Patio Changes 2022


July and August have been filled with hot days, and, sadly for me, that means spending more time indoors in the afternoon and evening. Consequently, my summer blog posts have been less about the season and more about indoor projects.

However, today I'm going to switch gears and show you the patio changes I made this year. This project was started in early June, while the temperatures were still mild, and I've tweaked it as summer has progressed.

Last year my patio was loaded with mostly small containers of flowers. And although it was charming and lush, it was also high maintenance. Small containers require constant watering, and by the time September rolled around I was tired of dragging the hose or watering can from the water spout located in the driveway, across the porch and down the steps in order to water.

A Joyful Cottage Patio 2021

So, this year I decided to simplify my patio. My plan was to replace the small pots of flowers with large containers, remove the worn bamboo screen from the fence for a clean look, bring in some rocks to border the flagstone, and take out the worn wicker chairs to make room for a new bistro set. 

Removal of the bamboo screen was a major change, and it brought more light and openness to the space. To keep bunnies out of my garden, and discourage squirrels as much as possible, I stapled chicken wire over the lower portion of the fence.  (Unfortunately the squirrels can still climb up and over the fence, but they now have to work a little harder to get to my flower pots -- which they love to dig up to hide their peanuts.)

On the right side of the fence there's an open space. Perfect for bunnies and squirrels to pass through. My solution was to nail two old, chippy painted fence boards I found at an antique store to the existing fence support. The boards were $2 each.

I found the bistro set at Hobby Lobby on clearance for 50% off. It's made very well, and folds up for easy storage. After a great deal of shopping, I was sold on this set. It's not only the best price I found, but it's also a great color. I wanted a little set where I could sit and enjoy morning coffee, lunch, or a snack. This fills the bill! (Yes, I do have a very comfortable porch where I can stretch out and enjoy my coffee. However, it's really nice to have the option of sitting on the patio amongst the flowers and enjoy more of nature.)

I found Cabos Beach Pebbles at Lowes for the patio border, and I really like them. This is a one-time expense that will hold up year after year.

The large white containers -- frost-resistant resin -- came from At Home. I knew this would be a costly change, but I was able to defray part of the cost by re-planting flowers, such as geraniums, that I had overwintered from last fall. I filled in with a few annuals left over from other plantings, and variegated ivy.

These flowers are thriving, and I've found that planting in large containers has been a good move to simplify watering. Big containers hold moisture longer than small containers.

I planted a Black-eye Susan vine in the corner that is now climbing up the fence. Unfortunately, this is an annual, so if I want more vines next year I'll have to plant them again. 


Now it needs to be said that this patio is a strange combination of sun and shade. I'm still experimenting to nail down what to grow where for optimum blooms. So far, impatiens are a definite "yes" for the patio, followed by geraniums. Petunias do pretty well, too, but do tend to need pruning to keep them beautiful. Not exactly low maintenance.

I do have a few small pots sprinkled around the patio. And, of course, I have my little patch of cottage garden to play with. I planted some zinnias, cosmos and four o'clock seeds, and I finally do see some buds. I'm patiently waiting for them to bloom. I think they would like more hours of sun.

Thankfully, we've had rain showers this year and we're expecting rain again this afternoon. This is a big deal in Colorado, where the past decade has been drought-ridden and wild fires are a constant threat. 

I need to say one more thing before I sign off. Thank you so much for your visits, and for the encouraging comments you leave behind. They bless my soul in ways you cannot know. You're my friends, and you bring so much joy to my life. I love you all.



  1. You have the "touch", inside and outside! I like how you use the lattice fence for shadows or sunshine. Wow!

    1. Thanks, Christine. I was a little concerned about losing some privacy by taking off the bamboo screen, but once I saw how much better the lattice looked without it, I'm glad I removed it. xo

  2. It looks charming and inviting! I like your bistro set and the fact that it folds up is a bonus! I got a big planter pot for my porch this year and have found it makes watering much easier too.

    1. I'm glad you like it, Mari. I like the idea of a big planter on your porch. I'm thinking I may add one to my porch next year. It really does simplify things. xo

  3. Boy, Nancy, taking off the bamboo shade really lit up the patio. I know what you mean about lugging water about for pots. My open sunny patio is full of pots with deer resistant annuals and thankfully the spigot is right there. But I don't bother with the hose with all the unwinding and winding so I have to carry water 2 and 3 times a day.
    I like your new furniture and with it folding, you could store it in the winter so it does not get ruined in the icy weather.
    I love looking at plantings and yours are more than lovely. Glad you got some rain. This weather in USA has been a very crazy and sometimes distructive season. Lynn and Precious xx

    1. How nice to have a water spigot on your patio, Lynn! That would be ideal. xo

  4. That Bistro set is so charming! Great color, too! I want you to know that I read blogs mostly on my ipad and for some reason it won't let me comment on certain blogs. So I try to do it when I am on the desk top computer! I always appreciate your posts, friend!

  5. Nancy, it looks wonderful. I love all the changes and I think simplifying is best. I say more relaxing on the patio and less work/ watering is a good thing! I love that climbing vine, so pretty. You know we have one and it's also an annual, but we've planted it for so many years now, it just comes back on its own. It may take a while...or not, next year, you might just have a sprout in that pot! Enjoy the weekend!! xo

    1. I'd love to see this little vine come back on its own, Kim. As is the case with a few other flowers I have on the patio, this vine doesn't get the amount of sun it should get to produce an abundance of blooms. However, I do like the way the vine climbs. xo

  6. WE have been away on and off through the summer. Much of the time we don't have consistent internet or cell signal so it's hard to keep up with my blog friends. I love what you've done with your patio. It's so inviting! I love Black-Eyed Susan. My local garden shop has seeds to grow them every Spring and I hope to give that a try one of these days so I don't have to buy new plants every year. Just plant my own!


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