Monday Morning Encouragement - Cling Tenaciously


Sweet greetings, Cottage Friends,

Today's encouragement is taken from a devotional I wrote in February 2012.

"My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me." Psalm 63:8

All through the winter, one lone leaf has clung to my lilac bush. Through harsh winds and heavy snow it has held fast to the branch, refusing to let go. That tiny leaf reminds me of how we must tenaciously cling to God during the bitter cold and howling wind of life's trials. If we let go, we will surely be tossed about in fear and doubt. But if we hold tight to the One who knows every breath we take, every hair on our head, we will see His faithfulness to bring us peace and joy even in the worst conditions. God is compassionate and full of mercy. He gives grace to all who cling to Him. He holds them up and keeps them close to His heart. May our souls cling tenaciously to Him.

Thank you for joining me for Monday Morning Encouragement, and for the encouragement you give to me with your comments. I so very much appreciate them, as they tell me God is using my blog to encourage others. That's what I hope will happen.

I love you, I'm thinking of you, and I'm praying for you.

Of course, you know I can't leave today without sharing a song that fits so perfectly with today's topic. This beautiful song entitled "Cling" is sung by Shannon Wexelberg. The images of the Northern Lights are incredible. May it give you great comfort.



  1. Good Morning Nancy, and thank you for these encouraging words to start my day with. I am holding tight to Jesus and with determination to never let go. For it is His great love that gets me through the storms in my life.
    Praying for you also. He never promised this life would be easy, but He did send the Comforter to help and guide us.
    God bless you sweet friend.

  2. May I (and you) always be that one tiny leaf that clings to our Tree of Life.

  3. Beautiful post and beautiful song and pictures of the northern lights. Happy New Week. xoxo

  4. There is one contest I have been entering where you choose between vacation locations and I always go for the Northern Lights. I doubt I'll ever get there, which is ok, but I love looking at pictures of them.

  5. Such a beautiful thought shared Nancy... sometimes it feels like we are just barely hanging on while the wind blows, but it is amazing how the Lord keeps us through it all. Each new trial and difficulty just become another stepping stone and testimony in our lives of the mercy, grace and love of the Lord to us in the midst of life's troubles. Praying that the comfort, peace and love of the Lord is with you in rich and special ways in this spring season :)

  6. Our bush had a clinger, too! 😊

  7. The clinging leaf among all the ice is a beautiful picture. It speaks to my situation in life these past 7 years since losing Jim. For six years this time of year, when Jim was in hospice and passed on Good Friday have been very sad. For 6 years I would go into a deep depression that froze me and my life in the past. This year I have begun to thaw. The sadness is turning to joy and the depression is held at bay. I now see the ice encasing the leaf as Gods love insulating me from the cold reality of loss. I however find hope in the Spring thaw which is God's sign of new life in Christ. God bless you my friend. Debbie

  8. I love the word picture you've used, and I think it's perfect. Hanging on for dear life sometimes, but hanging on to Him none the less! So good. Have a lovely week friend!

  9. Thank you for being so encouraging to us reading your post. So very thought
    provoking and true. Cling to God at all times. Lynn


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