Living Large In Small Spaces - Sweetpea Cottage

Tucked away in Kestle Mill, Cornwall, United Kingdom, is a charming cottage named Sweetpea.

Welcome to the sixty-seventh post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

If you think the white washed stone exterior is charming, wait until you see Sweetpea's interior. This cottage has stolen my heart. 

Deep well windows, an old stone fireplace with a wood burner, and beamed ceilings speak my language.

How could one keep from picking up a book with a reading corner like this one?

The dining area is on the opposite side of the room from the fireplace. 

Wonderful textiles in soft  colors fill the cottage.

Cottages of this age, with small windows and low ceilings can be very dark. The white walls, ceilings and furniture, as well as the light floors, make the rooms brighter and more cheerful.

The kitchen is bright and spacious. I like the plate rack and the open shelves. They give the kitchen a collected look. Very nice.

Nice mix of vintage and modern in the bathroom. Great claw foot bathtub with shower. 

Back to the living room where we find stairs to take us to the bedrooms.

The master bedroom is so pretty. 

This may be a king-size bed, but it's suitable for a princess. 

I wanted you to get a closer look at the nightstands. Do you see the sweet birds?

Such a dreamy bedroom.

The second bedroom is a nursery.

So cute. The alphabet fabric is delightful.

Outside is a lovely enclosed garden with a summer house.

I like the idea of a summer house, and this one is enchanting.

Sweetpea Cottage is 300 years old and has undergone extensive renovation. Originally the owners' first home (she was pregnant with their son during the renovation), it's now a vacation home available for rent from Unique Home Stays, +44(0) 1637 881183.

All images are owned by Unique Home Stays and were used with their permission.

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. i could find sweet contentment in that home.
    seriously. i thinks i needs to go there. :)
    love this one.

  2. Nancy, This little cottage is so wonderful. I love those deep windows. I would be in that one in the living room all the time. So cozy. Hope you are doing well. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Such a cozy home and so beautifully decorated. Just when I think I've found my favorite "Living Large in Small Spaces" home, you surprise me with another one! Thanks for the tour, sweet friend!

  4. Wouldn't that be a fun place to rent? I just love it-You do such a nice job finding these homes and showcasing them! LOVE it! Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  5. Another winner. Every room just got better. Loved the kitchen and bathroom. I could live in that little cottage.

  6. So much to love here . . .
    Corners . . .
    I like the one in the living room area, kind of a sheep skin, window seat, possible extra sleeping area.
    Love the drapes, roman shades, valances, alphabet pattern in the nursery . . .
    Love the crib . . .
    Garden house and patio, oh my . . .
    Like I said in the beginning . . .
    So much to love . . .
    Charming indeed . . .

  7. Beautiful. I love everything about it. xoxo Su

  8. Absolutely the most charming !!! I lOOOOOvE it!

    1. I can't imagine what it was like when they bought it, but it's stunning now!

  9. Love the name of the cottage. This is one of my favorites. Every one of those hanging lights are just wonderful. The master bedroom light is so dreamy. Enjoy your weekend. Blessings, Debbie

  10. Nancy I love the white washed exterior and the trim color is calming and inviting. I love the kitchen, the bathroom, the night stands, the mixture of pieces and textures and lighting choices. Not to forget to also include the enclosed outdoor space with Summer house, this place has it all.

  11. Wow, from the ancient sweetness of the outside of this cottage to the wonderfulness of the inside, it is a shelter from the world. It has stood through the ages. :-)

    I love it. Have a very nice Sunday.


  12. You did it again, Nancy. You challenged my sensibilities again and now I'm saying, "WHICH ONE DO I LOVE?" This is truly a charmer with that whitewashed exterior and then the INSIDE! I truly believe in small spaces making big impact. You really do know how to pick the cream of the crop and this one has all the elements many of us love: white, open spaces, vintage mixed with modern and updated, a garden and then, A SUMMER HOUSE! What more could you want?

