Monday Morning Encouragement -- Praise Him Forever!


"Every day I will bless you, and praise Your name forever and ever." Psalm 145:2

After many years of walking with the Lord, I have come to realize how important it is to praise Him. Not just on Sundays, but on every day of the week. I used to feel as though Sunday worship was dessert. Now I feel it's more like an appetizer. It whets my appetite for more of God, for a closer relationship with Him. Joining together with other believers to sing, pray, and absorb the teaching of the word by our pastors is wonderful, and the best part is that the joy I get from that hour never has to end. When I walk to my car at the end of the service, I take that joy with me and praise overflows throughout the week.

This is what our Heavenly Father wants for us. He's not looking for praise because He's some kind of egomaniac. No! He knows that the praise we offer up to Him is like a magnet. It draws us closer to Him and reveals to us how absolutely magnificent He is and how deeply He loves us. 

We praise God because He is worthy of our praise. He is:

Our Creator (Genesis 1: 1-2, John 1:1-3)

Our Savior (Isaiah 12:2, Titus 3:4-6)

Our Protector (Psalm 46:1-3, 2 Samuel 22:2-7)

Our Provider (Philippians 4:19, 2 Peter 1:3)

Our Strength (Exodus 15:2, Isaiah 41:10)

Our Shield (Psalm 38:7, Psalm 33:20)

And so much more!

As we enter a new week, let's give God the praise He is due. Every day and forever!

Today's music video Praise Him Forever by Chris Tomlin is one of the songs we sang yesterday in our worship service. It's a rousing song that I loved singing with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope it stirs you to praise as it does me.

I love you, I'm thinking of you, and I'm praying for you.


  1. Hi Nancy, I look forward to your Monday Morning post each week.
    Take care

  2. Your posts are so encouraging, Nancy! It's so true about Sunday being the beginning of a new week that we can carry the praise into. It's a good habit to be in and not to be neglected!

  3. Thank you Nancy for your loyal Monday encouragements and music! Much appreciated! Marilyn


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