Living Large In Small Spaces - Nostalgic Summerhouse

This week's Living Large In Small Spaces feature is a summerhouse in Denmark.

Welcome to the ninety-fourth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

From the inviting, vine-covered front porch to the steps of the back door, this little cottage is a quaint and unassuming haven.

The front door opens into one room that encompasses living, dining and kitchen. Thanks to white walls and ceiling, as well as plenty of windows, the small space is bright and airy.

Shelves tucked close to the open beam ceiling hold books and collectibles, saving valuable floor space. The unpretentious furnishings give the impression that this cottage has been here for generations, and that each piece has been lovingly collected over time.

An antique stove heats the cottage. 

The hanging punched tin candelabra embellished with handmade flowers and crystal drops adds a whimsical touch.

Interior walls were removed to open up the space and allow room for a dining area. I love the wood floor.

Color is subtly introduced to the cottage in the form of textiles and artwork, as well as pottery and books. And, of course, those beautiful fresh flowers! 

The overall feel of the cottage is serene, and seems to invite napping and reading. Perfect for a summer respite.

An alcove serves as additional sleeping space. (Don't ask me how one gets to the top bunk or keeps from rolling over the edge.)

A simple white cutwork tablecloth and flowers dress the little table.

The back door has so much character.

Outdoor "rooms" encourage relaxed living.

I imagine lazy summer days spent here. 


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  1. This is the most charming little number. It reminds me a lot of the beach houses that are peppered along the shore, the very, very few originals that remain unaltered. While the entire cottage is just dreamy, I kept going back to the photos of the cutwork tablecloth. Oh my. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this one, Nancy. I am thinking spring now for sure! Stay warm!

  2. Cozy little cottage . . .
    I could relax there easily!

  3. Oh, YES to this sweetness! I especially like the books under the eaves...
    (Gotta have my books!)

  4. This I really love!!! Have a wonderful weekend! xox

  5. Replies
    1. Sue, I think this would be a lovely place to sit and do your crocheting, or pursue your writing. xo

  6. I would love to hide away in this little cottage for myself!!

  7. The white beams are great! Seeing this cottage makes me quite anxious for summer to arrive :)

  8. So much light! Love the exterior color!

  9. I tell ya, I so prefer smaller homes with so much love and character than any large, over-the-top McMansion ANY DAY! And the Scandinavians (and the French as well!) really know how to celebrate small spaces. This is DARLING!

  10. Beautiful cottage Nancy. I love that outdoor space so cozy. LOL on the upper bunk. Yep you I guess take a running leap!!!! I would use that space for storage. This is really a cutie pie cottage.
    Love the unique floors. Happy Sunday Nancy.

  11. Sweet little cottage. My favorite spot is the front porch with those grapevines. How cozy is that? Rnjoy your Sunday my friend. Hugs Debbie

  12. Oh, how cozy this home is, thank you for sharing such Beauty with us today, dearest Nancy !

    Wishing you a most wonderful remainder of your week
    sending blessings across the many miles

    XOXO Dany

  13. There is so much to like about this cottage. Since I'm a fan of white walls and wood floors, it seems like I could just move in there!

  14. This is my style, simple and relaxing.
    This little home could not be anymore charming . . . I love it.
    Have a happy day!
    Connie :)

  15. I was so excited to see this little Somerhuset! I thought 'I've stayed there!' but of course I haven't. It's just that The Great Dane and I have, over the years, stayed in a number of little houses like this one - right down to the style of door and the colour of the shutters. I have, over the years, had so much inspiration from such lovely little places. I'd love to build just such a 'huset' in my back garden!

  16. Completely charmed by that darling cottage!

  17. This is a dear little cottage! I would love to have that sweet wood burning stove--I guess it burns wood. It would definitely be a restorative place to stay.

  18. This is a dear little cottage! I would love to have that sweet wood burning stove--I guess it burns wood. It would definitely be a restorative place to stay.

  19. Sign me up for a summer retreat at that charming cottage! I love the bright airy feel and simple furnishings. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!


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