The 2017 Wallowa, Oregon Spring Fling Bazaar

I promised to come back this week with photos and a story or two to tell about the Wallowa Spring Fling Bazaar held on April 8. 

We set up the show Friday from 4:00 - 7:00 pm. The men who volunteered to arrange the tables and have them ready by the time the vendors arrived did a fantastic job. Meanwhile I arranged and decorated the cafe area; pansies in terracotta pots graced each table.

I woke up Saturday morning to this.

Yup. Snow.

Snow? Really? Maybe instead of Spring Fling I should have called it a Late Winter Festival

Rain, snow, sleet, or hail the show must go on!

I set up my displays in a U shape. My collages in the center, rugs on the right. 

On the left side I displayed potted geraniums I started last fall from cuttings. Soon they'll be filled with red blooms. I made the fabric scrap banners to dress up my tables.

The price tags were diy made by gluing scrapbook paper over brown cardstock. I did notice, though, that most people don't use price tags, but rather signs that give prices by category. (I wonder what those of you who regularly show at craft fairs do about pricing.)

Counting myself we had 20 vendors at the show. I managed to snap some photos before the doors opened to the public.

Peggy G. makes wonderful crocheted dolls, crib blankets, baby sweaters and hats, and other items.

Marietta is a master quilter and seamstress.

Jeanette makes lovely goat's milk soaps and lotions.

Art by Gene Hayes. Now in his 90's Gene -- who lost his arm in a logging accident when he was a young man -- has been painting for decades, and shows no signs of slowing down. His art is a fixture in the county.

In addition to showing his  own art, my husband Dennis enjoyed catching up with his good friend Gene.

And he had a good sales day, too.

A little story about my husband. I don't know anyone who's more generous with their art than he is. He probably gives away as many pieces as he sells, often to total strangers, especially children. If a child shows interest in art, Dennis encourages that by giving them a painting. That's how it was on Saturday, too. One little girl, Jordan, wrote this thank you not to him.

We were so taken by her (she's the daughter of one of the vendors) and her sweet thank you note. We will treasure it forever.

Raenita (on the right) is a designer of kids' clothes, and accessories for all ages.

Her "That's so Addie" business is a big deal here. And you can see why.

When Princess Charlotte was born Raenita was one of a number of independent American designers asked to create a dress for the baby. That makes her a celebrity in my book!

Crystal is an artist with loads of talent.

Kathy is an accomplished seamstress and pine needle basket weaver.

Barbara is an incredible wood crafter and decorative painting artist, and jewelry maker.

Debbie is a fabulous photographer.

Karen makes super cute purses, diaper totes, and cosmetic bags.

Robyn creates fabulous cards and other fun things.

Marva makes sweet aprons, pillows, heating pads (I used one of her heating pads on my neck last night and it felt so good), potholders, dolls and some pretty mean baked goods.

Cheryl weaves pretty rugs, makes bags and scrubbies.

This is Judy's table. She a great quilter, and makes crocheted rugs too. Unfortunately, she wasn't present when the photo was taken.

Small, home-based business were represented at the bazaar, too.  

Becca represents Scentsy, and Leon is a college student selling Vasayo Microlife Nutritional Supplements (he was good enough to come literally at the last minute when we had a cancelled table due to illness.)

Peggy is an Avon representative.

Michelle represents Buskins Leggings.

Ken has his own patented bungee cord holder business.

Our little cafe was very busy from 11:00 - 1:30. Volunteers made four kinds of soup: chicken noodle, vegetable beef, broccoli cheddar, and ham & bean. Donated homemade pies included cherry, apple, key lime, chocolate cream and coconut cream.

John Raines and his friends entertained us with country bluegrass music from 11:00- 1:00. They played for food (translation: they donated their time and talent, we rewarded them with free soup and pie.)

Everyone seemed to have a good time. Vendors generously donated items for door prizes, and believe me the prizes were amazing. Throughout the day we drew names and I announced winners. The last hour we drew only vendor names for door prizes that included the lunch table pansy centerpieces.

Several vendors were very sweet to invite me to choose a gift for myself from their stash. (Can you see a theme here?)

I sold some of my collages. These pieces were two of my latest creations.

I sold a geranium, gave one as a door prize, and received two orders for custom rugs. The custom orders were very gratifying for me, as this has been my goal from the beginning in making rugs to sell. I love the thought of creating something specific for a customer's home.

At the end of the day we raised almost $400 for the Senior Center. The kitchen needs a new commercial water heater, so this money will go toward that purchase.

It's very hard to measure the success of an event like this, but judging by the positive comments I received from patrons, as well as the vendors themselves, and the fact that they're already asking if we can do it again next year, I'm satisfied that the 2017 Wallowa Spring Fling Bazaar was a success.

For me, personally, it was worth all my effort to see all these incredible women and men come together in one place and show the community what kind of talent and creativity we have here. 



  1. Looks like a great turn out, even if it did snow. I blew up the photos and looked through each vendor's wares . . . the next best thing to being there. I love that last quote at the end of your post . . . it is so true. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not, LOL. :)
    Thanks for sharing, this was fun.
    Connie :)

  2. Obviously, inestimable time went into this event! What a wonderful variety of wares. Sounds like you have some work to do as a follow-up. Your rugs and wall hangings are beautiful. ♥

  3. Those are indeed incredible artists! All the wonderful things you shared here makes me wish I was there. I was saying to myself : Whau!!!! It was a success by the looks of it. Your collages are very pretty Nancy! I imagine the soups and pie at the cafe were awesome!!!

  4. So much talent in one room!
    I'm happy to know, that it went well and people are looking forward to next year!
    Good Job Nancy.
    (The music must of been such an added treat.)

