Spring Vignette in the Living Room


I wanted to add a little spring decor in my living room without spending much money. So, I shopped my home and came up with a pleasing spring vignette.

I collected four books with covers in spring colors and used them as a riser for the bunny. The Anglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) received a refresh with a container swap. The natural wood bucket is a $1 thrift store find that's been stored in my outdoor shed for almost a year. It had a broken handle, which I removed. 

You may remember My Lime Green Thingy Makeover into a Valentine's Day wall hanging last year.

After removing the lavender, ribbon and hearts, I attached a spring decoupage to the chicken wire with mini clothes pins that I had in my stash. The decoupage was created from the top ply of a napkin. I purchased a pack of the napkins at Dollar Tree, and that was the only money I spent on this vignette.

I love the colors of this pretty spring vignette, and especially like the fact that I created it using mostly things I already have.



  1. I think this is a beautiful spring vignette. You have a beautiful way of shopping your home. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Shopping your home is a great way to shop - sometimes I find thing I forgot I had! Cute vignette ♥

  3. So cheerful and spring colors. Very clever to take everything you already had and just repurpose it for a change of scenery. Just goes to show your artist's eye. Just hope you're getting some warmer weather to go with the lovely flowers. Lynn and Precious

  4. Love when you can use things you already have at home. This is really pretty. Happy Thursday.

  5. I've always wanted to do a napkin treatment but never find any cute ones. Ok, the problem is probably that I do not shop much anymore, but I love these Dollar Store finds.

  6. Very pretty Nancy! I love that spring napkin decoupage.. it looks so bright.. cute bucket too.. and love how you used the books to build up a little "stage". I always forget to "shop by house".. but this is a good reminder! Also.. if we can use printables that we buy or get for free... and get a cute frame from the Dollar Tree, then that is even more fun decorating on a budget. Thanks for sharing! Marilyn


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