Cottage Life - In the Cottage Garden Again

I trust you had a lovely Easter, my friends. After church we drove through the countryside to our favorite little cafe for brunch, and saw newborn lambs with their mothers. So sweet. I would have liked to take photos, but there was no good place to stop and do so. Trust me, they're adorable. 

It was a beautiful day, around 60 degrees. The first warm day we've had this year. After we returned home Dennis worked on his latest home project. (It's a secret for now. I promise to share it when its finished.)

While he painted  the secret I cleaned up the front porch and potted some pansies left over from the Spring Fling

I potted an English Daisy, too, discovered at the nursery where I bought the pansies. This flower is new to me, and since I wasn't sure how it would do if I planted it in the ground so early, I gave it a temporary home on the porch. I'll put it in the ground once the soil is warm.

After I finished prettifying the porch I rewarded myself with a respite, and before long Dennis joined me. We had a very pleasant Easter day.

Yesterday afternoon I slipped into my gardening clothes, pulled on my gloves and headed for the cottage garden. Finally, the weather is cooperating with this anxious gardener. My neighbor called out to me, "It's great to see you in the garden again," and I assured her it was great to be there.

I had a lot of work to do. This is the first time I haven't cut back my perennials in the fall, wanting to add winter interest to my garden. It worked out well in the early weeks, but before long we had so much snow that the plants were entirely covered and not to be seen. 

I wondered if they would survive the cold, brutal winter we experienced, but I needn't have worried. They faithfully have come back to grace my cottage garden once more. I took photos of the blooming ones to share with you.

This is Pulmonaria 'Ms Moon'.  Delicate pink and blue flowers, a great plant for shade and the deer don't touch it.

Cranesbill transplanted from my friend Barbara's garden. I planted this last year and it's really spreading now. It likes rocky places. (Ignore the pine needles. These fall from our neighbor's tree and are quite a nuisance. I try to remove them as I work in the garden, but yesterday was a pruning day and not necessarily a "pick up the pine needles day". I try to stay focused.)

More groundcover -- Vinca Minor -- growing on the back side of the berm.

Grape Hyacinth -- another transplant from Barbara's garden. Such a sweet little flower.

The Primrose bloomed very early, and is winding down now. 

Violas, aka Johnny Jump-Up, Hearts-ease, Love-lies-waiting, among many other labels. I read a comment in an article recently where a gardener lamented these "weeds" and went after them with a vengeance. Weeds? I think not. Their sweet faces make me smile, and I consider them my forever cottage garden friends.

Not planned, most of the blooms are in the purple hues --Spirea being the exception.

The photos were taken from all around the cottage. I had hoped to have daffodils to share with you, but apparently those I planted two years ago have decided not to bloom. The bulbs were given to me and are quite stubborn. I may have to start afresh this fall. I do so enjoy daffodils and they are another spring bloom the deer don't like.

It's sunny this morning and predicted to be another day around 60 degrees. 

Care to guess where I'll be?



  1. How lovely to have things blooming in your garden. Such delicate pretty little flowers. I did have some crocus and daffodils bloom already.I can actually say I am so glad that not a lot is coming up yet here. We had to have our entire roof done and the workmen are making quite a mess of my gardens and lawn. They cover everything with tarps but what good is that with pounds and pounds of roof shingles on top?! I so hope I have something blooming this year.

  2. Oh, how beautiful! It was so lovely to take a tour of your wonderful flowers! My favorites were the hyacinths and the ones that were called "weeds"...the prettiest "weeds" I ever saw! Thank you so much for sharing all of the beauty with us. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  3. Your cottage garden is beautiful! We are in the Sonoran Desert near Palm Springs for a few days. It's warm and gardens are very tropical here. Tall palms sway gently overhead in the breeze and a roadrunner makes his home somewhere near our trailer. Can't wait to see the secret revealed.

  4. This has me smiling.
    I have one clump of daffodils,
    and five minutes ago I was walking through the yard
    with Snickers and I spotted the one clump
    with "two davies" smiling at me.
    I am going out now to snip them for inside.
    Very late for spring blossoming here
    so I enjoyed seeing your springtime flowers and touches.
    We have wind flowers and Lenten Rose, Helebores
    in bloom but that is it.
    I look forward to hearing more about the "surprise!"

  5. Hi Nancy,
    I just love that you added the Winter photos. :-) It makes one really smile to see that first sweet warm day of Spring.
    Daffodils are my favorite flower. They were my wedding flower.
    xx oo

  6. Hi Nancy,
    I agree with your neighbor it is good to hear you are venturing into the garden again. Wishing many more days of happy garden time.

  7. Beautiful flowers Nancy. 60 degrees is winter to me, LOL but I know you are enjoying it after a long winter. I wish I liked to garden, the results are so lovely. My daughter loves working in the yard and garden. I visit her in May so I hope her strawberries are still producing and the pool water has warmed up so we can laze around the pool. Trying to figure out what Dennis is making but have no clue. Enjoy your Spring weather. Hugs

  8. Johnny jump ups weeds?! Um no. I agree with you :)

    Everything is looking beautiful! What zone are you in? I have Vinca Minor growing in my yard too, so I was thinking zone 7, like me?


  9. Good morning sweet Nancy! I know where you'll be: in paradise on earth. Every plot of land that anyone cares for is their own paradise. Whatever the state it's in, as long as there is someone there to tend to it, that space holds so much potential. The days are longer now, and both Ruben and I are coming home in the light (rather than in the dark during the winter!) and we have more hours to look out our French doors, watch the rain and see our boxwood hedges begin to glow in their spring neon green. I enjoy this early stage of the planting season because it gives me time to plan, dream and anticipate the beauty coming soon. Isn't cottage life fun?

  10. Your Easter sounds like a wonderful day and the blooms in your gardens are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what your surprise project is.

    Enjoy each day ~ love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  11. Still in your garden this morning, Nancy? You have so many things in bloom already! I'm sorry the daffodils didn't show up though, that's kind of unusual for that faithful family, isn't it? I used to have English daisies in my dooryard garden at the old house! I loved their sweet little blooms and your grape hyacinths made me miss mine that completely circled the dogwood. I think I just like little flowers the best of all.

    It's supposed to reach 85 here today before storms come in so your 60s sound marvelous. Enjoy!


  12. Nancy your porch looks so inviting. I'm a porch lady! It's so fun to see friends and neighbors walk by and say hi. I planted pansies in a big pot this year and have really enjoyed seeing them come to life in this Spring weather. Can't wait to see what your secret project is.
    xoxo Jo

  13. Great idea... to be in the garden!
    Or on your cozy porch.

  14. Nancy, I hated seeing the snowy photos.LOL. I love your porch. The potted plants looks very nice. Wow so many flowers around your area. I love the primrose and the violas. Blessings to you and your hubby. xoxo, Susie

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your floral photos and your knowledge, too, Nancy! Your flowers are such a lovely addition to your cottage. Your porch is the perfect spot to relax after working in your gardens. I can't wait to see what your hubby built!

  16. The porch looks so inviting... I hope you're enjoying some well deserved rest there! Can't wait to know more about "the secret"!

  17. Everything looks lovely, Nancy. I am glad that you were able to sit and enjoy that porch for a bit. It's super charming, you worked hard to get it to look like that...the painting, I remember! Your time should be spent there! Can't wait until the secret unveiling! Happy Sunday! Hugs!


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