Living Large In Small Spaces - The Edwardian

An Edwardian showman's wagon is this week's Living Large In Small Spaces feature.

Welcome to the 101st post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Before we tour this unique vacation home I want to announce the winner of the Bungalows and Cottages Magazine subscription giveaway:

Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

Congratulations, Mary! I hope you enjoy the magazine.

I received so many lovely comments from all of you last week and I appreciate every one of them.  How I wish I could give each of you a subscription. Thank you for making this a joyful place to hang out with you -- my friends.

So, after the big 100th post celebration last week I wondered how I would follow up, until I found this intriguing holiday home in Wales. 

The Edwardian began its life as a circus showman's residence.

And now this green-and-gold-ribbed beauty is  the ultimate in glamping.

The wagon's interior is stunning. It's believed that originally the color scheme was burgundy and gold, and that palette has been retained in the restoration. 

The filigree gold-leaf stencilled ceilings and detailed wood panelling are amazing.

Antique red velvet curtains dress the windows. Notice the shutters on the kitchen window. So charming.

Modern conveniences have been masterfully integrated into the wagon's design. An example is this 1950's gas stove.

In the sitting room a wood burner keeps the space toasty warm, and adds a bit of ambience. The stove-side arm chairs invite relaxing in front of the French windows.

The old gas and paraffin lighting has been replicated by gentle electric light.

I really like the way they kept the furnishings appropriate to the age of the wagon. Even if they may not be exactly furnishings from the original period, they do hint at an earlier age. 

Plenty of windows and natural light to keep the cozy sleeping nook from being claustrophobic. 

Behind the wagon a cedar extension with a turf roof complements the wagon.

The addition houses a hallway with pantry and fridge, and a bathroom.

Cedar lines the bath.

I'd say this is refined rustic. I love the sink.

The large shower is made of Moroccan plaster in a shade of Veronese blue. A high window looks out on a wooded glade at the back of the wagon.

Dining on the deck affords beautiful views of the countryside.

Including this one of the orchard.

I guess I'm a hopeless romantic, for I've always loved the idea of living in a wagon like this. Especially perched in an orchard.

All images are owned by Blaentrothy Holiday Cottages and used here with their permission.

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. FUN. I think this would be a fun getaway.
    I like the kitchen.
    I agree, I like that they kept the furnishings true to the time.

  2. Congrats to Mary and thank yoy, darling Nancy, this would truly be the home for my holydays, its style belongs to my heart !

    Sending blessings on your weekend
    with utmost gratitude

    XOXO Dany

  3. Nancy, I don't know how you find all of these amazing homes, but I am so glad that you do. I look so forward to your posts. This would be like living in a gypsy wagon . . . it makes me want to drink wine (I don't even like wine) play the tambourine and dance. I'm a romantic, too . . . just wish my Steve was, LOL.
    Have a lovely weekend and congratulations to Mary.
    You sweet friend, put on a very nice give-a-way.
    Connie :)

  4. What a wonderful get away place this is! Every convenience and so private!

  5. Wow! That is so intriguing and the furnishings are resplendent considering it is a wagon. Amazing that is how they think it might of been. I could see why people lived in them. xoox Su

  6. Good Morning Nancy, congratulations to Mary, she will be over the moon with her gift.
    Wales is a beautiful place to visit.
    I have to say this is glamping in a very stylish way. The owner's have added everything that could be needed for a comfortable stay. I wonder if the quilt on the bed is Welsh a quilt, I feel sure it is.
    Thank you for this lovely treat on this sunny Sunday morning.
    Best Wishes

    1. I'm afraid I don't have details on the quilt's origins. I'll take your word for it that it's Welsh, Daphne. :)

  7. What a sweet place. I loved it, one of my all time favorites for living large in a small space. Thank you again for showing yet another gem.


  8. Good morning Nancy! I love the possibilities of small living that you show us. From cottages to caravans, the ingenious ways people live is INSPIRING! Oh, the view, too!!!

  9. What a fun "get back in time" place.
    Totally different cottage feel . . .
    This was one fun Nancy!

  10. Very unique and different. I would love to find something like this in NY to spend a few vacation days in....I can't stand sterile hotels! Just wondering...are these places you find actual residences that rent out or are they just vacation rentals?

