Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Place to Call Home

Three weeks ago I imagined a much different home than the one we're in today. I thought I would be blogging about a little cottage we were planning to close on May 30. 

The Little Cottage that Wasn't

But that didn't materialize. The appraisal came in $32,000 under the contract price, and after much consideration Dennis and I decided to pull out of the deal. That left us with ten days to find a place to live, as we had to be out of our apartment by the end of the month.

Immediately we set to work to find another place to lease. Whether it would be a temporary or long term resolution to our housing need didn't seem to matter. We just knew we had to do something. And so we sought God's wisdom and set our feet in motion. I won't go into all the details of this move, only to say that God provided a home for us that fits our needs nicely, and we were able to move in June 1, right on schedule. 

Here are the realtor photos of our new nest: a two bedroom, one bath duplex with an attached two-car garage.

The home was upgraded two years ago. It's on a quiet cul-de-sac just outside the city (four hours from our previous residence).

The walls look dark in some of these photos, but they're really a light gray throughout the home. All the woodwork has been painted white. The tile is white, too. Living room and hallway are planked laminate, which I'm finding is really easy to care for.

Overall, I'm happy with the decor. I wouldn't have chosen the lighting the landlord chose, but that doesn't keep me from liking everything else, and honestly I don't spend my time fixated on the lights (or the popcorn ceiling, 'nuf said). There's so much more I do like, such as the kitchen.

Though the ceiling fans aren't stylish, I'm grateful they're there. I have discovered in a warm climate it's essential to have them.

I love this bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom were huge "selling" points for me.

Behind these double doors is the laundry center. We've already ordered a new washer and dryer, and they'll be delivered on Tuesday. After a year of lugging laundry baskets up and down a flight of stairs every week and traveling to and from a laundromat, I'm thrilled and thankful to once again have laundry appliances in our home. 

We'll be using the master bedroom as an office/study for Dennis, as it's right off a tiled room that will be his studio.

The studio has access to the garage, and to the side yard, which is private.

We have a bed, a few chairs, a small table, a floor lamp, and Dennis's office furniture. It didn't take me long to set up the kitchen because, frankly, I didn't have much to unpack. We sold everything when we left Oregon and I bought just a few things to get us by for the past year. It's pretty amazing how much one can do without. I really don't need all those gadgets to cook a good meal. (Someday I may write a post about that.) We've already begun the hunt for new furnishings, and have found some real bargains. 

So, although things haven't worked out the way we had planned, and my joyful cottage is now a duplex, God is still on His throne, He still loves us, and I have to believe that everything we've been through is for our good and for His glory. 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding, 
in all your ways submit to Him,
    and He will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Joyful hugs,



  1. Congrats on finding a new rental. God was with you to guide you to a better place for now. We had a similar situation with our house selling in two days on the market. It left us scrambling for our next home. Well it all fell together nicely and I got the new cottage home I wanted. Living smaller is the way I love it. This house is even smaller than our current home but charming and cute and I can make it ours. Glad your situation turned out ok.

  2. The kitchen is so cute! So true... xoxo Su

  3. I'm really happy you’ve finally moved into your new home. Wishing you all the best with your new home.All the very best in settling in and having many happy moments.What exactly is a duplex in your area?

    1. Hi Helen. A duplex is two single residences that are attached along one side. Typically they are built with the plumbing next to each other, which makes it easier and less expensive to build. :)

  4. Have been wondering if you bought the cottage! Duplex looks fantastic! If you moved four hours away, will you look for another library job?

  5. Nancy, I'm not sure what you're going through but I'm glad you have your faith to lean on. xo

  6. Good morning, Nancy!

    Congratulations on finding a place to reside. When things don't turn out the way you imagined, something else turns up that is beyond your imagination, unimaginable perhaps, but the life lessons and opportunities for something new arise. Bravo to you both for having put God first and then moving forward. How will we ever know what He had in store for us if we don't proceed, correct? May all your days in this home be happy ones!

  7. This happened to my sister, Nancy. The appraisal and purchase price were too far apart, so they walked away. They were a little heartbroken, but like you they found a sweet place to land. I have no doubt you and Dennis will fill your home with special treasures and love. Congratulations to you both and welcome home! Hugs!!

  8. God provides what we need. I look forward to seeing pics of your making this little place into a sweet home space for you and Dennis.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  9. It looks lovely and hope to see how you decorate it. Even though we have two more years to sell our home and find another I have been decluttering now. Our current home is not that big, but we would like a smaller home in the future.

