Our New Cottage - Progress Report #8

Hello Cottage Friends,

In my last update I promised to tell you more about the garden shed.

The shed will double as a greenhouse with windows on three sides -- south, east, west -- and room for our lawn mower and garden tools in the northwest corner.
Those little openings above the windows will be covered with siding.

The multi-pane windows were salvaged from the house behind ours. When Dennis saw workers dismantling the house he walked over and asked what they were going to do with the windows. They said he could have them. We'll have to replace one glass pane. The upper corner windows on both sets are designed to open, and they're still operable.

House demolition

We previously scored a free door and bought large windows removed from an old farmhouse. When we were able to get these additional windows for free, Dennis redesigned the shed to accommodate them. Two of the farmhouse windows will be installed on the west side.

He raised the windows to allow for plant shelves with storage underneath.

May 19, 2015

The hardwood flooring is delivered.

Sheathing is installed on the garden shed roof.

I give the bedroom a coat of paint. Here's the color chip - Valspar Alpine Peak - taped to the wall after one coat. It sure doesn't look like the color chip yet, does it? 
Valspar Alpine Peak

I chose Valspar French Urn for the bathroom, but after I painted one coat I discovered it's almost the same color as the bedroom color and I didn't want that. (Yeah, I'm weird that way.) 

Valspar French Urn (color chip from website)
I don't usually have a problem picking the right colors, but for some reason this one just didn't work. On my monitor this color chip looks gray.  On the bathroom wall it looks pale green. 

What to do?  More about this later.

May 20, 2015

The guys start laying the hardwood flooring, beginning with my room (this is my writing/quilting/creating/dreaming space).

I apply the second coat of Alpine Peak to the bedroom walls and ceiling. 
This photo was taken at 6:00 PM. Light here is from the west and north.

The green intensity changes throughout the day and into the evening.  I like it.  A lot.

May 21, 2015

Dennis sculpts the landscape. Soon top soil will be brought in to fill in the lower areas and allow for some intense flower planting.  Can't wait!
This guy is working so hard.

I apply one coat of red paint to the front panel under the porches before the rain moves in.

One of the farmhouse windows is installed in the garden shed. (The door seen in the background will be installed, too.)

May 22, 2015

It's raining. 

Dennis and I run errands. We buy paint for his studio, and another can of paint for the bathroom.  This time I'm going with Sherwin Williams Copen Blue. 
There'll be a lot of white and neutral colors in the bathroom and this color will look great.

Mitch the floor installer has been dividing his time between our job and another.  My room is completed.

And the kitchen/dining/living room is progressing.

May 23, 2015

I begin the repainting of the bathroom.  Here's a photo I took just for you, to show the contrast between the French Urn and the Copen Blue.

I actually like the French Urn on the ceiling with the Copen Blue walls, so I left it.

Dennis is on a mission to keep critters from getting under the porches.  His solution is to add landscape timbers and nail screening to cover the gap.  I like this because the screen won't be noticeable when all this is completed. The black plastic will be completely covered with soil, and there'll be plants and shrubs and such planted there.

May 24, 2015

I get some painting done on the north exterior.

Dennis starts painting his studio.  He gets the ceiling completed and begins work on the walls. I step into help and we get 'er done.

I love the colors Dennis chose. The ceiling is Valspar Shrouded Lace.  The walls are Valspar Sage Slate. He selected a carpet in a milk chocolate color (he likes carpet under his feet in his studio. . .easier on the legs and back when standing and painting).

Time for a break!

May 25, 2015

Johnny our gravel guy delivers more gravel to the site.

Dean delivers the interior doors and their hardware.  I love the beadboard and the arch on the door.  Just the cottage look I want.

I didn't get a photo of the door knobs, but they look similar to this one.

I paint the second coat on the bathroom walls.  See how the incoming light changes the shade? The walls are all the same hue.

I paint the hall closet where the stacked laundry will reside. The color is Natural Canvas to match the hallway.

Now that I've completed the interior painting I can get back to painting the exterior. Still lots to do there!

Thanks for your concern about my computer problems. Miraculously, on the morning I was all set to take my laptop to the repair shop, an automatic update to Windows 8.1 took place. It cleared up all my problems.  Thank you, Lord!

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You can find our awesome builder at their website:
BLH Construction.


  1. I love the colors you chose - especially the 'new' bathroom color. It's all coming together and I can't wait to see more! It won't be long before you have it all just the way you envisioned it and I'm thrilled for you.

  2. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    I am amazed how hard both of you are working to make your dream cottage. Very selective in color, fixtures and fitting will surely turn out to be place you love. The step by step photos are interesting and educative for me.

