I go to bed :-)

  14. Hi Nancy! I was thrilled to see your latest blog post! I know that the folks who visit the library are so happy to find you there. I think of you and Dennis so often. I find myself smiling every time! You touched my life in God’s perfect timing. I will forever be thankful.❤️

  15. I read the first part of your post with wide eyes, Nancy...you echoed every feeling I've had for the past few months. I've been busy, but I feel I've lost my voice as well. Readers say they enjoy reading about my life, family, etc., but I'm finding it a bit hard, a bit different now for some reason. I need to give it a lot of thought as I don't feel its right to post once a month when there was a time when I wrote over a hundred posts in a year.

    I know how it feels to be cooped up and I'm so happy you found your place at the library--that sounds lovely! The downtown area where your husband works sounds wonderful...and I do love his paintings. Do you think you might find a place to rent there?

    I've seen this book over and over, yet something has me not buying it, maybe not getting the back cover description. I'm going to look for more reviews on Amazon.

    Keep posting, my friend. Just a little blurb if thats all you feel!

    Jane x

  16. oh dear nancy .. it's SO good to see you share a bit of your life again in this post. i look forward to reading your words and hearing your heart. ♥ and how wonderful you're making a life where God has planted you for this season however long. truly lovely. and i'll check out (a little library pun .. hehe) that book you recently read. :) hugs.

  17. I've always thought of the bloggers I follow as my penpals (how old am I??!!) I'm glad you've found something to do that makes you happy. The paintings are lovely! Have a happy weekend Nancy xox

  18. Wow.... What a great idea ... working at that beautiful library!!! Sounds like exciting days are still ahead!! The prints are gorgeous.... Love the one with the farmland scene.... thank you so much for and sharing !!! :) .. When I saw "Joyful Cottage" in my feed.. it made me smile !!!!

  19. Hi Nancy, so good to hear from you. I have not been able to get into blogging for sometime, a year or more so I understand. I still follow three or four of my favorite blogs to keep up with how things are going with them. I have spent most of this year looking for an affordable home in good repair and in a safe community. That was a real challenge and led no where. I finally gave up and settled on a manufactured home in a retirement community, amazingly it is the one Jim and I lived in when he died. It is as if I have come full circle. I believe this is where God intended me to be since after four years I finally feel normal, found a wonderful church family and have settled into a new normal. I hope you continue to post as I feel we are close friends and we share similar paths. God bless you and Dennis in your new life in Texas. Debbie

  20. Always wonderful to see you and “hear your spirit.”
    Comfort . . . just the sound. . . . makes me think, what a wonderful place to work, paint, live.
    I really liked seeing Dennis’ latest pieces . . .
    I like his “touch!”
    I like that you are in the library work setting instead of being lonely in an apartment.
    Good and great decision . . .
    Come back soon, we blogging people love you!

  21. Hi Nancy,
    I am so happy for you. You are HAPPY! I love how you are touching people's lives in all that you are doing.
    I read the same book this summer. :-)

  22. I have missed your posts and glad to hear what you are doing. I so envy you. I would love to get a job at a library. Maybe when things get better for me and when we move. Love your Husbands art and it sounds like has his studio is in a very nice town. Sounds like a place I would like to live, but Hubby does not want to move to Texas. In a few years we will be looking for something close by here.

  23. It's difficult at times to find the words to create a post when it just seems I work, work, work, but when I do, I'm always amazed at how many wonderful people pop over just to see what's going on in my little world. Good luck with all the changes in your life, wow you have a lot going on at one time!

  24. It makes me happy to hear that things are going well Nancy! It is nice to get a job again and a library much be a great place to work. Your husband's paintings are beautiful! I'm also glad you got to do some blogging again! I do enjoy your posts!

  25. Nancy, How daring to go back to work. I do not blame you at all. Sitting in an apartment day after day I would be bald, from tearing out my hair. LOL I love your husband art work. It is amazing. I am glad you like your new state. I know it was a hot summer as I have blog family there. LOL. Yes, we love our blog friends, they become like distant family. To me blogging helps me through winter and lonely times. I feel as if I am telling my friends about my life and family. I love reading about all of you. I prayed for , cried about , laughed with ,and thanked my blog family and friends. Please stay with us. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  26. Nancy, I was happy to see a post from you!

