Cottage Decor - Metal Wall Art

Recently I was invited to review a product of my choice from Graham & Brown, a home decor company based in the UK. 

Graham & Brown's website has a plethora of lovely wallpaper, paint, wall art and home accessories for any decorating style.

I've been searching for unusual cottage style decor with a bit of shabby chic flare for our new home. Graham & Brown's Birdhouse Multi-Frame Metal Wall Art certainly has all that. 

Birdhouse Multi Frame
Birdhouse Multi Frame Metal Wall Art by Graham & Brown

Cottage style? Check.

Shabby chic? Check.

Unique? Check.

The wall art arrived in perfect condition. I took some photos to show you the actual product I received. This is straight out of the box. I haven't hung it on the wall yet, as we're still in the middle of construction.

On the website the picture frames hold bird images which I thought were a permanent feature of the wall art.  I'm a little disappointed that the actual product contains typical stock marketing photos of people.

However, it's an easy enough fix by removing the backing and inserting my own images.

Sure family photos could be displayed in the frames, but it would be really fun to get creative and show off nature photos or sketches, mini watercolors, inspirational quotes, fabric or wallpaper remnants.

Something like this Graham & Brown wallpaper would be very sweet in the frames.

Chinoiserie Imperial Yellow
Chinoiserie Imperial Yellow Wallpaper by Graham & Brown

Change the images with the seasons. Do a holiday shout out.

The possibilities are endless.

I love the little birds in the cages.

This metal wall art is well made and I feel it's a good value for the price point of £45.00 (approx $69 US). It's definitely something I'd purchase for myself or as a gift for a cottage friend. 

I can't wait to dress it up and hang it in our cottage. I'll be sure to show it to you when I do.

Except for the photos in the frames, the product as depicted on the website is an accurate representation of the actual piece. I think it would be helpful if Graham & Brown indicated on the product description that the piece is designed to hold personal photographs or artwork of the buyer's choice and that the bird images are not included.

You can see more pretty home decor, paint and wallpaper selections at Graham & Brown's website.

Graham & Brown provided the Birdhouse Multi Frame Wall Art for this review free of charge. All opinions and ideas expressed are my own.


  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. We're also moving into our new home soon and I would buy this in a heartbeat!

  2. So pretty! I'm off to visit their website... have a lovely day.

  3. Love those and I have a couple of things that are similar. You could find pretty images at The Graphics Fairy if you want to. I have also framed scrapbook paper and wrapping paper. Cheap and pretty. :)

  4. I saw a similar object the other day with bird images. I didn't study it closely, but you are correct. It will look pretty with bird, animal, or botanical vintage images.

    xoxo Su

  5. Nice piece and could be used to update a room just by changing the photos.

  6. You chose well... changing the photos to something seasonal sounds nice. Thanks for the share, heading over to check out what they sell.

  7. Hi Nancy! I love the wall art. The bird cages are certainly cottage and shabby chic! That wallpaper would look perfect in those frames too!

  8. ohh i LIKE this. :)
    and your idea of changing the photo art with the seasons
    is excellent. my mother has a new (MUCH smaller) home.
    she's a bird girl and this would be so sweet in her new place.
    may order one.

  9. Great pick, Nancy! I like the idea of changing out the photos/ artwork seasonally. It's a great way to change up a room without a lot of un. What a pretty piece!!

  10. I love your new art piece. It's too bad it didn't come as advertised but I do like your idea to change it with the seasons. I can't wait to see it in your new home.

  11. LOVE it!!! They have really cool pieces. Enjoy your new wall hanging!

  12. Graham & Brown is a company I've not heard of before. It is definitely a place I'd like to check out! I do love white/birds/photos so this would be a fun piece! Thanks for sharing! Cindy

  13. I love it Nancy and I'm with you in regards to the bird prints. They are super cute and I would have been disappointed that they weren't included. I know that you will make it look darling whatever you decide to do!

  14. This was an interesting post Nancy. I can understand why you like these frames. I have vintage framed bird prints in my kitchen and I enjoy them as birds are very special to me.

  15. Oh are nesting and with the perfect product....this is wonderful, Nancy! I love the white finish and I think it's the perfect motif for your little abode. I can't wait to see the finished cottage!

    Hope you are having a little time to rest and relax. School is over today and I am THRILLED. Then after a bit of holiday, I want to nest, nest, nest in my sweet cottage. Spring is really spectacular this year!

    Have a super day my friend, Anita

  16. I love it! And I agree with you. The company should describe that it is for personal photos. I usually don't like those photo wall art pieces but your idea of putting art or wallpaper or quotes in it is a great idea. I am sure you will make it perfect for your sweet cottage style.

  17. Hi..Thanks for sharing..I've been drawn to wallpaper lately..and I have birds all over the place..those and and that nice it is that a comp. in the UK are asking you about their products..hope you're weather has been nice for on the east coast it's been ssssssso nice..couldn't have ordered up better weather if i were asked..well maybe a bit of rain at night would seal the deal..hope you have a WonderFul weekend...

  18. Very unique frames indeed, and I can see how you would be disappointed with the stock photos, instead of the birds... but with your flair for photography, I know you will have beautiful pictures to hang in them soon - the frames will look so beautiful hanging on the walls of your new home :)

  19. Those are perfect. I would have disappointed that the bird pictures were not included too. I love the little birds. Great choice. Which room will you use them in? Debbie

  20. Oh my I love this bird cage photo collage hanger - one of the prettiest I've seen! Can't wait to see what you eventually put in each frame Nancy.

  21. It's going to look so nice once you've added you own touch instead of the commercial pictures!

  22. Hi,
    I like it. I think you will do a great job inspiring us :-) can not wait to see what you have planned.

  23. This is so cute. I think little bird sketches or watercolours would be lovely. Love Graham & Brown, Melody Maison is another good one in the UK.

  24. Great choice, I have a couple of single bird cage frames that I'm going to makeover sometime. Looking forward to seeing yours in situ.


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