Content In Our Cottage

In This Perfect Moment

At this moment of the day 
sunbeams stream through 
the lace at the studio window 
and hover in a shadowy pattern 
over my loom.

Ginger tea scents the air
Enya serenades me-- 
Peace and Solace join me here
in this perfect moment.

A daily question for me, posed in  prettiness. . .

Printable from Kerryanne at Shabby Art Boutique

"Happiness depends less on our possessions than on our thoughts. When we focus on our blessings instead of on our shortcomings, we make our lives richer. You have the power to obtain that joy. So claim the contentment and joy that can -- and should -- be yours." ~ Hugs, Daily Inspiration for Women

Those words come from this lovely book, a gift from my dear friend Kim of Exquisitely UnremarkableShe is one of my greatest blogging blessings. (Thank you, sweet Kim.)

"for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content."
1 Timothy 6:7-8

I've been busy the past week researching osteoporosis and its treatment. You see, I received the results of my DEXA scan and they weren't good. As my health care provider put it, "You've got osteoporosis. . . no question about it." Then she went on to tell me about the pharmaceuticals I can take to stop and perhaps even reverse it.

And she told me the possible side effects (most of which I was already aware).

No, thank you very much. That will only be a last resort.

I found a blogger in the UK who has reversed her osteoporosis naturally and we've been in contact. I've ordered a book she recommended, and I'm continuing to research my options.

It's what I do.

It's funny, I was wondering how I would top 2015's challenge of building our cottage. Now I've got the challenge of my bones. Much bigger. Much more important.

So, sweet Cottage Friends, I'm off on another adventure, not of my own choosing. But there are no accidents, no God looked away and I got hit with this. 

This was today's devotional from the Hugs book:

"Although we must occasionally struggle to rise above the distractions and disappointments of everyday living, we never need to struggle alone. God is here - eternally and faithfully, with infinite patience and love." 

Today's devotional.

An accident? Happenstance?

I think not.

God's got my back. Literally.

Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. 
Philippians 4:11-13


  1. i'm so sorry you're faced with osteo.. and yet, what a wise woman to research and make the best decision for her body. too many follow the physician's typical path when there are many times alternatives to those suggestions/expectations of Rx. the side effects of many meds are alarming!!! praying for your present journey - and how you continue to encourage your readers. beautiful..

    1. Sherry, thank you, thank you, thank you for these encouraging words. I appreciate them so much. xo

  2. I do take calcium as a supplement, but none of those horrid drugs and my bone mass is better. Also, walking and walking helps. Did I mention walking? And bone builders exercises. Isn't it so much better to take charge of our own health?
    I'd be interested to know the information about the blogger and the book she recommended to you.

    1. I'll be sharing that information in upcoming posts. Walking is universally recognized as one of the best bone strengthening exercises, and I'm glad you do so much of it. I'm a firm believer in taking responsibility for the management of our own health. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Willow.

    2. Sorry, I didn't realize I don't have an email address on my website.

  3. Love the shadows. I dearly love lace curtains. Today for my body and soul, I shoveled two driveways and a walkway. I must be nuts...cause once I start I do not want to quit...but I do it in little shifts as I am not young. The air was fresh not bitter cold like the past few days. My sister has osteo and has shrunk 3 inches...she hurts lots. That is one reason I keep moving. I pray you can find some relief. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  4. Dang. Hate to hear it. I don't know much about it but hopefully you will find a lot of good suggestions that will help.

  5. I enjoyed reading about your "perfect moment". I was almost experiencing it mySELF! We are blessed to be living in a time when so much information is available, aren't we? The challenge is sorting it out and discerning truth from fiction, knowing our own bodies & circumstances, and moving forward wisely. I will be following with interest and prayers.

  6. Nancy, I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but fully believe in the power of natural cures. I really think that with the right steps, you can change the course of your situation. I, of course, will be praying for you. I am so happy that you are enjoying the book. Devotionals are very personal, I'm glad that you are finding meaning between the pages. Hugs to you my friend.

