Living Large In Small Spaces - White O'Morn Cottage Revisited

Today's featured cottage  White O'Morn is located in rural Ireland.

Welcome to the seventy-fourth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

In honor of St. Patrick's Day and my Irish friends, I thought it would be fun to share a cottage I first blogged about four years ago, long before the Living Large In Small Spaces series was conceived. There may be many of you who have never seen this delightful cottage, and so my friends I bring you White O'Morn Cottage. 

Pam and her husband Paul are Irish, and owners of White O'Morn, which is their holiday home and a place where Pam likes to hone her crafting skills. 

If you happen to be a fan of the vintage film "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, as I am, then you may recall that Sean and Mary Kate's cottage was called White O'Morn. Pam is a big fan of the movie and has "copied and recreated the cottage in the film as far as is practicable."  

Pam is the proprietess of Unapam, an Etsy shop where she sells her handmade crafts and vintage goods. These little green shamrock shoes are her handiwork.

Okay, so that gives you a little background on herself. I know you're dying to see more of Pam's cottage, so let's move on with Pam as our tour guide. (My comments are in italics.)

The emerald green half door (what we Americans typically call a dutch door) is so welcoming, isn't it? In the first image you saw the flower boxes on the window sills. Here you get a better view of those wonderful sunflowers.

Looking from the interior through the half door you'll feast your eyes on this lush scenery. Pam says she never gets tired of the view and likes to lean on the door and contemplate. I would like to join her.

Isn't this a glorious view?

"Mary Kate so loved her crockery and such. She used the beautiful Willow pattern dishes and so do we. This dresser is in the living room of my cottage opposite the door just as she had it in the film. I noticed she had some white cups hanging so I must get myself some of them too." ~ Pam

The Living Room

Smart kitty to curl up here for a nap.

Living Room Mantel Decorated for Christmas

"The Quiet Man Corner"

The Kitchen

"We never got to see that end of the cottage but it must have been the kitchen end as is mine. My cottage has exactly the same layout as the original (but then most of the three roomed cottages were laid out like that. I wonder if it looked anything like this. This is an original 1920's handmade dresser and it came from an old cottage in Ballinamore, Leitrim. It was taken out about 8 years ago and placed in a damp shed. It was to be used in another cottage in Aughvas but the owners got a new kitchen and it was never used. When I got my cottage and needed furniture they very kindly offered it to me. The feet/legs had rotted away on the wet floor but I managed to prop it up and give it a painting and it is my pride and joy." ~Pam 

"OK, I know this is not a pretty picture - but to me it is fantastic! It shows the vintage Belfast sink (butler's sink) with its copper taps/faucets. We got it up -FINALLY - after two years of storing it. The kitchen seems to be an endless project."~Pam

"When the Light Is Right"

"Another set of pictures I took I call... 'When the Light is Right' These are mostly of items in the deep window sills with the sun streaming over them."~Pam

(The deep window sills in Pam's cottage were the inspiration for the kitchen garden window in our own cottage.)

"Pink, porcelain, paper or  painted . . .you just gotta love roses. . ." ~ Pam

More Lovely Treasures

Pam made these charming chenille and flannelette cot sheet pillows

"Hmmm...these are just begging to be crafted into something SWEET! Let me work on it 
and I'll get back to you." ~ Pam

Pam copied this customized chandelier

"I may add some more  to it and even fix some of the matching saucers around the stem. Like many of my projects it's a work in progress!" ~Pam

The Garden

"This little fairy has been sitting in the corner of the garden for about two years. In that time she has lost her wings and if you look closely you will see tendrils of some kind of moss entwining her legs and arms and waist. 
She is being claimed by nature." ~ Pam

The original White O'Morn cottage used in "The Quiet Man" looked like this. . .

Sadly, it now looks like this. . .

The owners let it deteriorate.

But Pam and her husband have lovingly cared for their own White O'Morn, and if we close our eyes and listen carefully I think we'll hear Maureen O'Hara singing 
"The Isle of Innisfree."

I first discovered Pam's cottage and her wonderful crafts at her blog White O'Morn Cottage, Ireland. Sadly, she no longer blogs, and we're all the poorer for it. However, her blog is still up and it's a joy to read.

Visit Pam's Etsy shop where she has some wonderful articles for sale here.

Join me next Saturday for another post in the special series

 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. I love all these pictures. Those deep set windows are what I love the best about this little cottage. That and the gardens. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. How delightful, to have been able to "recreate" the home, in a favorite film. A dream come true.

    Gentle Spring hugs,

  3. So pretty and sweet. Love the white washed walls. Reminds me of the movie Roan Inish. Maureen O'Hara was so talented and beautiful. I have not seen that classic movie. I love the one with her and Carie Grant: An Affair to Remember. xoxo Su

  4. Nancy I have never seen the movie and didn't see your original post so thanks for this encore presentation of White O'Morn cottage. The cottage is timeless and nothing really hints at present time. I also have never been to Ireland and wonder how many enchanting cottages dot the countryside. Love the kitchen fireplace. I am charmed by this tour.

