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Living Large In Small Spaces - Sweet Small Home in Upstate New York

Welcome to the 112th post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Today it's my pleasure to welcome AnnMarie of the blog Musings of a Vintage Junkie to Living Large In Small Spaces. AnnMarie is sharing the darling home of her niece and her husband, and the story behind it.


I am a regular follower of Nancy's blog and I love her series,

Living Large in Small Spaces. You can imagine my excitement then, when
I realized that my own niece, her husband and daughter are
doing just that. Thank you to Nancy for allowing me
to share with you their sweet, small home
in Upstate New York.


When you see a turquoise mailbox post amongst the regular brown ones all down the street, you can assume these homeowners love color....

And you'd be right!

This cute updated ranch home built in 1991,
is full of color and charm, design and character.

Behind the turquoise door

and the pretty turquoise accents on the porch....

is a DIY lovers remodeled dream home decorated
in a contemporary eclectic style by its owners,
my niece Danielle and her husband Mike.

Together, with their almost 3-year-old daughter Bria, they are 
living large in this small space. The square footage
is 1176 with about 700 more square footage in the
recently renovated basement.

The home didn't look this fresh and cute when they first
bought it in 2013. As a matter of fact
the homeowners insurance was cancelled
until they removed the overgrown landscape. This home
had been neglected for some time.

They pulled out all the old trees and bushes around the house back then
and recently had the new patio installed in the front and back.

They planted the new landscape themselves....

along with a vegetable garden in the back.

They did most of the interior work
themselves over the past four years. The first year
they gutted the inside, painted the walls, put the 
floor in and painted the kitchen cabinets.

Danielle and Mike are fortunate to have the same
taste in decorating. Mike is a master at painting
and they chose the colors and décor together,
Danielle having the final say of course!

Let's take a look inside. You will see some different themes 
throughout, like turquoise accents, wall stickers, 
bold colors and Mickey Mouse!

Walking through that pretty front door you are greeted by this sweet wall.

From here the home opens up to reveal bedrooms
 to the left,  living room to the right and kitchen and porch in the back.

Here is some of that color I mentioned....

As you can see, Danielle loves pattern and color and texture.
She has a degree in interior design and finds lots of inspiration  from HGTV (the channel and the magazine),
the Property Brothers in particular.

I can see that!

She also gets inspiration from her Mom. 
Growing up in a beautifully
decorated home with a lot of different design elements, she 
can take advantage of her Mom's eye for decorating and 
have the benefit of some great hand me downs.

The kitchen is painted a bold pink

with white cupboards and turquoise accents....

and lots of other colors mixed in.

The doorway into the living room was recently opened up by Mike 
which gives it all a better flow.

What you don't see anymore are dark cabinets and floor, old appliances
and one of those drop down cupboards over an island.

There are sweet wall stickers on the doors and walls throughout
which adds so much personality.

The one above is on the kitchen door to the garage and the next one
is on the basement door. Danielle has a love of
Mickey Mouse as you will see throughout the house.

Words with nice sentiments are sprinkled throughout...

Across from this door is the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom.

The cute chair is a hand-me-down from Danielle's Mom

and the light fixture is something her Mom found while
out of town. Danielle loves light fixtures!

There is so much going on in this little hallway and a
look to the left or right fills your senses with
more color and texture and design.

The use of gray walls just makes the color of the décorative items pop.

Every wall and corner is used to its full potential.

In the second year the bathroom was completely gutted

and Mike did all the tile work, painting
and installation of everything new.

The dramatic colors and pretty tile makes for a very pretty bathroom.

Across the hall is Bria's room. Did I mention that Danielle loves pink?!

There is a guest room/office

and the Master Bedroom.

Danielle did the vertical wavy stripes on the opposite walls
with complimentary colors.

Off the kitchen is an enclosed porch where Bria has

her toys and play time.

And finally, the newly renovated basement. A contractor did

the walls, the structural elements and the bar.
Mike and Danielle did the rest.

They added another full bath in the basement

with a Florida beach theme.
They lived in Florida for 3 years
and brought some back with them.

All of this work and decorating inside plus
the siding, roof, landscape and patio was
done in the last 4 years.

For a young couple to have a home like
this in that short amount of time
is just remarkable.

Is it their forever home?

There are more projects coming up
but until then, every day
they are Living Large!


Thank you, AnnMarie, for taking us on this delightful tour of Danielle and Mike's home.

Join me next Saturday for another post in the special series

 Living Large in Small Spaces

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