  7. You have your home and your mate and your art. Every thing in it's place. Now it's time to take care of you. Enjoy the journey.

  8. I feel so badly about your test results---I dread having them done simply because I'm afraid of what I'll hear. I admire you for looking at alternative treatments---I would do the same thing.

    Love, hugs and prayers, Nancy.


  9. I am sorry to hear that you are diagnosed with osteoporosis. I am myself on the way, if I do not take my calcium and my Vitamin D. My bone density test was not good news either. I am just going to keep doing my daily physical work.
    Thank you for sharing such inspirational words from the book. My daughter got so excited to just read the cover that said "Hugs".
    Please take care of yourself.

  10. It sounds like you will face this newest challenge with what I can see is your characteristic sensible and optimistic pragmatism. There is no doubt in my mind that miracles occur when faith and determination coincide!

  11. I liked reading comments . . ..
    Each/all . . .
    May I echo Gail, Kim, Pondside . . .
    and others too . . .

  12. I loved reading all the encouraging comments.
    I also want to encourage you. We all need to take charge of our own health. Dr.'s are great but don't know us as well as WE do.
    Sending up Prayers from Idaho.

  13. Saddened to hear your news dear Nancy, but know that you, a positive and forward thinking strong woman, will strengthen your bones too by doing the right things and hopefully not having to resort to an over abundance - or better still, any - prescription drugs.

    Will be holding you close in thought and praying for good results as you tackle this health issue -
    Hugs - Mary

  14. Nancy there is much beauty in this post and a personal challenge from a diagnosis. I say that because like you prescriptions scare me and I try to treat holistically. Truly I do not believe Doctors deliver bad news, they deliver personal challenges. Nancy I applaud your optimistic mindset.

    The first photograph is exquisite, dappled sun kissing the loom. Your talent is amazing. I wonder if Dennis could capture a short video of you looming? I think we would all love to see your hands gliding over the textiles.

    I love the question posted, in a way I answer it daily. During my end of the day reflection I review the efforts of my day. Enya fills me with emotions, beautiful choice.

  15. Dear Nancy... first I want to say that your loom and the sunshine shadow is truly a beautiful thing, and your lovely cup of hot ginger tea... perfection, yes indeed!

    Your feelings were expressed so beautifully about your recent diagnosis. While this is a difficult thing to face, and not something we would necessarily choose, yet the Lord has seen fit to help you find someone with more holistic answers. Indeed, this is a challenge, but with your outlook and the Lord's help, it will bring many blessings with it. I've never known the Lord to allow a challenge or difficulty in our lives, without a blessing alongside it. It is that joy/sorrow understanding that becomes very vivid in our real lives. Praying for you Nancy... and if walking is good for ospo, then I need to keep at it! I love to walk, and do wish you were closer :) Perhaps you can find a walking buddy. It is always fun to walk, talk, and pray together with someone! Much love to you today friend, your sharing today was a blessing in a beautiful way :)

  16. What a cozy, warm, comfortable post, you always put me in high spirits, my datrling Nancy, blessed you !
    Have a joy-filled remainder of your week,
    thinking of you,

  17. Thank you for stopping by. One of my co workers is worried that her son may be autistic. I will suggest that book or may be my library might have it.

  18. Nancy,
    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but glad you are choosing to research and pick the best path for you and your life. Reminds me of the saying "Life is 10% of what is happening to you and 90% of how you react to it. Good luck sweet friend as you embark on this journey to healthier bones.

  19. I haven't had a dexa scan yet, but xrays of my hands 6 years ago said I had osteopenia. I've talked to my doctor and I'm not interested in taking any of the meds recommended for osteoporosis either, but I'm trying to add more calcium and vitamin D to my diet and do more weight bearing exercises. I'll be interested to read about your choices in combating osteoporosis.

    Your morning with the sun shining through the windows while you work at your loom sounds lovely.

