Living Large In Small Spaces - Old Smithy Welsh Cottage

This week's featured small space is Old Smithy, a cottage I first introduced on my blog long before I began the Living Large In Small Spaces series. It's received over 77,000 views since it was first posted on November 15, 2012. Many of you may have never seen this charming place, so I decided to share it again today. This is the post, just as it was originally written 4 1/2 years ago. Enjoy!

The Old Smithy Welsh Cottage

Welcome to the 106th post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

I'm so happy to have another cottage to share with you. Several weeks ago I received a nice email from Marie of Sugar and Loaf. Her company manages holiday homes in the Welsh mountains. Marie complimented me on my blog and invited me to peruse her website. Well, of course you know I did, and when I came across The Old Smithy I fell in love. I wrote Marie and asked if I could share it with you and she graciously said "yes". This is what I love most about A Joyful Cottage blog --the chance to meet nice people from around the world, and to occasionally have the grand opportunity of showing off a cottage. So without further delay, let's tour The Old Smithy in Brecon Beacons National Park.

In my opinion, this is the perfect entrance to a cottage. Lush with climbing vines and flowers. Just to see it brings a smile to my face.

The traditional painted Welsh settle faces the entry and sets the stage for this quaint cottage. I can imagine sitting around the farm table with friends, enjoying afternoon tea.

I'm charmed by this room's red and white theme, and the transfer ware is a perfect addition. So cottagey.

This enchanting sitting room has all the right elements: natural light, a wood burning fireplace, and a flagstone floor. The dark furniture adds warmth and character, and plays well against the floral upholstery. (I'd like to sneak in and carry out that fabulous grandfather clock in the corner.) 

A grand piano brings the promise of a melody to the cottage. I find myself wondering how many tunes have been played on those keys.

I seriously cannot get enough of the oak beams and trim in this cottage. Love, love, love it. And the deep window wells. Do I have to tell you how much I like those?

Is that painting on the little short wall just the sweetest idea ever? If one day I move to a cottage with an architectural detail like that, I am for sure going to remember to do this. I mean, really. I love it.

I'll admit I'm an old-fashioned girl. I love white cutwork doilies on antique dressers like this. It takes me back to my grandmother's bedroom in the old farmhouse where I grew up. She lived with us until I was nine years old. Every morning I watched in wonder as she brushed out her long hair (she could actually sit on it!) and then braided, wrapped and pinned it into a bun at the back of her head. 

Alright, enough reminiscing. Back to The Old Smithy. . .

An old gnarly tree trunk greets guests on the way to the outdoor shower room.

No ordinary shower. This is a "blasting power shower". Hmmm. Sounds like fun.

Guinea fowl in the backyard remind us that this is, after all, the Welsh countryside.

Oh, I hate to say "good-bye" so soon to this lovely place. A most hearty "thank you" to Marie and Sugar and Loaf for allowing me the privilege of sharing this wonderful cottage.

For more cottage gawking ;), visit They have a blog, too.

Until next time, dear ones, fare thee well.

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  1. Oh, be still, my heart! I am SO enthralled by this place! Do you know I had a jigsaw puzzle of that painting? I worked it and got rid of it before we moved in our downsizing. BUT, I had Zach take a picture of it first! LOVE that the whole place. Just stunning! I am so glad you went back and re-shared this one! Thanks for the comforting visit...I love coming here. :)

  2. This is truly a beautiful place. Loved swooning through the tour Nancy. Thanks for sharing this one again.
    Happy Weekend.

  3. This cottage is what my dreams are made of! I would move in just from seeing the outside. Just quaint and pretty.

  4. Stone brings me in . .
    Then the wide window wells . . .
    leaded glass windows.
    Plus I loved the large window in the dining room . . .
    The side windows each have twenty little panes . . .
    The large has forty, if that isn't cottage charm, what is.
    Love this series Nancy . . .

    Even though our home is larger, has no stone, I continually
    revert to a cottagy feel.
    Cut work dollies . . . fresh garden woodland flowers . . .
    cottage charm indeed.
    No gaggle of geese here though . . .

  5. I would love to sit at the piano in this little cottage and play away the hours! This is a darling, little home. Thanks for sharing it again.

  6. Nancy!!!!!! You are bringing me back to the series, "Escape to the Country!" The Welsh cottages are so filled with charm; those timbers are magnificent and the small doors and recessed windows are perfect cottage charm. Nature surrounding the cottage is essential to feel that "one with nature" element so indicative of cottage living.

    Bravo my friend!

  7. Very cozy cottage. I love cutwork too. That crisp white with peeks of old wood showing through is so refreshing.

  8. What I really like is all the ivy.
    No, I like the windows.
    Ok, it's the fireplace.
    How about those beams?

  9. Such a lovely place, Wales does have some amazing countryside and the little cottages are truly picturesque. Being a "Devonshire lass" I grew up not that far from the Welsh border, however must admit I've never spent any time there - but it's on my wish list!

    This must be a great place to stay and relax - thanks for sharing dear.

  10. Hi Nancy,
    I love this one. The ivy. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  11. I'm glad you reposted this one! It is just a charming delight! Love the wood beams, and cozy wood stove, and of course, the ivy over the cottage, so many wonderful details in this sweet charming little spot. :)

  12. What a lovely cottage. I went to the eye doctor today and my eyes are still a little bit fuzzy but I managed to enjoy the photos. Will look again later and read the text. It looks so homey and cozy . . . love all the vines and the guineas running through the yard :)

  13. Ohh Nancy, this is sooo beautiful! I agree with you that this is indeed a lovely cottage. The front big window sits low and I adore that. If they want to do a re-make of the movie "The Holiday" they should use this cottage for that. Love, Love!!!

  14. Absolutely charming! This is cottage that living room area and fireplace. I could sit there forever!

  15. I hadn't seen this cottage before, so full of charm. I love old cottages!


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