    Your job at the library sounds just right. What fun.

    Dennis’ art is wonderful. Sounds like you both are thriving.

  27. I'm a bit late to the party but it is SO good to hear from you here. I've been thinking of you lately and wondered how life was treating you. A library is a wonderful place to serve and meet others. It sounds like a great thing for you! We're at the coast for a few days and without reliable internet. I'm at a little clubhouse near where we are parked so I can keep in touch with family and friends. Hope to hear from you again soon.

  28. Happy to read your update!! Congrats on job!

  29. Hi Nancy, I was so excited to see that you had posted again. It is always enjoyable hearing about your new adventure in Texas. Wow! You're working again, I am sure that the environment of a library would be extremely interesting. It sounds like Denis has also found a wonderful outlet to sell his work and enjoy interacting with art lovers. His space is gorgeous as well as his work.
    We have been busy putting up our garden vegetables, but also had time to get away on a camping trip. Life is good. Oh, we had Autumn's girls here for two weeks this summer and it was wonderful. We made so many great memories that will last a lifetime. We even took them to their first rodeo. We decked them out in cowboy hats and boots and they looked adorable. Autumn said that when her girls got off the plane dressed like cowgirls . . . that they looked so cute she began to cry.
    Have you purchased cowboy boots yet?
    I treasure our friendship and know exactly what you mean about the mystery of blog-land friendships. It's very hard to explain to someone who has not experienced it.
    God bless you, dear friend.
    Connie :)

  30. Dear sweet Nancy! How wonderful today to read the news and update on life in the Hill Country! It is always a bit tough to be in transition, and it will be great when you have your own home again, so wonderful to see that Dennis has found such a unique and special way to share his artwork! I've been through Comfort countless times, as my husband's family has lived there and also in Kerrville. I'm thrilled to hear about the good things happening in your life! And indeed, blogging is a beautiful thing. I've not been blogging much this summer, but hoping to get back into it this fall and winter. When the sun shines, I am outside enjoying it. Summer passed all too quickly, but the brilliant season of fall is upon us now, so beautiful. Many blessings to you :)

  31. It's good to hear from you. Please post again when you are able.

  32. Still think about you when we drive to Seattle from Nampa.
    I totally understand about needing to be around people.

  33. Nancy, you write so beautifully, who wouldn't be interested? I'm so glad to hear that you are settling in nicely, I was in awe of your big brave move, and it turned out well. A job at the library sounds amazing. I'm just thinking that the ideal job would be one third library, one third craft store and one third tea-shop. Is there such a job going? I'll apply immediately. And a special thank you for sharing Dennis' work, it is amazing, he is so talented and just the style I like. A big hug to you both.

  34. Hi sweet friend :)

    I'm glad you're doing well and that you're happy. That's all that matters. I came here because of your cottage feature, I stayed because I love the way you write and I come back because of your warm heart.

    love to you,

  35. Hi Nancy,
    I was just wondering how and where you were. Still in Texas? Already on a new adventure?

  36. Hi, Nancy. Thinking of you today. I think working at at library sounds wonderful for someone like you who enjoys reading and writing. It is so neat that you found your way there. I like your spouse's new paintings.



  37. Hi, there. I just found your blog and now want to explore and get all the back story! Hope to hear more about your down-sizing and starting from scratch in Texas. I'm just about ready to sell everything we have over the next year, sell the big house and find a small one-story place when I retire. Glad you have found a spot in a library since I'm a librarian myself. Thanks for blogging.

  38. I love your blog. I also work part time at our local public library in the reference department but do a lot of craft classes and book clubs for adults!

  39. Popping in to say, Merry Christmas!
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your new Texas friends and church. By now you should be settling in well, here's to a beautiful new year, my friends. The best of the best to you both.
    Connie :)

  40. Wishing a Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  41. Merry Christmas dear Nancy! Hope once in a while you can up here. Have a wonderful Christmas time and a great New Year! northernhills.blogspot.com

  42. Nice to find your post. It makes good sense for you to go to work. In a new community it helps that you become part of its every day happenings.
    It is also amazing to have another path to explore and the strength of purpose to make it happen.
    It sounds as if your life is opening up once again. You made it happen!
    Regards and all the best for 2019

  43. I’m glad I stopped by and found this post. I was thinking about you....


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