Kitchen Cabinets Painting Progress - Sink Cabinet


Hello Cottage Friends,

Popping in to show you my finished sink cabinet. I'll be back to show you the rest of the kitchen, and give some details about what I've done, soon. I also want to give a shout out to one of my readers and friend Diane.

Diane is owner of the Etsy shop Babies, Brides and Lavender
She began following me during my Colorado cabin days, and recently we reconnected. She graciously gifted me with these sweet sachets she created. 

Thank you, Diane. I love my French inspired sachets.

I hope you all are staying warm. It's bitterly cold here, with a high of 10 degrees today.  We'll have a low of 2 degrees tonight. Yikes!!

Warm hugs,


  1. I think your sink is beautiful and it reminds me a little of the sink we had in our kitchen when I was growing up.
    What a sweet little gift from your friend. The sachets will looks very nice in your home.

  2. Those cabinets have really turned out very well. I saw some "marble" countertop
    material at IKEA recently, and I realize now how real it looks. Not impressed with
    IKEA, but it was a fun day away from home 50 miles on a dry cold day. Lunch out at
    Chinese, so I got the day off from house work, lol. Looking forward to more pictures
    of your hard work. Keep the furnace going, we are up to 20's at night now. Lynn and Precious XX

  3. Nancy, I'm simply swooning over your sink skirt and your sweet gifts! Can't wait for a larger peek! Hugs!

  4. Just beautiful! I love the skirting underneath. Gives me a farmhouse vibe, which I happen to really be falling in love with these days. Great job!

  5. I love your cabinets.. they are so pretty! and so are the countertops. And how nice to receive those sachets from your friend. Take care.. Marilyn

  6. I must pass on your kitchen cabinet redo to my friend who also lives in a mobile home. She is just a little wary of tackling that job. She also needs a new finish on her countertops but can't afford new ones. You have done a beautiful job. The color makes the kitchen look bigger. Thanks so much for sharing your projects. The sachets are lovely♥

  7. Nancy, Thank you for being so kind. You are such a sweet person! I was so happy to gift those to you and very delighted we reconnected. I absolutely love your sink and cabinets. It looks absolutely beautiful! Im a big fan of white cabinets in the kitchen. We are having another winter storm but thank the Good Lord we are safe and warm. We are praying for the poor people of Ukraine. I can't imagine this happening to us. It's such a travesty!! Stay safe and warm.
    God bless,

  8. I love the way your kitchen is turning out. You always have such a great touch in whatever home you find to make your own.

  9. Nancy, your sink is lovely . . . I am so happy that you found this little home and that you are continuing to change it up and make it your own. You've done amazing redo's in the short time that you've lived here. Bravo!!!
    What a lovely gift and I'm sure that they smell heavenly.
    Looking forward to your Monday post,
    Connie :)

  10. The sink and cabinets are beautiful. You are really good at this decorating business.


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