Ceiling Fan Solution

 In October I shared How I Created A Budget Friendly Cottage Living Room, and I mentioned that I wanted to replace the ugly ceiling fan.

This has been a conundrum for me. I had thought to do a makeover of the fan. However, I didn't want to take it down, and standing on a ladder while trying to paint and makeover the fan was less than ideal. 

I did take the blades off last week and unscrewed the light kit, and that's when I realized how cheaply this fan was made. I stopped the entire process and came to the conclusion that I needed to just bite the bullet and replace the fan.

After a little research, I found a fan at Home Depot that I like. It's white, it's reasonably priced, it doesn't have a light kit (which I really don't need), and I found an electrician through Home Depot who will take down the old fan and install the new one for a price I can afford. 

This is the best photo of the fan that I was able to download.

Although I ordered it two weeks ago, delivery has been delayed. I hope it comes soon as I'd like to have it installed before the temperatures rise here.

I also ordered a ceiling light for my entryway. I've been redoing that area and had planned to makeover the light as I did with the kitchen and bedroom ceiling lights. However, the light bulb broke off in the fixture while trying to take it down and when I looked more closely I realized the whole fixture is wonky and just needs to be replaced. Since I've saved so much money on the other fixtures, I didn't feel too bad about buying a new one.

This is the light I purchased, and it has arrived. 

I think it's really pretty and it will fit well with my entry refresh. I'll share more about the entryway soon.

So, I'm anxiously waiting for the fan to arrive so that the electrician can come and get everything installed. 

Stay tuned, cottage friends.



  1. I really like them both! Hope delivery is soon - and then you can show us the updated look!

  2. From the pictures I would say that you have made two good choices. And when you look up at the ceiling after they've been installed I'm sure you will enjoy the look of them. And hopefully feel some comfort with warm weather and the fan blowing. Looking forward to more pictures, Lynn and Precious XX

  3. That so great, Nancy! I'm glad you'll be getting a needed thing in the style that suits you and your home! Cute light fixture, too!

  4. Isn't it crazy how you have to wait for some many things now. I hope the fan comes soon and you can get it installed. I love the light fixture too. Very pretty. I cannot wait to see it all put together. xoxo Kris

  5. Oh yes. I remember those old style ceiling fans. Your new one is going to look great. And I love that entry light!

  6. Very pretty, Nancy! Sometimes you have to buy instead of DIY. Been there...and been waiting for deliveries, too. Hopefully yours show up soon!! xo

  7. Hi, Well done Nancy! You do inspire me with your "I Can Do This" attitude. I like the idea that Home Depot has someone to help install the fan.

  8. I enjoy your refreshes Nancy. Sometimes those small changes are just what a home needs in a new season. Keep sharing them, please.

  9. I can't live without my ceiling fans. In the design shows they are always trying to take the ceiling fans down but if you live in the South, they really make a difference. I think you made a good choice. The new fan and the ceiling light will be great.


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