  13. Ohhhhhhhh how darling!!!

    A jewel. A lovely jewel.

    How could one rent it for vacation, and have to leave, though??? -sigh-

    Thank you.

    Gentle hugs,

    1. I know, eviction proceedings might be necessary in my case. ;)

  14. If I were to vacation in that charming cottage, I don't think I'd ever want to leave! I love everything about it, from the stone fireplace to all the fabrics they've used throughout. Thank you for sharing, Nancy!

  15. I love that summerhouse! Happy Sunday Nancy!

  16. This place is super sweet...I love that fireplace. Seriously charming, Nancy!!

  17. Hi dear frente end ,, que maravilla de casa , adoraría pasar un verano ahí,, Esoero que tengas un buen comienzo de semana

    1. Gracias Angélica . Me gustaría pasar una semana en su casa de vacaciones!

  18. Nancy, what a wonderful cottage, it sits perfectly right where it is, and shows its best side does it not?
    Love how well maintained, and small bedrooms show off just as well as large ones I am happy to read you agree!

    The white pallet really shows off the beauty of the soft tones inside and out.
    I again could live in this one as well.

    I have to mention I came by and meant to comment but was just in so much pain as to my oral surgery I had, I so dislike dental work, and this one visit resulted in work that will be an implant soon. My jaw and gums were in so much pain so since Friday until today I just laid around in bed, I plan to do a few things around the house today...

    Your last post and your gray/grey charcoal tone rug was really calling out to me! Please build up a stock and when you start selling them let me know...I am one of the first in your line.


    1. Thank you, Dore. I feel quite encouraged. I'm so sorry you had to deal with pain after your oral surgery. Hope you're feeling much better now. xo

  19. My dearest, lovely lady,
    you always show us such lovely, cozy homes where to live in !
    It's so very pleasant to come and visit you here, sweetest Nancy, God bless you !

    May your week be filled with joy and wonder, my sweetest friend
    sending love to you with all my heart

  20. Adorable! Exactly the kind of atmosphere I'm trying to create in my own cottage.

  21. I love the summer house as well. It would be a perfect resting area for me after working in the garden. :-)

    The light fixture is so fun in the bedroom. I would love to see it in the dark. I think it would be like looking at stars.
    Have a great week,

  22. I love the modern elements in the all looks so clean and fresh! Another lovely cottage I could live in year round!

  23. There is so much to love about this cottage! White outside, white inside. In the kitchen, the clear hood over the stove opens up the look quite a lot.
    And the enclosed garden! Love it!

    1. You're right about the stove hood, Willow. Anything more would be too much. The enclosed garden is delightful. Love the summer house, too.

  24. Wow, love this beautiful cottage (I feel like I say that every week ;) ). The exterior, the stone fireplace, the it all and I would really enjoy a stay here. Thanks for sharing this beauty. Have a great week!

  25. Nancy, your blog always brings a little enchantment into my world . . . so many beautiful cottages and so many ideas to incorporate into our own homes.

  26. My husband and I looked at this cottage dreamily! Oh it is a beauty! You truly do have a knack for finding the most darling cottages ever, and to imagine that this cottage is 300 years old! Wow! The inside all remodeled is just gorgeous, love the spacious kitchen, deep window wells, and beamed ceilings. Beautiful beautiful!!!!

  27. What a truly beautiful, serene cottage, I love all of it.

  28. It's adorable, Nancy. I think those deep windows are my favorite :)


  29. Its even greater looking on the inside, very nice indeed. Greetings!

  30. Good Afternoon Nancy, I know Cornwall very well... it is such a beautiful county. My daughter lives in Dorset... a county I also love.
    This Cornish cottage is beautiful and it has been decorated so nicely. You would never imagaine that the inside could be so light and airy.... clever use of white.
    I loved the window seat which was covered with a sheepskin rug.... yes a lovely place to sit and read a book... or just gaze out of the window.
    Best Wishes


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