Living Large In Small Spaces - Dolaumaen Isaf

The peaceful countryside of West Wales is our destination for this week's featured cottage. 

Dolaumaen Isaf - Blaentrothy Holiday Cottages

Welcome to the seventy-sixth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Entering this charming stone cottage one would never guess that Dolaumaen Isaf was once was a cow barn. 

It's open, airy and bright thanks to the installation of new windows and skylights. 

Antiques like this stunning Welsh dresser fill its nooks and crannies, and perhaps remind us of the home's humble beginnings.

The new kitchen with its vintage touches complements the old structure.

Rustic Welsh pottery is sprinkled throughout.

Local timber was used in the conversion of Dolaumaen Isaf. 

Beautiful paintings dress the walls, lending an elegant touch to the rooms.

Underfloor heating keeps the gorgeous tile floors comfortably warm.

A comfy sofa invites us to curl up and read, or stretch out for a cat nap. 

I love this little corner of the room. Look at the tiny lamp in the enchanting nook.

A woodburner adds to the atmosphere and warms the cozy sitting area.

The small bathroom is nicely appointed with a touch of rusticity.

A four poster bed dressed with Welsh tapestry-weave hangings takes command of the master bedroom.

I like the little reading lights on the nightstands.

Upstairs under the eves is a second double bedroom with a small adjoining single bedroom.

Outside is a garden with a "lyrical view over the Preseli mountain range."

A special place to get in touch with your inner child.

What's your impression of Dolaumaen Isaf?

All images are owned by Blaentrothy Holiday Cottages and used here with their permission.

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. Now THIS one I really like! From the stone exterior to tiled floors, that coffee table and tastefully selected paintings....and the views from the dining room windows -- Oh, my goodness!

  2. I love the open plan and that garden! What lovely surroundings.

  3. It's truly amazing what can be done with a small space. I love the kitchen with the sky-light, windows and added lighting. And they have such a beautiful collection of pottery. Absolutely beautiful. And the space above has been used so well. It's really a comfy-looking house and so unique.

  4. I love everything about this cottage except the staircase - too dangerous, in my opinion.

  5. Oh wow Nancy another stone amazing cottage. Notice I'm weak in the knees for stone? I live in a stone English Tudor rowhome. Now the color's painted on the cabinet and dresser thrill me beyond belief and OMGosh the pottery, THE POTTERY I adore!

  6. That's it. Wales is definitely added to my itinerary.

  7. Very quaint and lovely. It's all very nice on the inside, and the view is fantastic and I love the idea of swinging with a flock of geese nearby. :-)

    Have a nice Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  8. First impression?The earthiness of the wood. I know now why I love these types of homes. The builder/owner brings in the timelessness (or maybe endurance) of nature's elements. We love to surround ourselves with that which is older than us, that which is organic. The wooden beams (OH MY!) and the natural tones...this is what draws me in.

    Great is great. Whether it's a small space or a large space of meadow and field, just the right amount for living well is enough for me. Always a great share from you, Nancy my friend! Anita

  9. It's a lovely renovation. I think the bedroom under the eaves have much charm!

  10. Charming cottage . . .
    Loved the pottery . . . comfy sofa and area . . . a place to read a book for sure . . .
    I liked the spiral staircase with the little girl sitting there. She looks like she is playing a mandolin . . .
    That thought . . . sound . . . makes this cottage all the more charming . . .
    And then . . . the views . . .
    Thanks Nancy . . .

  11. I'd never have guessed that there was that much room inside! The poster bed is absolutely gorgeous, as is the Welsh dresser and local pottery seen throughout. The house is charming, and that view! Amazing!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Nancy, and have a good week!

  12. Only thing I do not like is the spiral stair case. Eek! I am afraid of heights. I love the floors!! I have always wanted that tile in my kitchen. And wood counter tops, yes! This home is simple but homey. I would have to sleep in the little room under the eaves. So cozy and snug. My mother's family came from Wales, maybe that is why I am drawn to this cottage, it speaks to my soul.

    Have a great weekend and God bless. Debbie

  13. Very rustic but cozy. That view oh my! Happy New Week Nancy.

  14. It's adorable! I love the setting as much as the cottage itself.

  15. NANCY! HELLO! How I love coming back here to cozy up in this special cottage. Again, those BEAMS!!!!!

    Thank you so much for taking the time today to visit my post. I love a magical moment and I believe they exist NOW and every day. But we make them. How fun it was to have my friend over; since then, we have made TWO MORE dates with two homeowners who are going to allow us into their antique filled homes to shoot! One guy is a hair stylist, collects French antiques and has a Marie Antoinette WIG! OH YES, we are going to have fun!

    Peace to you dearest. Anita

  16. It's a very serene unobtrusive cottage. I can see that a stay there would be healing.

    I love that wide-lapped leather chair. Is it a dull red, I wonder, or just a rich brown?

  17. Simplicity at its best. No frills, no fuss, just basics with a lot of charm.

  18. Very sweet little place. Lovely country side! Hard to believe it started out a cow barn, lots of love has gone into it's restoration and renewing! Blessings, Cindy xo

  19. Another wonderful place where to live in, my darling Nancy, I'm so grateful to you, every week I look forward to this post of yours, it's such a joyful appointment to me !

    Hope your week is off to a great start, i wish you beautiful days to come,
    sending blessings to you


  20. Hi dea Nancy ,, es una gran cottage , preciosas fotos,,,, espero que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

  21. The house is lovely, but I think I would spend my days swinging with ducks!!

  22. Beautiful! I would love to stay there. Love the rustic elements like the coffee table.

  23. I like it. ;-)
    I love the photo of the swing and the ducks. FUN!

  24. I certainly wouldn't be able to pronounce the name of this cottage either! That four poster bed would be so dreamy to sleep in. Thanks for sharing another charming home, Nancy!

  25. No sign of cows. :)

    I love how comfortable the home is and the use of color is very inviting. Love the view too!

  26. Wow, you would never guess that it was a cow barn and that view...simply gorgeous!

  27. I love going cottage hunting with you!! The bedroom under the eaves looks like a wonderful spot and who would guess you are in what was once a cow barn!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful finds with us!!

  28. Such a pleasant cottage! I'll be in the enchanting nook with my book. I hope tea and treats will be brought at regular intervals.

  29. I love the rustic touches throughout the cottage! The turquoise hutch really got my attention, I need something like that for my kitchen, lol! Thanks Nancy, always a delight to visit with the homes you share!

  30. Such a lovely place! Thank you for sharing. Lots of inspiration! Aloha.

  31. Stunning setting, beautiful touches.
    Love the Welsh dresser and enchanting nook.


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