My Cottage Garden Dream

This inspiration photo perfectly captures the mood I want my cottage garden to have. . .Charming. . .Romantic. . .And oh so inviting.


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Abundant flowers, cozy seating, odds and ends and oodles of pretty things to gaze upon. 

My idea of perfection.

And this is where I want my perfection to reside.

Not much to look at right now, is it? Oh, but I know it will be wonderful some day, and I'm patient enough to see it to fruition, God willing.

Meanwhile, I've been looking at outdoor seating. Because a girl should be able to sit and watch her garden grow around her, right?

There are so many options. Take bistro sets for example, they're nice for intimate conversation or dining.

This Christopher Knight Home set has an old world flavor.

For something shabby chic I love this Astorial Bistro Table from Dot and Bo.
Dot and Bo

Paired with Esplanade Folding Chairs for that time-worn look.

Dot and Bo

Or this sweet Secret Garden chair. (They had me at Secret Garden.)

Dot and Bo

My inspiration photo features a daybed, but my available outdoor space and location says "probably not." I think a bench would work equally well. Just add cushions and pillows to make it super comfy.

Start with a great-looking bench like this Lutyens Wood Garden Bench.


Throw in some pillows (no pun intended).  These cushion covers are cottage garden pretty.

All The Trimmings UK

Round bolsters for the ends.

Dot and Bo

Hmm, I think it's working.

And then there's always the option of a swing with a canopy. 

I'd like to find one like this. . .

Porch Designs

I could just see myself here, lemonade in hand, swinging my way through summer. I think I might even let Dennis join me.

What's your idea of the perfect garden?


  1. Beautifully furniture and accessories for the garden.

  2. Your idea and mine are about the same for the perfect garden...but I would like a bit of a water feature, too. Love your picks. xo Diana

  3. I totally agree with you. I am not doing much to this yard right now. We plan on selling in about five years, but the next house I want a romantic and charming garden too.

  4. Dearest Nancy,
    we've got the same tastes, be sure, thank you for sharing such an inspiring post !

    Hope your week is off to a great start I wish you most wonderful days to come,
    sending blessings of joy to you


  5. The bench or the swing fit my style. The chairs are cute, but don't look too comfortable for reading and relaxing. I could easily see myself on the bench or in the swing reading, dreaming, knitting, or even napping.

  6. Hi Nancy,
    I have been working outside a lot this week. I just added a birdbath to my garden. I have never had a birdbath before. I found a blue pottery one. I just love how it looks.
    :-) Have fun! Carla

  7. I'm with you on the decorations. The swing looks so inviting with all the pretty
    pillows. I would like a water feature, it's so soothing. Looking forward to seeing your Romantic Garden reveal .

  8. They are all gorgeous! Can't wait to see yours finished. I know it will be beautiful.


  9. Your vision is wonderful!
    My vote is the swing set, with the canopy.
    I had one and it was where you'd find me. Sometimes alone or with some ❤️.

  10. I LOVE the top picture but I could also see myself in the bottom swing. Adjustable overhead to keep the sun just right and sitting with only my big toe rocking me back and forth. Hum.. wonder if I have a place for one!

  11. Love your garden ideas Nancy. I cannot wait to get my garden going too. Love the pretty white bench I can see lovely cottage pillows on that. The comfy day bed for taking a nap looks so inviting too. Beautiful ideas.

  12. Your dream garden looks perfect to me as well, Nancy! No sure about the day bed idea because of the upkeep and the sun here, but it is such a sweet and quaint space. I am sure you will find the perfect pieces for your very own cottage garden! Blessings, Cindy xo

  13. I love your ideas, they would be perfect for me too! Love all the pictures. Hugs,

  14. I have no doubt that your garden will be beautiful. Love all of the inspiration but that swing with the canopy is the bomb! :)

  15. Well Nancy, I think you pretty much covered yours AND MY ideas for a perfect garden! I believe we belong in the garden, it's in our DNA. God created us there and there is still a part of us that yearns to be right in the thick of it. So, what better way than to sit and contemplate on a pretty chair, a daybed or swing!

    Last year, we completed a new concrete walkway and bistro area out in the front of the house. Now we have yet another space to sit (on a darling old black bistro set) and enjoy the front garden of boxwood and evergreens. About2 years ago, we had our deck covered and that is where I have a vintage daybed, a wicker settee and two vintage white chairs. I just need a little bistro table to cover with a white tablecloth. I hang wispy curtains in the summer and I'm ready to look out the screened portals at nature go by.

    An ideal thing (be we no longer have the room) would be to have a little tea house! I'd fix that up entirely up in WHITE and that is where I'd spend my time reading and writing.OH! YOU GOT ME DREAMIN'!

  16. Great ideas and you will find what works best for you in your new gardens.

    My ideal ~ colors, scents, seating, water features, butterflies, birds

    Have a great Wednesday ~ FlowerLady

  17. I have a porch swing and it is the family's favorite place to sit. We all squeeze on it together and swing. Those moments are the best part of summer!

  18. I would have to go with the swing with awning as I love rocking and swinging on the porch. Unfortunately my screened room faces west and it is unbearable out there in the afternoon. If I ever move I will be sure to find a house that faces north or south.

  19. Your ideas are perfect! Love all your choices. I would love a nice eating area in our yard surrounded by my gardens. Not sure how yet, but it is a dream :-)

  20. I need to change my garden chairs & table, and I found your post really inspiring.

  21. Good Afternoon Nancy, I see your vision and it is a beautiful vision for your garden. I love romantic, overgrown gardens filled with cottage garden flowers and lots of climbing roses.
    I love a garden which evolves and how marvellous that you can create your personal style from scratch. Often we inherit gardens which we have to change over time.
    I am really looking forward to seeing the end result.
    Best wishes

  22. I have white adirondack chairs on my patio--I love them! As for my garden, I want a combo flower, herb and vegetable garden.

  23. You got great ideas flowing! I can hardly wait to see what you will create on your outdoors space! The colors are romantic, beautiful and great for Summer. Sorry that I did not had time lately to visit all the lovely blogs that I usually visit. I got a new job so it's a bit hard now. Happy Mother's Day!!

  24. I love that very first photo as well. A place to relax, read, entertain, have tea, it looks heavenly to me. And I like the lavender pot, it is said to keep mosquitoes away.

  25. You've done so much with your lovely home already, I am sure your dream garden will come to fruition, Nancy. Looking forward to coming along for the ride. :)


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