Living Large In Small Spaces - Ford Caretaker's Cottage

This week's featured cottage is a historical renovation near Savannah, Georgia.

Welcome to the seventieth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Originally built in the late 1920's as a caretaker's home on Henry Ford's winter retreat, the cottage was in dilapidated condition. Determined to save the cottage from demolition and preserve Ford's legacy, the new owners called in Historical Concepts of Atlanta to act as consultants on its restoration. 

We begin our tour by entering the cottage from the inviting front porch.

The peeling wall paint on the original poplar tongue and groove walls was partially stripped, scraped and sealed by the owner to create a mottled finish. 

Heart pine flooring and the fireplace -- all restored -- are original to the cottage.
The chandeliers and and ceiling lights in the cottage were handcrafted by Eloise Pickard of Adairsville, Georgia, who uses salvaged parts and pieces from old fixtures to create new light fixtures. 

Three windows and an old wood stove were replaced with French doors that lead to a new screened porch and beautiful water views.

The kitchen's gorgeous vaulted ceiling was created during the renovation. A vintage sink, found by the owner, pairs well with the custom cabinets and island for a charming period look. 

Reclaimed heart pine counters replaced old laminate countertops. I love the contrast of the natural wood with the white walls and pastel green cabinets.

Extended by three feet, the master bathroom is now bright and cheerful thanks to the white paint and newly vaulted ceiling. 

Traditional Bathroom by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Historical Concepts

Another fabulous cottage rescued from demolition. 

What do you find in this cottage that inspires you?

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. The vaulted ceilings - especially in the bath (and I love that little table & chair, vanity thingie)... Then the French doors and scene outside the dining room is SO restive. And of course, the vintage kitchen sink.

  2. It is a great place! Love the kitchen! The porch is marvelous as well with the lovely view of the water. Everything about this cottage is pretty and well done.

  3. How lovely this appointment, I do adore these moments spent with you, my darling Nancy !

    Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs,
    sending dear love and sweet hugs to you,
    with so much gratitude


  4. The light fixtures - beautiful. I am inspired by the one over the table. I also like the scale of the kitchen island. It would good to have an island in our cottage kitchen and that is the sort of thing I have in mind. We would have to build it/have it built ourselves as I have never seen anything that small in stock. Love it!

  5. Nancy,
    I love Savannah! It is a place that makes me feel embraced by southern charm and history. The tour today I love the legacy of the home. I could lose myself for hours siting looking at the water view. I really adore the vaulted ceilings they add visual height and makes the rooms appear larger. Very beautiful renovation retaining the houses historic charm.

  6. Beautiful cottage and I like the kitchen.

  7. Super cute house, inside & out!

  8. Ok. Now THIS is my favorite. Really!! I mean it! The beach setting, the mottled walls, the kitchen (!) and bathroom are just charming. I think this one popped right out of my dreams! :)

  9. Another adorable home! Great view to the water!

  10. Cute Cute Cute! Love that claw tub in the bathroom. Just a sweet cottage. So charming.

  11. I love the walls. I could totally live in that living room!
    I'm always fascinated by the open cabinets in kitchens--as a resident of an area where there are earthquakes happening occasionally, I would be hesitant to keep all my dishes on open shelving.
    Oh, I don't know if you saw my email address-- willowknitsatyahoo.

  12. Wow another great find. The lighting fixtures are fabulous and the back screened porch is lovely but that bathroom! I could definitely live in this cottage. Savannah is one place I would consider living outside of Florida. Debbie

  13. I love the view, the kitchen and the master bedroom. A lovely, serene place to live.


  14. Incredible. Each cottage you share proves that "small" and forgotten things such as a home hold more possibility for the imagination and innovation. What people can do with skills and good planning is so impressive. The vaulted ceilings in the bath (WOW!), and the wonderful shelving with one cabinet in the kitchen (I'd love to do this) is a way to expand the space and learn to live WITHOUT a lot of unnecessary clutter. When I think of our kitchen with the conventional two cupboards flanking the sink area with a window above the sink, I think of how the two top shelves of one of those cupboards is EMPTY! We don't use it! If only I could convince my husband that we only need a small cupboard for the spices and other cooking items then shelving for our plates, then our kitchen would take on such a transformation!

    This was awesome, Nancy!

  15. ohh what great pictures again. Because it makes just enjoy you over to look.
    Sunny greetings

  16. I love visiting and touring these lovely cottages with you. I love how calming the color choices are in this one and the vaulted ceilings with the natural wood finish. So pretty!
    Happy Sunday.
    Connie :)

  17. I study each cottage you post. This one has the most wonderful light fixtures.
    I especially, like the kitchen one.

  18. Perfect size. Little front porch. Screened in side porch. Happy making!!!! :-)

  19. Beautiful little home..this one has jumped to the top of my fave list..there isn't anything I'm not crazy's rare when they happens..even the local is Wonderful..Thanks for finding this one.!

    1. You're welcome, Wende. I'm happy it made it into your fave list. :)

  20. Very nice . . .
    I liked the touches of contemporary mixed with the flare of older bringing it all into one more very charming cottage . . .

  21. Hi sweet Nancy, I always adore you post on cottages. This one is amazing with all of it's love natural wood. Yup, I could live there with any problem. lol Sending you wishes for an amazing new week. xx Jo

  22. I Love the openness of this little house. I have always love French doors leading to a spot for drinking coffee in the mornings. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  23. The texture of the tongue and groove walls throughout adds so much beautiful detail. The porch with that view...what else could you possible want??
    Mary Alice

  24. I love the way they finished the tongue & groove walls. I actually love everything about this cottage, from the curb appeal to the furnishings! Thanks again for sharing this charming cottage with us, Nancy!

  25. I love every room in this cottage, it's simple and sweet.

  26. I just love the poplar walls! I would love that in my house because it just screams cottage to me. The whole house is just cozy and quaint.

  27. Splendid, absolutely delightful, charming, and simply just amazing! I love this cottage, and all the work that went into making sure the renovations were authentic and original! I absolutely adored the porch and water view. A beauty for sure! Thanks for the enjoyable post today Nancy - congratulations on this your 70th one! I have loved every one of them! :)

  28. I think this is beautiful and so homey! I just love the walls and ceilings! Wouldn't it be nice to sit with a book and a cool drink while looking out over that view?

  29. The fact that they saved it from demolition inspires me. This cottage and the last are different than what I would have done, but I'm always happy to see an old home saved :)

    By the way, I love that green chair too, but you are a saint. I won't let anyone tell me what to do with the interior. The garage is their space LOL

    hugs to you,

  30. Hi,
    The light fixtures. So many fun new ideas.
    I love the bathroom floor.

  31. I have to agree with Rue. The very fact that they saved the cottage from demolition is what inspires me. Also, how can you not be inspired looking out at that gorgeous view? I would love to wake up to that every morning.

  32. What a beautiful cottage! Every detail is just perfect. And that view! Gorgeous! Grat post. Maria

  33. It's a wonderful cottage, each room is full of inspiration!

  34. Wonderful! I especially love the bedroom and bathroom but the screened porch is my favorite - what a wonderful place to begin the day with a cup of tea and some reading.


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