    Best wishes

  3. Wow, can't believe you're installing railings already - amazing! Looks just like your rendering too; we tend to wander throughout the process a bit. Our color schemes change for one. Your red is striking too BTW. Keep at it!

  4. I love the red and white on the front. I also love the color your spouse chose for his studio and the two bathroom colors. On my monitor it look green to me, sort of a grayish mint. Sometimes you never know until it is on the wall. I buy the sample size and paint canvases that can always be used for a painting later. It's coming along beautifully. xoxo Su

  5. Hello,
    It looks wonderful. I like the color of the studio as well.
    The outside red is just great! I am loving your cottage.

  6. I just love the colors you've chosen inside and out Nancy! I loved that you used the old windows for the garden shed too. It's really coming along :)


  7. I just got all new doorknobs in that same colour. Everything is coming together so well - it seems a quick process to me but I bet it feels like forever to you!! Hope you're able to move in soon!

  8. Hello Nancy! My what very hard and efficient workers you two are! I love all the colors you have picked out. I am getting excited now, because I feel the decorating coming on...I have really enjoyed following the details of construction, but you know that's my favorite part! ;-) I'm glad your computer is up and running, but when do you have time to use it? Phew, I'm tired just reading about the work!

  9. Nancy- I have absolutely loved following your progress on your sweet house and I love your shed, too. Those old windows are PERFECT! We put those same cottage style doors through our whole whole when we redid it. No one here had ever seen them before. Once we ordered them in they said that other people saw them and they took the line on then. lol Trend setters? lol NOT!!!! I love your colors, too! Great job all the way around ----hurry up, will ya? I want to see you all moved in!!!! xo Diana

  10. You have been a very busy painter, Nancy! It's fun to watch your progress as the weeks go by! Soon you'll be calling this beautiful little place Home Sweet Home! Love the garden shed and what a score on those windows!! Have a great rest of your week! Blessings, Cindy

  11. Nancy I just love your progress reports, it's exciting to see your cottage become reality from plans on paper. I really like the color paint Dennis chose for his studio and your hardwood in your room is beautiful. Paint is often nuanced and those color chips are confusing. I just switched halfway through our basement steps the first lighter grey to a warm deeper stone grey.

  12. Hi..I really like your color choices..that's a big job painting it all yourselves..and the garden shed looks Great too..can't wait to see the landscaping..wish 8.1 would fix my problems..unfortunately I think it's part of the problem..looking forward to seeing the next step to finishing your sweet little cottage..the red is looking FabuLous..

  13. Love all your colors tweaks and trims . . .
    The garden house is so wonderful . . .
    Recycled windows make it unique and all the more charming!
    Finish line is getting closer . . .

  14. Nancy, you guys are amazing. Love the colors that you have picked on the walls and the door is beautiful. Have a great day. Jo

  15. So much progress! I love the soothing colours you've chosen for the interior. And the door is perfect!

  16. Good morning Nancy!

    Well, you all are making such great progress. Salvaged doors and windows, careful planning of paint colors...you are having FUN! The cottage is going to be perfect for the summer months and cozy for fall and winter. Well done my friend! XOXOXOOX Anita

  17. What a great score on those windows! I love the soft colors you are using in the cottage and can't wait to see the completed rooms! What a wonderful labor of love :)

  18. This is coming along so nicely and love the shed / windows story!

  19. Nancy, you are making such great progress on your cottage! The shed/greenhouse will be a wonderful addition.

  20. hi dear nancy !! cuanto avance en su casa ! cada dia queda mas bonita!! que tengas unas buenas tardes

  21. Love the colors and how it all looks so fresh! Can't wait to see the landscaping. How fun to be working with a blank canvas!

  22. It's the attention to detail that's making this small home beautiful. Love the recycled garden shed...Dianne

  23. I really enjoyed this post, and shared your frustration with paint colors on the chips, as opposed to walls... it is very frustrating to get the colors to match your walls, and the type of light you have, and the color you want. I think you have done a fabulous job with the colors, I just love the blues in the bathroom! Your garden shed has me drooling - and what an awesome find those windows were! Your little cottage is moving along so quickly, it must be very exciting! So happy for you :)

  24. Your cottage is coming along so well, Nancy! Such fun to catch up with your progress! I love the red you chose for the exterior. Choosing colors is sometimes so hard. They do change so much with the changing light.

    That garden shed/greenhouse is going to be wonderful!


  25. I'm loving your colour choices and the hardwood floors, it's going to be so beautiful.


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