Living Large In Small Spaces - Deepwell Barn

A 500 year-old converted barn in Buxhall, Suffolk, Deepwell Barn is this week's featured small space.

Welcome to the seventy-ninth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Barns have always intrigued me. My interest began when as a wee girl I climbed into the hayloft of the barn on our family farm and basked in the dreamy light that drifted through the window. Life seemed full of possibilities in my quiet retreat. Years later when I saw a magazine spread of an old barn converted into a home I was enamored with the idea of rescuing neglected barns for living spaces. I still am.

Deepwell Barn, with its thatched roof, is a stunning conversion set in an equally stunning location.

Through the stable door we enter into a bright and inviting living space.

Modern furnishings mix with classic to create a romantic, approachable room. 

Floor to ceiling windows visually enlarge this small space.

The pendant light over the dining table adds a quaint, farmhouse touch.

Beautiful gardens and a pond are visible from the living room.

Exposed timber stars in this peaceful paradise.

Are those butterflies made from oyster shells? I think they are. Love this!

The compact kitchen has plenty of storage.

Wooden spoon and rolling pin collections decorate the wall. The open shelving is pretty, as well as functional.

Upstairs a gallery loft leads to the bedroom.

Natural light floods the room through large windows.

Throughout the home color is used sparingly, but with impact. In this case, via the antique Persian rug, the coverlet and the flowers.

The small bathroom is charming. An accordion mirror is the perfect solution when an over-the-sink mirror can't be installed, and it gives a hint of vintage to the room.

Outdoors is a 2-acre private garden.

Enjoy al fresco dining on the patio.

Or just relaxing on the bench, taking in the views.

And what views there are!

There's a rope swing.

And a sweet bistro set to enjoy a cool drink.

Beyond the gardens is countryside waiting to be explored.

Deepwell Barn -- a small space that lives very large in my book.

Deepwell Barn featured courtesy of GroveCottages - Romantic Holiday Cottages
Tel:01787 211115 

All images are the property of Grove Cottages and were used with their permission.  

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. Oh wow, another gorgeous dream home that I could just move in to. I love the combination of wood, light and white, and those views.... There is a converted barn in my village, I would love to have a look inside it!

  2. simply lovely. Such a light bright spacious feeling too!

  3. Oh my . . . this is very nice.
    Love the barn wood beams mixed in with the white . . .
    Love the loft master . . .
    Warm, comfortable . . .
    And the gardens and two acres . . .
    Like I said . . . Oh My!

  4. Like the unique hanging light and the naster bedroom. Such beautiful views!

  5. I love the mix of modern and rustic! I've always thought I'd love to live in a barn. Did you know that thatched roofs are created with the thatcher's individual style so if you see a thatched roof, you can identify the person who did the work? I found that out on a trip to England a few years ago.
    Two acres of loveliness! Who wouldn't want to live there?

  6. Nancy I too have an appreciation of a orginal barn's potential and the desire to renovate one. I love the timbers and the original woodwork and beams retained. From the stable door, the thatched roof - charm dwells in this barn. The views and patio are beautiful but I would completely change the kitchen ... Ceilings too low because it's situated under the bedroom. Its an nterior kitchen with no window. I adore the pendant light over the dining room table and that part of the barn is gorgeous, light filled and airy.
    Thanks for sharing this one Nancy.

  7. Hi Nancy, well you have captivated us again, with other beautiful home tour. They did a great job of mixing the modern with the rustic barn charm. I get excited each time I see that you have posted again . . . I know that it will be a pleasureful visit filled with marvelous photos. I appreciate all the time and work that you put into the research of your posts and just want you to know how special they are. Thank you :)

  8. Such a beautiful mix of rustic and modern, I can imagine myself living there what a beautiful home.

  9. Wowee! I loved this place. So sweet from the outside, and then those beautiful white walls with exposed beams, just wonderful. I really loved the bedroom.

    Thanks again for all that you do to put up these posts each week.

    Have a lovely Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  10. My heart lives in a place like this. Humble dwellings feel like a palace to is that? What is it about a timbered wall, a thatched roof and simple furnishings that make me feel I am in a castle? THE LIGHT! The light that comes into this place and knowing it was once a barn housing animals brings this place down to earth. I LOVE THIS...Nancy, you always deliver the best! Gosh I love that timbering....

  11. Just dreamy. Love those exposed beens. The thatched roof is amazing and gives this little sanctuary such character. Love this one Nancy.
    Happy Sunday.

  12. I will place this on my favorites list! I love the soothing colors, the cozy space and the outdoors area. Beautiful!

  13. I can well imagine the restful and restorative holiday that one could have there.

  14. Oh to have a get-away cottage like this...what a dream that would be!
    Mary Alice

  15. OMG. So beautiful. Love the wood and white. Appears so much larger inside than I thought it would be. Just wonderful.

  16. Very pretty and lovely gardens. A little to stark for me but can appreciate the style.

  17. Gorgeous, especially the exposed beams.

  18. Looks like the perfect place for a peaceful, relaxing vacation. Love the beams everywhere.

  19. So light and airy, Nancy. I especially like the outdoor living space. I would feel very grand if I had my own fish pond, however small.

  20. I have always been a huge barn fan and this one does not disappoint! I love everything from structure to decor. The colors are perfect and it's super charming, even if it's not red! ;)

  21. When I grow up, I'd love to live in a barn with a rope swing in the garden.

  22. i ♥ the white and wood together ..
    my hubby would ♥ the ceiling height
    as he is taller than tall. me?
    not so much .. i'd fit quite well
    in a hobbit house.

  23. I just ate this post up, Nancy. The thatched roof, the high ceilings, lovely furnishings and so, so many original ideas. I WANT that light fixture! To see the beautiful view from all of those windows really is uplifting, I could spend hours outdoors but the inside and its airiness (and coziness during the colder months) would beckon me in. This is definitely one of my favorite tours.


  24. I especially like all the light in this place....


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