Cottage Kitchen - Big Chill Color of the Month

When you were a kid did you color outside the lines?

I did. 

Much to my elementary school teacher's chagrin I also colored puppies and kittens in pastel shades. By far my favorite crayon color, though, was turquoise. You could see this by looking inside my crayon box, as turquoise was the shortest crayon in the line up. 

When the Community Coordinator at Big Chill asked me to create a style board for their Color of the Month project and that May's color is turquoise, my inner child did cartwheels. 

After seeing the luscious Big Chill Retro Stove and Hood in turquoise, I had a vision for a colorful cottage kitchen with a vintage vibe.

My inspiration for the turquoise and red color combination came from the delightful Lenox china pattern. So cottagey. (I love that turquoise band on the square dinner plate.) From there everything fell into place. The flour shaker and coffee pot keep the cheery turquoise color flowing. A gorgeous nubby rag rug adds texture and picks up the color scheme. 

Playing off the black in the rug I chose a black and white checked tablecloth and napkins and a ticking stripe upholstery fabric for seating. This touch of black grounds the color palette and the patterns avoid that matchy-matchy look that makes me break out in hives.

Red is repeated in the cute farm tea towels and the scrumptious geranium still life (well, you know I love red geraniums, right?). At the window is more red with a plaid valance.

This is a fun, vibrant cottage kitchen that reflects my personal break-the-rules (at least one or two of them) style.

So, do you follow the rules, or are you a color-outside-the lines kind of person?


I received no compensation for writing this post. The opinions expressed and style board are 100% my own. Thanks Big Chill for inviting me to join in the fun!


  1. Love your idea board. Also love the red and aqua combination! Great!


  2. I stay in the lines and always try to keep it all neat! I'm trying to make myself venture outside the lines these days and be free! Love your design choices. Wouldn't it be fun to put that kitchen all together?

  3. Great idea and I love the geranium still life!! :-)

  4. Oh, I do like those Lenox dishes. I looked on Wayfair and they are a good deal but I'll have to get ride of something in the cabinet first. Only so much room in cottage living.

  5. I color in and out . . . depending . . .
    Not sure when/where the "depending" rears its head though,
    unless it is my mixing patterns in my dish ware.
    Red and black, in the patterns played out nicely with the aqua and retro.

  6. YOU and me both dear Nancy; as a child, I used to literally contemplate over which color was my favorite. Was it the emerald green of my father's beautifully manicured lawn? Or was it the aqua blue of the ubiquitous California swimming pools I often saw? My tendency back the to also color in aqua solved the condundrum, and to this day, aqua is the color that makes me HAPPY! Green of course, comes in second!

    Aqua goes with just about any other color. Red, orange, pink, even black.

    Have a fun day!!!

  7. Good Morning Nancy, wow, this post is such a break from your regular posts, but I love it. You, girl friend, have so much style! I also love turquoise and red together, but what I loved most about this post was your line, "that matchy-matchy look that makes me break out in hives", oh, how I know that feeling, LOL.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Connie :)

  8. I love that color combo and I follow them on Facebook, because those appliances are fabulous!!!

  9. I have never been able to color in the lines, even if I tried. The adult coloring books give me hives just looking at all those tiny spaces. I struggle with sewing straight lines as well so I usually quilt wavy free motion lines. LOL. I like the turquoise fridge and always wanted one but thin I saw a bright yellow (my favorite color) and now I want one like that. Another favorite is the black gingham and ticking. Your kitchen design board stirs memories of a summer cottage. Thanks Debbie

  10. I love your colour scheme! Those are the exact colours that I use in my newly renovated kitchen. In fact I made draperies out of the black and white buffalo check and I love it! So thumbs up for your cottage kitchen!!!

  11. My daughter would jump for joy seeing these colors here. She specially likes turquoise and red. She used these colors for her wedding. I like all colors however red isn't my favorite. That stove surely pretty! (p.s. not sure if I mentioned but I got a job, hurray!! However that means I may not have time to visit all the lovely blogs I like to visit or not as often. :( Sending you a hug!!

  12. That stove and hood, so gorgeous! I especially like the touches of black you've included in this fantasy kitchen. That must have been fun to play around with! Well done!

  13. Oh my, the inspiration china is SO cute! Love the whole style board! Blessings, Cindy xo

  14. This is going to be adorable!

  15. I love the colors. Been watching reruns of "Mama's Family" and want a pink refrigerator now. Tired of the stainless steel look, although I haven't got that look in my home because I replace nothing til it breaks. But it's so overdone. I love the retro colors and especially ones you picked.

  16. I love the colors. Been watching reruns of "Mama's Family" and want a pink refrigerator now. Tired of the stainless steel look, although I haven't got that look in my home because I replace nothing til it breaks. But it's so overdone. I love the retro colors and especially ones you picked.

  17. The board is lovely, I'm so drooling over the turquoise bread box!

  18. There is just something so cheery about turquoise and red!
    Good choice!!!


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