  5. Sweet this cottage is . . .
    It reminds me very much of the cottage we stay in when we make our Ireland visits. The white washed walls and deep window sills are very familiar. Simple and charming it is. Maureen O'Hara made many visits to the Bantry area . . . In fact, if I remember correctly she might have had a home near Bantry. I remember visiting an eatery that she often frequented.

  6. This is such a sweet cottage. There seems to be something charming everywhere you look. Thanks for sharing it, Nancy!

  7. Oh my goodness, it's just beautiful! I've never been to Ireland but can definitely see all the touches that make this cottage so special.

  8. My heart was thumping all the time I was looking at all the pictures. I loved that movie and I love her cottage. It is a shame the one in the movie was left that way. I like that lamp with the little girl sleeping, it is so pretty.

  9. Oh, I love that film so much and I do have to watch it at least a few times every year, and as you say, the atmosphere here is so similar, so lovely, cozy, welcoming and gentle !
    This has become a so wonderful appointment, my lovely lady, which I do wait for all the week long, I'm so grateful to you for this adorable Nancy !

    Sending blessings of joy on your weekend,
    thinking of you with much, so much love and gratitude

  10. You discover very interesting cottages. This is a lovely and cozy cottage. I have never seen this movie but would love to see it. Thanks for mentioning. It is sad that no one took care of the cottage used in the movie.

  11. Nancy, this post is so charming . . . the cottage looks like the perfect place to relax. Nothing starchy or prim, but everything is so cozy and inviting. I love the outdoor photos with the flowers and the bright white cottage walls and the cute personal touches like the tea cups hanging from the chandelier and the chenille pillows. How sweet is that.
    Oh, that is one of my all time favorite movies. Just the other day I heard a little boy ask, "who is John Wayne" . . . my goodness John Wayne was everyone's hero when I was growing up :) There was no one that didn't know who he was.
    Another terrific post . . . I love it! You have one of my very favorite spot in blog-land.
    Connie :)

  12. Nancy, I remember this cottage. Love it, and I love anything with John Wayne. He was my childhood hero.

  13. Sweet little cottage, Nancy! How fun to 'remake' something special! I'm going to need to head over to her etsy shop! Have a blessed Sunday! Cindy xo

  14. So cozy and sweet Nancy. Love that wall and fireplace in the kitchen and that great little courtyard. This is a cute one. Have a great week end.

  15. This cottage is as charming as charming can get. So much to look at and linger over. I think my favorite spot is the kitchen and that wonderful relic of sink! The abundance of cottage flowers outside make my heart swell, too.

    I've never then The Quiet Man. I must be the only one on earth. But I will. I know.

    Thank you as always for a great tour. And thank you, Pam.


  16. There is NOTHING like a comfy, cozy, live-in cottage in Europe. OH my favorite feature is that tiny little fireplace opening in that incredible textured white wall! COZINESS! Give me a cottage like this any day instead of a big, over-the-top custom mansion. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  17. What a sweet place! A wonderful, soothing space. I love it, especially the deep windowsills, and the dear little garden.

    Thanks for sharing another delightful cottage ~ FlowerLady

  18. "I want it! ", is what I kept saying as I scrolled through each picture! How fun would it be be to to sit and look out ANYof those windows.
    Did you know that Maureen O'Hara lived in Boise Idaho? I was her "neighbor"!

  19. Very sweet cottage. There is always so cozy about a quaint little cottage. Loving the flowers by the cottage. So very welcoming. Happy Spring

  20. The cottage is such a pretty project - the love that has gone into it is obvious!

  21. So many layers of lovely in this cottage. I was just taken by all the details and banners and lace accents! This one is super charming and I am smitten! :)

  22. That cottage looks darling on the outside and so inviting. Also love the softness and cosiness of the kitchen table with the vase of flowers. :)

  23. Love the movie...and what a charming cottage.

  24. So sad the original cottage was left to go to ruins. I love the white dresser with aqua painted background. I have a vintage hutch I have wanted to do the same thing to but it is solid maple and in great shape. I am so afraid of messing it up. I am not a very good furniture painter.

  25. What a sweet cottage that is--and authentically Irish! I think I could stand at that front half door all day too and gaze out at the view.

  26. Que cottage más dulce ,, realmente unas fotos encantadoras ,, espero que tenga un bendecido comienzo de semana

  27. I've never seen the movie - but I MUST find it now...
    I'm SO glad you went back and reintroduced this cottage to us. Totally charming - inside and out.

  28. I love The Quiet Man! And this is a darling cottage. One of the prettiest kitchens you've shown us.

  29. So sweet! Never heard of the movie but this sweet cottage looks like it belongs to the fairies!

  30. What a sweet cottage. You can see Pam's love for her home in every space. Thanks so much for the tour, Nancy!

  31. What a lovely cottage. I wonder how warm it is in winter? It's all so endearing. Love that movie btw. It's been ages since I've seen The Quiet Man.

    Oh, and I love that enchanting fairy sculpture too.


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