  20. And I every year (it seems to come always in January for me) that I feel a new ache or start to feel my body changing (vertigo, eye problems, kidney stones) I smile. I smile because I am reminded of Paul's words that ring true that "Though our bodies are decaying, our spirits are being renewed day by day." 2 COR. 4:16

    HALLELUJAH! All the more to cultivate our spirit's health as we try to keep our outer shell FIT to continue the race. Blessings upon you are you enjoy each day, moment by sweet moment and learn all the wonders of your being, both body and soul. Love to you dearest Nancy!

  21. Lovely photos from your home sweet home.

    I'm sorry to hear your ospo news. I pray that you will find natural remedies that are a big help to you. Do keep us posted and give us any tips and help you find.

    Love the quotes.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis Nancy. I am a firm believer in natural remedies too. With you're positive attitude and strong spirit I'm sure you will find the best treatment for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend as you go forward.

  23. Oh, dear friend, I'm sorry you are dealing with osteo but know that you and God are on the right path together. I was diagnosed with osteopenia, the forerunner of osteoporosis. My daily amounts of calcium with vitamin D were 'upped' and walking prescribed. I do great with the calcium part but fall so short of the walking regime. Your post today urged me on! And I love the peace and contentment I found here today - just what I needed as my body and spirit are constantly 'on the go'! You are such a blessing to me. Again.

  24. Oh Nancy, I am sorry that you had to hear that news. You are a strong, faithful woman so I know you can get through this. It is just one more thing to be dependent on God for and He delights in your attention. I will pray that your natural solution works well enough that you do not need those nasty drugs! xoxo

  25. Nancy,
    I totally think you're doing the right thing by looking for natural ways to fight osteoporosis. I believe our body keeps things better if they are natural rather than chemical. I have a very strict diet for an other diagnosis and it seems to work better than the pills I had swallowed before. It means a lot more work on your daily routine, though.

  26. What a beautiful post, Nancy.

    Your outlook and the way you ponder the world are so inspiring.

    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but I am glad that you are taking things into your own hands and working with your body (and with God) to tackle this challenge.

    You are right. There are no accidents.

    You are strong, my friend. Keep doing things daily for your mind, body, spirit, creativity and passion.

    I'm sending my good thoughts your way.

  27. I'm so sorry, Nancy, that you have to face this Osteo. The story of the English lady is certainly encouraging, mind you. that and the support and prayers around you will no doubt help lift you up as well. Yes, another great adventure on which to embark! All the best to you.

    BTW, if you don't mind me saying it, I was just showing your cottage photos and profile side bar pic to my wife and we both agreed just how lovely you look! Not only that but your countenance shows a lot of love and kindness. I am quite, sure you are a lovely woman both inside and out. I'm sure your husband quite agrees! :)

  28. Hello,
    Sending prayers. Please share with us about the natural path. I have a friend who went all natural to fight an illness, she won. We are very much about doing all we can naturally.
    Sending a hug,

  29. Hello Nancy, First of all, I am sorry to hear this about your health and I stand with you in prayer. Philippians is my favorite book in the Bible and these verses have been a cornerstone in my life when I discovered them way back in the 1960's. I love that you are researching this and not just going along with the first doctor's advice. Sometimes I think that they cover the symptoms with mediation, especially in the baby boomers and older citizens. Keep us posted on your discoveries and your walk through this journey. On a brighter note, WOW!!! I love your loom. Now that our daughter lives on the other side of the state I don't know when I'll ever get your way again. I would love to see you weaving on it . . . I'm very impressed.
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)

  30. I am sorry to hear this Nancy. My mother and grandmother both had osteoporosis. I have osteopenia and the doctors are always trying to get me to take the drugs. I used to walk a lot but since my husband died I have quit because I do not feel safe walking alone except on the beach. One of my goals for 2016 is to get to the beach or the marina, which is a safe place to walk, everyday. I am interested to read what you find out in your investigation into natural cure. God Bless you.
    Philippians 4:13 is my verse. I repeat it often.


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