Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Great Joyful Cottage Giveaway

Welcome to the debut of A Joyful Cottage

The Joyful Cottage Giveaway is now closed to new entries.
We will announce the winner on March 8 at 8:00 AM Mountain Time.
Thank you for participating.
(This update posted @ 8:20 AM Mountain Time March 7)

Source: http://www.stable-cottage-potterne.co.uk/

Do you have a dream home? My dream home looks very much like the one in the photo above. A thatched roof cottage with climbing roses framing the front door. Very romantic. This cottage is a vacation rental, located in Potterne Wiltshire, United Kingdom. 

My own cottage looks quite different.

Our Cottage (A Remodeled 1926 Cabin)

Over the years I've come to appreciate simplicity. British craftsman William Morris said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

I've had my beloved vintage pinch bottle for 42 years. Found in a dusty antique shop in Taft, California.

My husband Dennis Reinke is a visual artist. One of his early watercolors graces a wall in our lingering room.

We're in the process of setting up our Joyful Cottage Etsy shop where we'll make 5x7 prints of Dennis' original watercolors and oils available for sale. And this leads me to my Joyful Cottage Giveaway. This is your chance to win an unframed 5x7 Reinke print of your very own. The giveaway is open to everyone, no matter where you live. All that's needed is a valid email address so we can contact you for your mailing address.

Here are the rules:

1. Become a Follower of this blog. If you follow on both Google and Network Blogger, you will be entered twice.
2. Browse the display of paintings below and choose your 3 favorites.
2. You must leave a comment and tell me which 3 paintings you prefer.
3. Earn additional chances to win by simply talking about the giveaway on your blog, facebook, twitter or pinterest and linking back to this post.  Please, you must post a separate comment for each additional entry. It's the only way I can track your various entries.
4. Dennis will draw a winner in two weeks, on Wednesday March 7th.  The lucky winner will be announced the next day on this blog and we'll send him or her one print of their choice.

That's it. Pretty easy, huh? Ok, let's get started.

Here are your choices:

#1 - Pumpkin Watercolor 5x7 Print

#2 - Methow River Watercolor 5x7 Print

#3 - San Juan Capistrano Watercolor 5x7 Print

#4 - Winery Watercolor 5x7 Print

#5 -Napa Trellis Watercolor 5x7 Print

#6 - Poppies Oil 5x7 Print

#7 - Quiet Time Oil 5x7 Print

#8 - Silver Plume Antique Shop Watercolor 5x7 Print

#9 - Veggie Still Life Watercolor 5x7 Print

#10 - Water Lily Watercolor 5x7 Print

#11 - Wind Breakers Oil 5x7 Print

Wouldn't you like to have one of these beautiful prints in your cottage? Become a Follower, get your entries in and spread the word.


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