  5. Congratulations Nancy!! Wow, it looks like a great day with so many fabulously crafty people in one room. I am so happy that you received custom orders. I agree, that is huge! I hope two turns into many multiples of that...and I hope that the snow is totally gone!! ;)

  6. Fantastic bazaar! Thanks for photographing the vendors' crafts - looks like a nice variety of talents in your area.

    I love that you used your rug frame for a display rack - clever

  7. Wow, Nancy! That's a lot of talent in a small venue! You raised a good amount of money towards your center and created an event the community looks forward to in coming years. Congratulations!

    Now I'm thinking about a piece of pie. sigh

  8. It looks like a fun show with lots of vendors that I would be interested in. How nice to kick start a custom rug business for you. Your booth looked the sweet touch of the banner. I would say it was a huge success!!

  9. Wow! What a tremendous display of talent! I look at all the things these ladies have created and think about their incredible time and effort behind the scenes to make the display tables possible. An amazing selection of talent. I love your collages, and the two you sold so beautiful. I'm thankful you got two custom orders, how exciting! I hope this turns into a wonderful benefit for you. So much hard work in one place. Great job, Nancy! Thank you for taking the time to share it here :) And hopefully that snow is gone!

  10. What an accomplishment! I enjoyed reading all about your Spring Fling Bazaar and seeing all the vendors. It's almost like being there! Congratulations on your first custom orders!

    1. Thanks so much, Laurel. It was a great experience, and I had a chance to talk with a lot of people. I'm excited about making custom rugs. xo

  11. Truly fantastic Nancy - so happy all went off well despite the snowy weather. Looks like everyone enjoyed a profitable, warm and cozy day. . . . . . .thanks in a huge part to you!

  12. Congrats Nancy on this wonderful Spring Fling. So much talent in your neck of the woods. Even with the snow for a Spring Fling you had a wonderful time and so many fun vendors to display their talents. Glad it was a great success. Love that Dennis gets kids involved in art. What a special guy to share his talent with the kids too. Heartwarming.

  13. Looks like a great day for everyone. I was amazed at the level of talent. The food sounded delicious. All the bazaars around here have hamburger and hot dogs, yuck. Homemade soup and pie sounds so much better. Congrats on a successful event. Wish I could have been there. Debbie

  14. Thank you for sharing such an artistic and crafted and musical event, it brings such pleasant memories to the surface again.

  15. Congratulations Nancy! It sounds like your spring fling was a huge success. Loved hearing about your event and all of the amazing talent that's out there.

  16. Dearest Nancy! As I scroll down reading your descriptions and seeing each vendor with their wares, I totally wonderful thought came over me. It's as if I'm seeing a host of God's partners in creativity. The scripture that says that we are "created in His image" becomes even more tangible, concrete. Your presentation here is a good argument for going back to a time when more people sold their wares, made by them, by hand. I think big business has silenced the talented and skillful artisan who not only brings us art but necessary items (food, soaps, other household items). It goes without saying that the kinship, the music, the gathering to eat together just brings this community closer, but the true gift of creating much be kept ALIVE or we wither. Thank you for this reminder!

  17. Congratulations on a great show! Loved seeing the handcrafted items with their creators and the booths set up. Nicely done.

    Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  18. It looks as though it was a wonderful event and a fun way to bring people together. Could I ask a favor of you? I've been trying for years to have success with growing geraniums from cuttings with no success. If you have the time in the future could you post how you do it from start to the cuttings need etc. Thank you. Have a wonderful Easter.

    1. Hi Betty, thanks for the suggestion on starting geraniums from cuttings. I'd be happy to do a post on that, and will plan to do so in the future. Have a super day!

  19. Hi Nancy, this reminds me of the bazaars that they had when I was a child. I loved looking around at all of the wonderfully crafted and handmade items even back then. I truly appreciate the time and effort that a artisan puts into the lovely things that they make. You look so happy and glowing. You were truly in your element.
    xoxo Jo

  20. Thank you for sharing. I found Gene Hayes and ordered some of his note cards. One of our friends loves stagecoaches, so I ordered those note cards for him. Your husband should have some of his paintings made up into note cards.

    1. Hi Gram. That's something we've been thinking about doing. Glad you think it's a good idea. Hope your friend enjoys Gene's stagecoach. His paintings of the Oregon Trail are really special.

  21. Hi Nancy,

    So happy to see that despite the snow things were still a success for the day! Your items are lovely and I love that you featured everyone else as well. My oldest daughter who's 15 loves art and photography, my youngest 11 loves crafts and crocheting :-) We enjoy craft shows and also all kinds of antiques and vintage items. Was great to see small businesses being supported, thank you for sharing! Hope the temperatures warm up for you soon and it starts to really feel like Spring :-) Have a wonderful day!


  22. WONDERFUL . . .
    Thank you Nancy for creating this post
    so we could meet the vendors and see their creative pieces.
    I see things I would have purchased.
    Like those crocheted animals, candles and lotions.
    And one of your woven rugs too.
    Art originals are such treasures.
    The bazaar sounds like it was a great success . . .
    Thank you for all the work you put into it.
    I hope the snow, rain, sleet didn't keep people away!

  23. That looks like a wonderful event! What an amazing number of gifted craftspeople you have in your area!

  24. I'm so impressed by the talent of all the sellers and by your good will. It looks like a wonderful success and great fun. Well done!!!

  25. Hi Nancy,
    Yay! What a lovely day. So many creative folks. I am excited for you regarding the custom rug orders.
    Thank you for sharing the day with us.

  26. It was really interesting to see all those talents in one fair.

  27. I'm so happy it turned out so well. Of course I knew it would :) I hope you took a long rest after all that hard work. You did good, my friend :)



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