  10. So sorry your little did however find a nice duplex. God seems to always provide, even when it isn't what we wanted. Please keep posting as I miss hearing from you. I am still struggling to be happy where God has planted me home wise but not church home as it is a true blessing for me. May God bless your new home and all that live in it. Debbie

  11. Oh, my friend! It is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see how you make it yours and decorate it. I took SO much heart from this post because we are walking through such a similar path. SO much uncertainty and mystery, but seeing how God orchestrated the details to bring you to where you are supposed to be gave me so much hope. It is always such a dear blessing to see one of your posts in our inbox, and I thank God for you, sweet friend. May He bless your every step on this winding journey called life. Sending much love to you today and SO grateful to the Lord for making a way for you and blessing you with a permanent home with a washer and dryer.

  12. I use to wonder why I ended up where I am. Then I look back and see where I've been and wonder no more.
    God does work in amazing ways!
    It will be fun to see why He landed you in your new home.

  13. Nancy -
    So nice to hear that you have a new place to call home. Hey- I have enough stuff for three cottages if you need anything. LOL. It will be fun for the both of you to go bargain hunting and add your personal touches that will make your new place a cozy nest. Wishing you and Dennis all the best in this new chapter of your life.
    Many blessings to you both.

  14. Looks like a great place. I like the kitchen and bathroom and the colors they used. I know you will make it a great home.

  15. Nancy, I'm so sorry the house contract fell through but you and I both know God has a better one waiting for your somewhere, some time in the future. And this house that you had to find quickly looks so bright and cheerful. And wow, the kitchen and bathroom are beautiful! Yes, do give us some posts on the good meals you'll be turning out in this new kitchen.

    Wherever you are, Nancy, your home will be a Joyful Cottage!

  16. I'm so happy you found a home, for now at least, or for a long time. It looks very cozy and nice and I do love the kitchen and bathroom with those white cabinets and pretty countertops. That would have sold me too! Is there some yard to play in? What a perfect area too for your husband's studio. I bet it is very nice to feel like you can now settle in and not be in limbo and not permanent. Do you like this new area you'll be living in? Best of luck, and looking forward to seeing what cottage touches you add to your new home. Marilyn

  17. It's lovely! Can't wait to see how you decorate! And for sure God is Good!

  18. Hi Nancy, I finally found you again. LOL I hope you have much happiness in your new cottage. The site I have for you takes me to a blog you posted when you first moved. I thought you had stopped blogging. Glad you didn't. Blessings to you and your husband, xoxo, Susie

  19. I am very happy for both of you thank you for the pictures :)

    1. My pleasure, Nelly. And thanks for your sweet comment. :)

  20. Lovely kitchen and bath!! And it looks to be a goodly amount of windows too!!! And was that also a small covered porch <3!!!! You have a good home!!! Lord bless you in it!!!! ~tammy

  21. Hi Nancy,
    I like the kitchen and bathroom as well.
    Will you have a little garden?

  22. Now, home-makung begins. Again! May the joy of our Lord fill your heart and home.♥️

  23. Now, home-makung begins. Again! May the joy of our Lord fill your heart and home.♥️

  24. Wonderful news. I'm sorry the little cottage didn't work out. Appraisals are a tricky business as is all of the loan closing steps. Glad to hear you feel comfortable with the duplex. I just moved from one and I loved it and had a really nice young man for a neighbor. I'm excited for you and know that you will make this place a happy nest. And yes, ceiling fans are necessary. I currently have a living room with no ceiling fan so I bought a fan and let it blow on me when the temperature is warm and let it swivel when the air is on to keep the air moving. I'm so used to the ceiling fan in my bedroom that I'd have to readjust my sleep habits if it ever died.

  25. I'm so proud of you, Nancy, for embracing this setback so gracefully. A lesson for us all. The new Joyful Cottage looks lovely, spacious and I love the floor. And I hope that you will both be very happy there. A big, strong hug.
    PS. I believe in ceiling fans as well.

  26. God always has a plan for our good and His glory. Your new cozy cottage nest is AAAdorable; I predict many happiness filled years. I'm visiting via Dewena.
    Sandra at

  27. So glad you found your home and that God provided at the right time! It looks beautiful, one can see the previous owners gave love to the place. I love it!! Wishing you and your husband many years of happiness there!

  28. It's wonderful that you found something this nice and in the time that you had to make the move without having to find an in-between space. I love the kitchen and the bath, white, subway tile and a smooth countertop, these are marvelous. As for all the other rooms, they are just like we all have . . . a square or rectangle box that is a canvas for decorating in your own choice of comfort and design. A lot can be done with the adding of art, lighting and throw pillow :)
    Have fun making it your own, sweet friend.
    Connie :)
    P.S. thank you for your prayers, we do not take them for grated, but appreciate each and every word.


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