Living Large In Small Spaces - Green Cottage

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I confess that I really love discovering cottages in other parts of the world to share with you. It's not always easy to find one with interior photos, so when I came across this one in Poland I nearly jumped through my computer screen. (Okay, not really. But I did feel a little giddy.)

The charmometer jumped way up on this one. Look at those stained glass windows and the scallop molding. Plank walls and ceiling -- yes, please.

From what I could gather about this cottage, it is a weekend and holiday getaway for the owners and their children. It was in pretty rough shape when they found it and they have been slowly restoring it.

The banner over the sofa reads "Gość w dom - Bóg w dom"
English translation: Guest coming into house - God coming into house. A guest is a blessing for the household.

Though color is used sparingly in the decor, its impact against the neutral backdrop is generous.

Dark woods contrast beautifully against the white.

This cottage has a comfortable, collected look that I love.

Blue and white with touches of yellow is a classic combination. Timeless.

Enchanting touches everywhere.

The outdoor living is just as charming.

Zielona Chatka translated: Green Cottage

Could this be my new favorite small space living large? It's at least in my Top 10. How about you?

Source: Decoholic

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  1. Lovely!

    Zielona chatka...I'm guessing green is zielona? If so, it's very close to the Russian word for green.

  2. Hi dear friend ,, que cada más hermosa , toda pequeñita y llena de detalles hermosos
    Espero que tengas un bendecido fin de semana

  3. What an enchanting beauty!!! Definitely a favorite.
    Happy weekend, dear Nancy.

    1. Happy weekend to you, too, Lin. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  4. Swooning. Love her kitchen so cute. This was a great choice to share Nancy. Love this little sweet cottage getaway. Love the blessing sign how sweet.
    Happy Week End.

  5. This is a sweet, little cottage! I love the banner over the sofa. As always, you've found a place where I'd love to hide away!

  6. This cottage is like stepping into a fairy-tale . . . totally captivating :)

  7. This is the epitome of charming!! Love it!! :)

  8. Well sweet Nancy from my Polish eyes I am in love with this sweet cottage. I spotted the adorable flower slippers and I fell in love. Slippers and comfort embrace me with joy. Thank you Nancy for bringing all these gorgeous, sweet, enchanting cottages for us to enjoy.

  9. Very charming . . .
    The table setting . . .
    The blue and yellow had me over the moon . . ,
    (Maybe we think alike . . .)

  10. What a great cottage. My favorite colors for decorating, blue white and a touch of yellow.

  11. Love it! Adorable breakfast room! Cute kitchen and all of it!

  12. I could be very happy there! It's absolutely charming.

  13. what a whimsical dwelling.. love it!

  14. ANOTHER darling goodie to open up to on this Sunday morning dearest Nancy! OK, you have me in a pickle here; first that adorable Spanish cottage, then the French one, now THIS ONE! I love our American decorating sensibilities but when we get a chance to see how the other half of the globe approaches cottage living, there is SO much to learn and appreciate. The fact that color is kept to a minimum in order for what does exist can make a full impact is a smart step in the right direction for comfort and ease in maintaining. Secondly, this type of arrangement lends a very peaceful, non-cluttered feel. I SO LOVE that first quote about the guests that step into the home are GOD. WOW. Lovely way to live and entertain, no matter how grand or small a home may be.

    Well, mark this one down as a winner in my book! Much love Nancy, and have fun as we lead up to the holidays! Anita

  15. Very pretty! I really like this one! Happy Sunday Nancy!

  16. Top Ten for sure. Love this space.

  17. This is charming for sure, Nancy. I am such a sucker for those wood beams...I would love to live in a house that had those! The table in the yard would be the perfect spot for cozy dinners, wine with a girlfriend,'s dreamy!

  18. Very sweet, charming, quaint! All those words and more. I want it for my next home!

  19. Very sweet little place with lots of big charm! You always share the cutest places! Blessings, Cindy

  20. You sure have found some Lovely pics to show us. It's never wrong to show how you can do with small places lol.
    Thanks a lot for visiting me. Hope to see you there again.
    Love Elzie

  21. Hi Nancy, I love this sweet cottage and the white washed walls are incredible. Thank you for sharing this lovely home. Merry Christmas! xx Jo

  22. Indeed another charming home you've found! I too loved the plank walls and ceilings, just gorgeous. Of course the homey sweet touches of decor throughout the home were lovely, and the kitchen delightful! Another amazing cottage find for sure!

  23. i love it, simple and charming, what more could one ask for!

  24. So charming and quaint, a perfect weekend cottage. Love it!

  25. LOvel Cottage and I love the use of white with touches of colours.

  26. Oooh, I love this one. So charming!

  27. This cottage is a charmer. Just the right amount of little pops of cheerful color here and there. Love the pillows on the bench.


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