Living Large In Small Spaces - Seven Little Potting Sheds We Love

This potting shed collection is bound to inspire even the brownest green thumb to pick up a trowel.

Welcome to the seventy-fifth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

After spending most of the week in my own humble potting shed, I'm anxious to share these fetching sheds with you. 

1. This extraordinary stone shed was built to compliment the residence, which would never make the Living Large In Small Spaces hit parade due to its extensive size. We'll take this petite potting shed, though.

Imagine the joy of planning and potting in this beautiful space.

2. Here's a unique potting shed. The front side of the shed is a pump house for a fountain.
A closer look reveals vintage garden tools.

3. Now this cute little potting shed belongs to a true gardener. The glorious flowers testify to the fact.

And so does the interior. This is a working shed, but one that still manages to be absolutely charming. I love the drying flowers hanging from the rafters and the art glass hanging in the windows.

4. Tiny, but mighty is this sweet cottage-look potting shed.

A minimalist shed that does the job, and is itself planted in the midst of a lovely garden.

5. This classic white potting shed has farmhouse appeal. I'm sorry we can't get a detailed view of the interior, although I can see a sweet red wagon on the back wall. I love the apron and hat hanging on the door and the yellow hand pump in the garden.

6. When is a potting shed more than a place to putter? Just look at this unique space.

Part retreat (there's even a hot plate for making tea). . .

And then there's the guest quarters in the loft. No question, this minimum space has been designed for maximum use.

7. And finally, for those who have limited space and funds, here's a simple, yet attractive potting enclosure. .

Source: Shed Blueprints

I hope you enjoyed these potting sheds. Sometimes just seeing a photo can get the wheels turning. 

Which of these potting sheds is your favorite?

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. Delightful! I love what they did with these.

  2. Number 6 is on my pinterest board, and my number one favorite. It is in fact the inspiration for the shed we had built last summer, though I have yet to paint it. I feel like a lucky lady to have a little building all my own!

  3. Nancy, I am just amazed at the uniqueness and beauty of those potting sheds. I would want chairs in them or near them to just have a relaxing place to read or write. Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  4. Love them all. Some looks like tiny homes.

  5. Chandelier in the Potting Shed! That is class.
    But #6 has my heart!

  6. Oh how can I choose? If I have to make a decision, it would be #6, like Christine. The beds above--perfect!

  7. Those are very sweet, especially no 6.

  8. I have two favorites, the first stone one on the inside, love the chandelier. The classic white on the outside, got to love that yellow hand pump. ;) Debbie

  9. My favorite is #3.

    These are all nice but that one speaks to me.


  10. Wauw that is just amazing I really love this- happy easter

  11. There is just something so charming, magical and HOPEFUL about a small space. That first one, OH DEAR; with that arched window and stone elements? YES, PLEASE! But all of them lend a must-have charm to any style of home and garden and I so wish we had the space for one. Even though we added two rooms and a covered deck and we have some good yard space left, I don't see where we could put one. But it's SO FUN to dream!

    Nancy, happy Easter!!!

  12. #6 because of its multiple uses (especially that sleeping loft)!
    I DO like the sweet, casual setting of #5,and the stone exterior of the first one is positively enchanting....

  13. So much inspiration. We are in the process of getting estimate for a gardenshed/greenhouse/guestquaters/hideout space for me.

  14. I've pinned some of these before - love them!!

  15. They are all great Nancy. I love the white Summerwood so cottage cute! Happy Easter.
    Enjoy the day.

  16. The working potting sheds are my favorites.

  17. Nancy my heart is in love with the first one, gorgeous!

  18. I would love to have any of these cute sheds...but there's no place to put it, ugh!

  19. I just think that number one is so elegant. There's something about that stone that catches my attention. It's very small, but it seems to have everything I would need. Plus, I probably don't need to say it again, but I like small.

  20. These are all so sweet but I love the one with the red door. They all obviously belong to grand homes that I can just imagine are incredible themselves!

  21. Hi dear Nancy !! Que post más inspirador ,,espero que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

  22. Oh my, did I love this post . . .
    Some Inspiration for my little garden shed . . .
    I think we will need to build another building first though . . .
    to store the tractor and gardening/landscape equipment.
    Thanks for the dreaming . . ,

  23. 4 is my favorite. :-)
    This was fun. I love looking at garden sheds.

    Have a great new week,

  24. Oh, wow, it is hard to choose between them all! But, I think #6 would have to win out as my favorite! What a lovely post...I loved seeing all of these. Thank you for taking the time. I hope you had a blessed Easter day yesterday! What a precious blessing that our Lord arose and is now seated at the right hand of the Father! May He bless you abundantly today!

  25. I loved each and every one of them... how did you find such amazing little sheds, and get the inside scoop on them too! Wow! Choose a favorite? I don't know, I loved something about each one. I loved the yellow pump outside the garden. I loved the guest quarters upstairs, and the tea station downstairs. I loved the well used shed with the hanging flowers, and pots and plants everywhere. But with my budget... I'd probably have to go with the last one... and I think my husband could build it for me with all the downed trees we have! I was just thinking the other day that I needed a potting/gardening shed. Thanks for the awesome inspiration Nancy, as always!

  26. Oh, what to choose? I think I'll go for number 5 as my favorite, in part for that wonderful garden, with hot plate cutie as a second choice.

  27. Wow. The first couple are completely amazing, and look like one could covert them to live in them. I love the one where they had room for a loft bedroom! xoxo Su

  28. They are all lovely but the one that caught my eye was the one with the loft. It's a perfect little garconiere!

  29. I am in LOVE! How beautiful are these petite potting places!
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Nancy.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  30. OMGoodness, these are adorable! I think I love #3 and #5 the most! Very cute and usable little places! Blessings, Cindy xo

  31. Wow, they are all awesome. I would love to have a small shed someday, just for me. Maybe at our new house. :) Thanks for sharing.


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