Living Large In Small Spaces - The Oyster Catcher

This week's Living Large In Small Spaces feature is a 17th century former fishing net loft in Mousehole, West Cornwall.

Welcome to the ninety-first post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Recently I received an email from a reader in France with a link to The Oyster Catcher cottage in Cornwall.* She thought I might like to include it in this series, and she was right.

The Oyster Catcher is a gem.

From the exposed beam ceilings to the window seats overlooking the harbor, everything about this vacation retreat exudes charm.

The sitting room is bathed in natural light and filled with plush seating that invites lingering.

Scandinavian meets industrial here, and the subtle nautical touches keep the waterfront cottage from appearing "themey".

There's a refined rusticity to this place. Faded gray, taupe, and off-white create a perfect backdrop for the natural elements. 

A live twining vine brings life to this corner.

Layers and textures abound. The attention to detail shows the love poured into the interior's design.

This dine-in kitchen has captured my heart.

Unfitted kitchens have so much character.

Wonderful vintage pieces give the impression that this kitchen has aged over time.

Wood countertops and dining table warm the space and make a lovely contrast against the light ceiling, walls and floor.

The bedrooms are serene.

As I posted these photos I noticed that the neutral colors indoors allow the vibrant colors outdoors to come into the room without distraction. 

The rooms have a sea washed appeal.

Who wouldn't want to curl up here?

Although I'm a shower girl, this tub looks awfully tempting.

Living extends to the enchanting outdoor courtyard garden.

A corner space for lounging.

A pretty bench for dreaming.

And a spot for alfresco dining.


This garden is stunning.

Beyond the home there is beautiful scenery to enjoy.

This is one of my favorite featured homes to date. If I ever came for a stay I don't think I'd want to leave.

*Hats off to Magali at The Little White House On the Seaside for bringing this delightful cottage to my attention.

The Oyster Catcher is a vacation home available for rent from Unique Home Stays, +44(0) 1637 881183.
Images © Unique Home Stays +44 (0) 1637 881183
All images are owned by Paul Massey and were used with his permission.

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  1. So fabulous! Love this one and the surrounding area as well! xox

  2. This one is lovely. Of course the view isn't bad either. I am not sure I would ever be able to leave that window seat!!

  3. You had me at faded gray, off white and taupe. So charming and sweet. Love the outdoor space too. That view is heavenly. Very cute.

  4. Nancy, I've been spending the past two weeks working on downsizing, with the thought to moving into something smaller in about a year and a half. I could move right into the lovely cottage you showed us today. That Aga! That Smeg refrigerator/freezer! And the window seats of course. Cornwall has been among the top 5 places to see when we return to England for a visit. This cottage appeals to me in every way!

  5. I. Am. In. Love.

    The colors, or lack thereof, but just the dove gray and white setting against the seacoast. What a view from that humble window, what soft and worn pieces, and such a great inspiration for ME! Scandinavian and Euro chic....this is IT! Nancy and Magali (she is wonderful), great post!

  6. WOW, I love this place inside and out! Just wonderful!

    Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. I agree with you about unfitted kitchens....
    I noticed at least a couple of 3-legged wooden stools...I like their rusticity and usefulness.
    Those photos of outdoors were so charming. Makes me very eager for spring to arrive here!

  8. One of my favorites. I could sit in that window seat all day and just gaze on that view. And the garden area is just lovely. Everything about this cottage is so peaceful. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Hugs

  9. Weathered grey, taupe, off white, white . . . on
    Weathered grey, taupe, off white, white . . . stunning.
    It gets my . . . Oh My . . .
    The dining room photo gave me an idea . . .
    I have a very old walnut day bed . . .
    Perfect for seating at our harvest like table.
    Subtle color on the inside certainly enhanced the color pops from outdoors.
    Lovely Nancy . . . grand comfort . . .

  10. The views, the airy light feeling inside the cottage, the amazing open kitchen, that cozy reading corner overlooking the bay, the dreamy garden... all of it, yes please. Cozy is taken to a new level with this little spot! Enjoyed this post so much today, so nice to dream of such a cozy place while the snow is falling around me :)

  11. So perfect... what a great place. Cornwall is where I'd love to live if we ever moved to England... which is unlikely (although my dad and his family are from there). Especially love the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor courtyard!

    1. Hi Rian. Although I've never been to Cornwall, it seems it's a perfectly lovely spot. Just love this fishing village. And "Mousehole" is a magical name. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  12. Hi Nancy, The colors they used are all the colors that you see in an oyster shell and the fact that the only other color was the green of nature truly set the mood for tranquility. Absolutely beautiful. A couple of other things that I noticed was the gate in the garden, either there was wire fencing that wasn't visible or the charming gate stood alone . . . it was enchanting. Then the UK appliances in the kitchen . . . well I love their kitchens, especially their stoves or "cookers" as they call them. They just look so well made and stylish. Thanks again for a lovely tour.
    Connie :)

  13. Hi...i wondered if it was Magali..i love her..and cottage..this was a great the kitchen is what i have in mind for my of these days tiny house build..keep 'em coming.!! hope you're weekend has a been a nice one..

    1. We've had a great weekend, Wende. Thanks. I'm glad you liked the post. I'll do my best to continue providing inspiring posts. :)

  14. Replies
    1. Isn't it though? The photographer is also the owner and interior designer. Just love what he's done.

  15. I could see vacationing here for an anniversary! The entire home is oh so romantic!!

  16. I would not want to leave it either! So comfy and cozy in every inch of it!

  17. I think what first captured my eye is the monochromatic color scheme. All the textures and accents of wood make for a relaxed atmosphere indoors. The views are amazing as are the outdoor living spaces! Thank you and Magali for bringing us along on this home tour.

  18. I know I wouldnt ever want to leave if I stayed, such peace and serenity.

    1. I agree. It seems so ideal. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. You always share the most charming and cozy homes, thank you darling Nancy !

    Hope your week is off to a good start,
    I'm sending hugs and more hugs to you

    XX Dany

  20. This looks much more like a real home instead of a vacation rental. So many accessories that look collected over the years. The owner/decorator must be very talented. I love the unfitted kitchen! I always thought it would be so nice to not have kitchen cabinets and counters but to have different pieces of furniture to use instead. It might not have good resale value but wouldn't it be lovely?

  21. I do love this cottage very much, especially the view. A huge thank you for mentionning me in your post! I just love your series, it has inspired me so often!

  22. I love the natural stone exterior! The inside is so pretty and comfy looking. I love the white Scandinavian look but have not done that in our house as I don't like having lots of pure white in our busy household. I also love natural tones and so that is what I went for in our house but I still enjoy looking at the Scandinavian styled homes.

  23. As someone who lives in Cornwall I would suggest you watched Simon Reeve’s two programmes on Cornwall. It is the truest depiction of the place I have ever seen. It is a beautiful place but has issues. There is also a film called ‘Bait’, both confront the wide differences to the actual locals that live and breathe the place and the holiday home epidemic. Cornwall is viewed as an idyllic place to live but the reality for most is very different. Take the time to scratch the surface and learn about the people who are Cornish born and bred, you’ll find a pretty hardy people that struggles but has a very strong sense of identity and community.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to do so, and for your suggestion. I will certainly watch Mr. Reeve's programs. I'm sure I'll learn a lot. I believe there's always more to a place than meets the proverbial eye. Especially, vacation spots tend to show us the romantic side of life, when in actuality there is a whole other world to take into consideration. Again, thank you. God bless.


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