Living Large In Small Spaces - Ten Small Kitchens Large on Personality

Forty-fourth post in the series 
"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Greetings and welcome to another edition of Living Large In Small Spaces.

Having a small kitchen doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Filled with charm and character, these 10 kitchens are proof positive that small spaces and large personality can co-exist. Let's take a look.

1. Artist Lauren Decatur's New Hampshire cottage kitchen.

2. Scandinavian galley kitchen in white and blue.

Interior Design Kitchen Scandinavian
Source: Swedish Country Interiors

3. Sculptor Elena Colombo's Long Island beach bungalow kitchen. 

The Kitchen

4. Fitted Shaker kitchen in a traditional UK cottage.

Source:DeVol Kitchens

5. Okay, you've no doubt seen this one, but I HAD to throw in Iris' Cotswold cottage kitchen in the movie The Holiday. Could there be a more delightful small kitchen? 


6. Compact Swedish kitchen with an industrial vibe.

Source: Onekindesign

7. Rustic appeal in a log home kitchen.

8. Rural Burgos, Spain kitchen. Lots of stainless steel warmed with stone and touches of red.

Peaceful Rural Retreat 8

9. The teeny but oh-so-charming kitchen of Ara, a retired American schoolteacher living in a little house of 50 square meters (approx. 538 sq ft) in Carcassonne, France (complete with cat).


10. Finally, this contemporary Swedish kitchen. What I really like about it? The wrap-around birch shelving. Wonderful! (Oh, and the antique stove in the foreground, too. It's original to the house. Nice juxtaposition.)


I tried to share a variety of kitchens. Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I can't say that I have a favorite, but living in a home of 1150 sq ft, I do have a small kitchen, so it is nice to see lots of great ideas! Thanks! Blessings, Cindy

  2. Nancy,
    Love the Cotswold cottage kitchen and the log cabin one but they are all so pretty! Thanks for sharing !

  3. AHHH The favorite movie..I could move to Iris's cottage yesterday..a kitchen isn't complete without a cat..I have 2 in mine..I hope to built a cottage one day too..but I don't think I could have one with so little working I have to have some color..all wood isn't as appealing to me..I look forward to seeing your wonder cottage finished..

    Hope you an Dennis have a Great Sunday.!!

  4. Hi Nancy,
    It is so great to see so many wonderful kitchens that are functional and pretty that do not have a lot of space. Loved going through these. Have a great week end.

  5. Nancy, these are all so great. I was trying to figure out which one was my favorite but then everyone had something that I really loved about them. Thank you for your series I really look forward to them. Jo

  6. The contemporary Swedish Kitchen is my favourite, maybe because of the wraparound-birch-shelving which organizes everything and is visually pleasing. Tomorrow I may have a different favourite...thank you for the compilation of ideas...

  7. I love the sink in the first kitchen and then my favourite is Iris's kitchen, so English...

  8. Adorable. That tiny kitchen, "petite cuisine" is special to me! These are lovely and I bet meals taste just as good coming out of these sweet spaces as they would coming out of a palatial-sized kitchen. Lovely, Nancy! Anita

  9. Love them all! It is between the Spanish kitchen and the Idaho kitchen for me....they both appeal to all the things I love!

  10. Too pretty to pick a favorite, although, I am partial to anything white! :)

  11. I found "likes" in each of the photos of " small kitchens . . .
    I must say . . white certainly brings space to very smal areas. Love the bead board ceiling too.
    Thank you for continuing to bring this series to us!

  12. I love number four best. I love how clean & orderly it looks.

  13. Pretty kitchens! Love the industrial one the best!

    Happy Sunday!

  14. My favorite kitchen is the first one. Everything I want in a kitchen. White cabinets, pale yellow walls. The only thing that I don't like, stainless steel and black appliances. They ruined an otherwise homey, welcoming kitchen.

  15. Hi Nancy!
    I am just swooning over the Spanish kitchen, stone and stainless, blending the old with the new ... Pretty much has my name on it! Also the Elle Decor one with the curved open shelves and countertops of wood add such charm and making those curves wasn't something that added much additional cost.
    Having a small kitchen myself 11x12 you learn to visually stretch the eyes perception of the space and each of your choices were excellent examples. Always enjoy your posts mon amie!

  16. They are all beautiful, but I love the first one the most. So cheerful and alive.

  17. Well, the one with yellow walls and aqua floor is great! I don't think I would ever be quite that bold, but it sure is fun!

  18. What great kitchens, as long as a kitchen functions size really doesn't matter. My favs are #1 and 7. Not into modern, always looking for charm!

  19. I'm partial to the first kitchen because it's darling - and yellow and white! The Cotswald kitchen is a favorite, too. All of these kitchens are filled with great ideas. My home is under twelve hundred square feet and my kitchen is small so I always enjoy seeing small kitchens full of new ideas.

  20. You're quite right about the style not being sacrificed. Infact, I think they are more interesting for being small and perfectly formed. LOVE that cottage from The Holiday. Perhaps you could feature it on your Living Large series if only it were real!

  21. These are so much fun to look at. I am head-over-heels in love with the sink in the first photo.
    Nancy your blog is one of my very favorites . . . your posts are packed with inspiring ideas.
    Have a great week!
    Connie :)

  22. Hi,
    If I could only pick one...I would pick the Idaho Rustic.

  23. How I like to look into other people's kitchens! If I had to pick a favorite it would be the Swedish / industrial one.

  24. Lots of favorites Nancy, but I think I like the one from The Holiday best. We are in the middle of a kitchen reno right now so I love looking at all of this beautiful inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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  26. I love that first kitchen because of the sink. It's almost the same one I have :)

    Love the 3rd kitchen and of course Iris's kitchen. I love kitchen period LOL


  27. AHHH The favorite movie..I could move to Iris's cottage yesterday..a kitchen isn't complete without a cat..I have 2 in mine..I hope to built a cottage one day too..but I don't think I could have one with so little working I have to have some color..all wood isn't as appealing to me..I look forward to seeing your wonder cottage finished.


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