Studio Update

Seven days ago I shared my studio dilemma with you here. The need to organize and rearrange my creative space was a top priority for me, and I'm pleased to report that I've made some progress.

The first thing I did was move the counter-height table to the center of the wall, and organize all the random stuff scattered on the floor into temporary boxes and bags which I then stowed away under the table. 

I'm waiting for  the 10 plastic stackable containers I ordered online. These will replace all the boxes and bags, make better use of the under table space, and I'll be able to see what's inside.

IRISĀ® 34 Quart Deep Clear Storage Box, 10 Pack (101521)
  • 12.2"H x 13.5"W x 16.1"D

We live in a remote area of Oregon with no big box stores, so many times internet purchasing is the only way to easily get what I need. Shipping was free with my order. Definitely a plus.

Next, I made a skirt for the table.

The skirt material is a sheet that I purchased for rug making. I think I paid 25 cents for it at my favorite thrift store. It's in great condition, very soft and just the right weight to hang beautifully from the tension rods. The stars add whimsy to my studio and remind me to keep dreaming.

Two sides of the table are covered with the skirt; I left the side next to my sewing machine open since no one except me sees that area. Later I may use a small part of that under table space for easily accessed sewing supplies.

I moved the shelf unit to the corner where the table previously stood.

This, too, is temporary. I have plans to replace the shelves and the bookcase to the right of it with one piece of furniture that will hold all my fabric and supplies.

So far I've gone from this. . .

to this. . .

and I'm very happy.

So happy that I've been motivated to create some things.

Like these heart coasters for the women in my Bible study.

We've been studying Experiencing the Heart of Jesus by Max Lucado, which gave me the idea to use a heart theme for the gifts.

I also made a mug rug for a friend whose husband passed away recently. 

He was my Sunday School teacher when I was a little girl and I remember him as a man filled with the joy of the Lord. I never saw him when he wasn't happy and laughing. A great role model for how a Christian should live. His wife is a wonderful woman, and I hope my simple gift will lift her up and remind her that she is loved.

I used a tutorial I found here on the Fashioned by Meg blog, altering a few things to make it more to my liking. Mug rugs are bigger than a coaster, which is nice if my friends needs room for a cookie or other treat with her cuppa.

Photo of our cottage walk this morning.

"Sing across the winter snow,
Pierce the cloud;
Sing when mists are drooping low
Clear and loud;
But sing sweetest in the dark;
He who slumbers not will hark."
~ Lettie Burd Cowman, Streams in the Desert


  1. A nice transformation!

    The coaster and mug mat are adorable and will be loved by those who receive them.

  2. Your studio is coming along beautifully! The table skirt is perfect. Pretty soon, you will have a peaceful, pleasant place to create to your liking. And what lovely gifts for your friends!

  3. Oh Nancy the studio is coming along and looking so organized and pretty. Love that skirt you made. Very pretty.

  4. Now that studio is looking really sharp! And thanks to your inspiration, I'm pretty sure I could create a "rug mug". Who knew? The heart coasters are adorable, too. I know your Bible study friends will be delighted to have them. ♥

  5. The skirt on your table is eye catching. I like that it has a lot of gathering. Makes it look fuller.
    I heard of Mug Rugs but didn't realize that they were bigger then a coaster. I like the idea that you can use it as a plate, more or less. Cute!

  6. I love before and after photos and you did a wonderful job with your craft room, Nancy! Being organized makes me feel more productive. Now that Christmas is over I hope to get on with it!

    Love those mug rugs! The little house is precious!

    Jane x

  7. I love what you've done with your studio. You really should come across to my side of the state and help me with my studio! You inspire me, dear friend. What sweet gifts you've made. I know they will bless the ladies who receive them. I read the poem in Streams In The Desert today. It was just the reminder I needed to sing in the dark!

  8. Ha! Your before picture looks like my studio space. I love the pretty skirt you made ! I need to get my room cleaned up too!!!

  9. Oh my, you really do have snow . . . but I think that your garden path looks very charming the way it curves along with it's high white banks of snow. I love your rug mug and heart coaster and your room is looking fantastic. No big box stores here either, so we subscribe to Amazon prime and have free shipping all year. I pays for it's self in the first quarter :) Where is your loom, is it in that room, too?
    Happy New Year!
    Connie :)

  10. Love the snow path....looks so pretty and welcoming to your cottage. Love the rug mug...adoreable!

  11. Well aren't you the crafty organizer? I love it!! Cleaning and crafting in seven days? Fabulous!! xo

  12. GOod morning Nancy! WOW, what a huge difference in your space, and all it took was reconfiguring your furniture and organizing your materials. I actually love this sort of problem-solving, the kind where you can see and feel the results. It feels better to have a creative space where you can feel as if you can think and not have your mind on any level of chaos! From my work space at school to my kitchen, I simply can't have a lot of stuff scattered about; I can't work that way!

    Your table skirt is PERFECT and I actually want to make one for under our kitchen sink. I want to use painter's canvas from Home Depot and I think that will look good with our semi-rustic, cottage style kitchen.

    Well my friend,I wish you and Dennis a grand 2017!

  13. Oh my gosh, you did a GREAT job, I love how it came together, the skirt around the table is pretty and practical and the price, 25 cents, for the sheet/material was perfect.

    I've been thinking of how to make my little space better, probably since your last post. So, thanks for the inspiration and seeing what you've done, inspires me even more.

    Happy New Year ~ FlowerLady

  14. Your studio looks very welcoming. Great idea for your Bible study group. I love hearts, especially pink hearts, :) My favorite mug rug is the house one you made. I have developed a real liking of house appliques and quilts. Stay warm and snug my friend. :}

  15. Very nice! What a great transformation. I should be so inspired to do the same in my back room, but I am just overwhelmed. I need help! Your snow looks lovely. We were supposed to get a huge snowstorm today and nothing has happened! When it is winter I want snow!

  16. I love the little sewing projects, especially the hearts. Happy New year! You have a lovely blog.

  17. I love mug rugs. I knitted a couple just to use up the end of a skein and found out that I really like using them. Love your designs. The table looks great and the skirt material looks just perfect. We love our crafty areas.

  18. Your crafting/sewing area is really looking good! The table in my craft room also has a skirt made from an old bed sheet and is held in place with tension rods. It is really nice to see how your space is coming along Nancy and your newest creations will certainly bring smiles and warm hearts :)

  19. The transformation is already amazing! And I can't believe how much snow you have!

  20. those little mug rugs will make me get out my sewing machine and sew again soon. love the colors you used.

    1. Mug rugs are so fun to make. I like quick little projects like that. :)


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