Monday Morning Encouragement -- Memorial Day 2024 No Greater Love


"Greater love has no one than this, than someone lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Today I want to honor first and foremost the Lord Jesus for His tremendous sacrifice on the cross. Here's an excellent excerpt from Barnes Notes on The Bible:

"Greater love hath ... - No higher expression of love could be given. Life is the most valuable object we possess; and when a man is willing to lay that down for his friends or his country, it shows the utmost extent of love. Even this love for friends has been rarely witnessed. A very few cases like that of Damon and Pythias have occurred where a man was willing to save the life of his friend by giving his own. It greatly enhances the love of Christ, that while the instances of those who have been willing to die for friends have been so rare, he was willing to die for enemies - bitter foes, who rejected his reign, persecuted him, reviled him, scorned him, and sought his life, 1 John 4:10; Romans 5:6, Romans 5:10. It also shows us the extent of his love that he gave himself up, not to common sufferings, but to the most bitter, painful, and protracted sorrows, not for himself, not for friends, but for a thoughtless and unbelieving world. 'O Lamb of God, was ever pain was ever love like thine!'"

I also want to honor and recognize all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We must never forget them.

Today's beautiful music video The Last Goodbye, a Memorial Day Tribute - Life in 3D is a tribute to our country's heroes. Warning: You may need a box of tissues!

I love you, I'm thinking of you, and I'm praying for you.


  1. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. ...for a thoughtless and unbelieving true Nancy, yet He did it out of a love that I don't think we can truly comprehend. At least not easily. Thank you for mentioning the tissues...I could not listen to the mom died a week ago and while I know she's with Jesus, it's still difficult. Thank you for the beautiful post on a day of remembrance.

    1. Karen, I'm so sorry you lost your mom. I'm sure it is a comfort to know that she's with the Lord in her forever home, yet, of course even though this is true, we still grieve. I'm so glad that our Heavenly Father understands our grief and walks through it with us. I'll be praying for you, friend.♥

  3. Nancy, thank you for sharing! So moving! We shall never forget the horrors of war and our heroes.

  4. Thank you Nancy... beautiful reminders of His losses... and the music was beautiful and heartfelt. Oh yes I needed tissues! My dad survived WWII and lived until he was 84. He spent many years after he got home, in depression and sadness for the losses he experienced there. The images in the video were wonderful and I could relate to many of them.. seeing my dad and his brother as young soldiers, and then the photos of them when they were older. Great men and women, all of them! Marilyn


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