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A traditional cottage in Norway is this week's feature on Living Large In Small Spaces.

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"Living Large in Small Spaces".

This vacation home began life as a humble 409 sq ft cabin built in the 70's. In 2007 the cabin was sold to the current owners, and three years later they built a 721 sq ft addition bringing the total square footage to 1,130.

Decorating the interior was accomplished over a three year period as the owners scoured magazines, books and museums for ideas that matched their vision for a cottage that would reflect their love of tradition and nature. 

A bench purchased at a local auction is located at the front entrance.

Here contemporary furniture mixes with traditional Norwegian pieces and accessories to create a comfortable as well as stylish space. The coffee table came from the basement of the cottage owner's grandparents, where it was used to cut fish. Its legs were shortened to better suit the new use. The floor lamp's base is made from stacked stones.

The antique cabinet was purchased by the cottage owner's father at an auction when she was 13 years old. Before the remodel the wall behind the cabinet was an outside wall. The owners chose to leave the little window in the wall as it was. A gorgeous 40 year-old carpet covers the floor. 

Two wingback chairs face the windows to capture the views. Everywhere you look you'll see candles in stunning holders.

Green plants and tulips brighten the interior.

The new fireplace, inspired by those found on old farms, was designed by the cottage owner.

There is space for four overnight guests in the loft.

The French country kitchen was designed so that views of the mountains could be enjoyed while preparing meals.

The long dining table was purchased in an antique shop, the sofa has been with the family through three homes. Pin chairs were bought from a demolished company cabin. Every morning the working wood stove is fired up to warm the kitchen.

Cushions hung from an old ski make a simple, unusual headboard.

There are many things I love about this cottage, but the one decor take-away for me that I can implement in my own cottage immediately, at very little cost, is the candles. Not only to have them, but to actually burn them. They really are a beautiful addition to a room.

What's your take-away from this Norwegian cottage?


Photos: Erik Jaeger

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  1. I, too, love all the lit candles. The place is very sweet. I don't think I could live with all the dark wood walls, though. I am more prone to seek the light and like bright rooms. Love the fireplace! xo Diana

  2. Now that is a cabin that I would not mind being snowed-in, in. I'm so glad that you are back blogging and sharing these amazing smaller homes with us. I love seeing all the ways people use their small space to make every inch count. It is so inspiring :)

  3. I like the pops of color brought into the home with window treatments, pillows, and rugs. And I love the chairs set up to look out the windows instead of into the room. Lots of pretty carved wood pieces add even more interest! Such a cozy home that looks so much larger than it is. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

    I just picked up some shorter pillar candles today and I think I'll actually light them.

  4. Very cozy and pretty. Love the chairs looking outside. The floors are so pretty. Love that fireplace very beautiful and cozy.

  5. I love the kitchen! Have a happy weekend!!

  6. I love it! This is the type of rustic that I like. I really like that they used an old ski to make the headboard with some cushions hanging from it. I love Scandinavia, we worked with a man from Norway when we were in Africa many years ago. Fantastic post!!

  7. would love to spend night in that cozy loft. betsy

  8. This really is a beautiful home, Nancy. I'm most taken by the attention to the furnishings and the owners decision to search out pieces that had meaning. Oh, and those candles...


  9. Oh, there are so many take-aways here, but like you Nancy, I see elements here that I have in my own home. The trick for me is to be even more deliberate in showcasing these elements to the fullest. For example, I have a few fur throws and pillows, and like you I have candles, but since Ruben and I enjoy them but fall asleep too soon while relaxing, I opt for the battery candles, but that's fine! I love however, how this home (maybe just for photography opt purposes) uses these candles and lighting for more than just the mantle. I love the idea of having more of these lights around the house and also, the natural wood of this home is appealing. I had started to get paint-happy and painting everything, but I am appreciating the natural wood look for a few areas now. This cottage has brought my decorating sensibilities back to their roots!

  10. I love the wall of windows in the kitchen and the two chairs facing the windows. The take away I can use is the same as you chose, the candles lit. Jim always loved candles and kerosene lamps and we often sat by candle light and chatted. I think I will get back to enjoying evenings with candle light.

  11. I too love cottages. This home reminds me of a log cabin on the North Fork of the Santiam River in Oregon where I was privileged to live for about 6 months while looking for a permanent home in the area. It was a dream come true and we wanted to purchase it but the owners refused to sell. This darling cottage is exactly what I would love to own for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I really love the fact that each piece in the cottage seems to have a history. It makes the decor very personnal.

  13. Nancy this cottage is a lovely unique share, thank you for posting it. I surround myself with the warmth and beauty of Mongolian and Icelandic lamb and truly felt the design story this place holds. Memories and legacy a place of heart created this home.

  14. This one is so warm and cozy throughout.
    Mary Alice

  15. Hi Nancy, show me anything Nordic and I will take it. I just love this gorgeous home. My ancestors (just 2 generations away) are all Nordic and when I see the way they lived it just takes my breath away. They wanted to come where they could have religious freedoms. There life was so simple and beautiful. Someday I will get up there to visit. Have a wonderful week.
    xx Jo

  16. This is just a gorgeous spot all the way around! Love the ski headboard, that really caught my eye, although I doubt it is something I would ever do, but it is very unique! I love the candlelight idea too! Simple really is more, and I love the simple unassuming comfortable room in this cottage. Always enjoy your inspiration! :)

  17. I just love the fur throws everywhere! It is so cozy with a great woodland feeling.

  18. Hygge, comes to mind when I look at these pictures. In a Norwegian way, though.

  19. I would love to spend a weekend in this cozy cabin! The ski headboard is a fun spin on a traditional headboard:)

  20. I would love to spend a weekend in this cozy cabin! The ski headboard is a fun spin on a traditional headboard:)

  21. I loved this cottage . . .
    I like spaces that have interesting pieces, history and stories.
    It was here . . .
    Details, creativity, artistic . . .
    The mix of wood and beam and oh my, the ski, pillows headboard!
    Like the very large framed piece over the sofa
    and the raised sculpted like piece over the charming fireplace.
    And the one long space of kitchen,
    window swags and patterns . . .
    Everything . . . just wonderful . . .
    I really, really liked this one . . .

  22. Very charming! We own a 900 sq feet cottage dating back to the early !900's in Denver. Such history in these houses. Love the style and furnishings of this home.

  23. Charming, every inch of it...and I love all that fur!

  24. The cabin feels very warm and cozy with the Norwegian elements and designs around. It is exactly what I would want in a place to stay over there ... a combination of the old and new. Very nice.

  25. Ahh, I really like this cottage and its one of my fav on your blog. I love the loft. Lofts spark my imagination as i wonder - "What is up there"?? Very warm and inviting.

    1. I think entering this cottage would be like stepping back in time. I love it!


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