  11. Oh, me, too, Nancy---me, too. I love this. What a fun place that would be to escape to...a place to make you breathe a sigh of relief as you left the world and all its cares behind. This small place was a beauty! xo Diana

  12. This is a charmig "get away" place. The view is gorgeous and relaxing!

  13. Oh, wow! This is so wonderful, Nancy! Thanks for sharing another gem!

    1. This was a fun "gem" to feature, Anne. Unique. :)

  14. I could spend many a day there, especially on that deck! What a view and such a cozy wagon.

  15. Oh, WOW! You outdid yourself again, my friend, by finding another wonderful place for us to swoon over! God bless you. :)

  16. Thanks so much dear Nancy - I'm thrilled to have won the magazine subscription and will look forward to receiving my copies over the coming year.
    This place you've showcased is so bright and welcoming - and that from me a neutral gal, haha!
    Britain has many caravan styles - especially with a large gypsy population - I went to school with a girl who lived in one, in a gypsy encampment - then they disappeared overnight and we never saw them again!
    Off to Italy tomorrow - may be missing from blogland for a while!
    Hugs - Mary

  17. I don't know how credible I can be when I say, "I'm in love!!", every time you share a small home! Maybe I need to live in one. And this I could choose, so calm and cozy in the style of furniture. The home looks a bit larger than others, but it could be the wide angle of the lens. Still, the furnishings and style makes me swoon!

    Jane x

  18. P.S. Hurray for Mary in winning your giveaway. I adore her. We've met and have since gotta together several times. I consider her a great friend.


  19. Ok Nancy you had me at wagon, and this small living rocks my gypsy soul.
    There are so many little things about this place I love, one being the sink just like you. I also love the sink faucets. It's far from my neutral patina style but, I could adapted quite easily with settling in perfectly.
    Really I think there is a way easier life out there to live, and off the grid and living big in a small home has got to really free up time to enjoy the beauty and blessings all around us.

    An inspiring share.


    1. Hi, Dore. I feel the same way as you. I sometimes feel I could actually live smaller than I do. . .and we're living in 670 sq ft! :)

  20. I loved everything about Wales. They just seem to know how to live! Thanks for sharing this with us. Jackie

    1. I'd love to go to Wales some day. It appears to be a beautiful place.

  21. The home is super charming and full of sweet details, but am I the only one head over heels in love with that egg stand?? Oh my gosh, I need one!! I am off to find one or if all else fails, make one! Thanks for the inspiration, congrats to Mary and Happy 101!! ;) Hugs dear friend. xoxo

  22. How sweet this little living space is. Romantic and inviting.

  23. Wow, I love the charm and coziness of the wagon! If I had a chance to stay, I wouldn't want to leave. ;) Thanks for sharing another good one.

  24. This little place is darling! We have a dream to have a small piece of property on the Oregon Coast where we can pull up with our RV and stay for awhile. We dream of an 'attached' building with a breezeway where we could enlarge our living space for time spent there. This little place has so many ideas that have triggered my imagination. Thank you for the work you do to share such wonderful little homes with us.

  25. Such a cosy comfortable home! I loved seeing the pictures......such a clever use of space and wonderful atmosphere.
    Helen xox

  26. What a magical place! It speaks of lazy days and relaxation, which I don't seem to get at home.. just too many distractions and no lazy sitting outside at all. they really did a wonderful job of keeping it to the time period with their furnishings and decorations, etc. I love what you come up with! On another note, I've been voraciously reading your entire blog from back in 2013! I was curious when you made the move to Oregon and WHY! Right now I'm in early 2014 and you're still living in the apartment and just designing your cottage.. it's so fun. What a fun adventure and story. But... I yet haven't found out WHY you moved! Did you tell us somewhere the reasons? I note you still have grandchildren in Colorado... it must have been hard to move so far away from them? Take care.. and I'm back to reading the Joyful cottage book! Hugs.. Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn. I don't know that I ever did an entire post on why we moved to NE Oregon. However, I may have made references over time to our reasons. It's been so long I don't remember. LOL The short answer is that our Colorado home was 10 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park, and we were overwhelmed with tourists. We wanted to find someplace that was less crowded, slower paced and more affordable. Dennis had lived here 20 years ago when he was working as an architect and loved it. After we sold our Colorado home we came here and looked at property. We also looked at other areas of Oregon (mostly because I wanted to), before we settled on this little town. We were happy that there were no restrictions on building small homes here. Other towns in the area deny the bulding of any stick frame homes under 1,000 sq ft. Here we were able to build our 670 sq ft cottage in a very welcoming community. I've never lived in the same state with my grandchildren, except for the two years I lived in Colorado after I married Dennis (I was widowed for 3 years prior). So, really, this isn't all that different from what I was used to. My grandchildren are in their teens now and are very busy with schools, sports, extracurricular, etc. I'd like to see more of them, but that's just not the way it is. Que sera sera. :)

  27. Wouldn't that be fun? I love it! I'd take this over a 4 star hotel anytime. Actually, what a great little retirement home it would make too.

    Kind of makes me think back to the Boxcar Children books, what they might have done with it when they grew up!


  28. This is the epitome of living large in small spaces, Nancy! Maybe one of the most unique spaces you have shared! I love the vintage feel to it, reminiscent of another time and place, yet perfectly at home in today's world too, the mixture of old and new is lovely. Beautiful surroundings outside too! A remarkable find for sure :)

  29. It's an adorable living space, packed with charm.

  30. On the inside, I think this is my very favorite. I'm a Victorian/Edwardian at heart and the combination of that with being slightly rustic captured my heart. Love it :)



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