Living Large In Small Spaces - Sea Captain's Cottage in Sweden

Scandinavian cottages like this one make me weak in the knees.

Sea Captain's Cottage listed by 55 Square Brokers, Stockholm

Welcome to the fifty-sixth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Why does this 861 sq ft cottage built in the 1800's affect me so? 

Because it has retained much of its original roots.

It hasn't been messed up, made over, contemporized. 

Case in point. . .the door. Where do you find an original beauty like this still intact? 

Look at the glorious imperfections of this cottage.

The original wide plank floors, and a cast iron stove.

You won't find this kitchen in a tract home.

The wood-burning kitchen stove is in working order.

And even though there are some modern conveniences, such as the range, this kitchen still has its old-fashioned charm.

I love the way the cottage is furnished, with antiques and rag rugs and so many homey touches.

Seeing these photos takes me back to days spent in my grandfather's cottage when I was a young girl.

These rooms speak of a simpler time.

Hand blown windows with views that make you look.

And an attic that's really just that. . .rafters and all.

The porch, a 2012 addition, respects the home's architectural integrity.

Imagine the stories the cottage could tell of the sea captain and his family.

The idyllic location is in Syltenäs on the Island of Orust in Western Sweden.

A lovely, quaint place.

What do you think of antique homes like this one? 

This home was listed for sale by 55 Square Brokers in Stockholm. It has been sold.

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  1. Oh Nancy ... The door, the door, the door - Amazing! The warmth and brightness and homespun feeling embraces me with an emotional heart pull, Sure I could live in a home with such history and antique quirks and even a ghost or two, On a Island in Sweden a rich history lives on. Part of embracing a home so old is keeping up with the needed repairs when they occur, it's part of care taking a home that has lived and loved through history,

  2. I love the candles in the window and imagine the welcoming glow they cast on the darkest nights.

  3. Is that a fireplace in the corner with the moulding that looks like a crown? It is gorgeous, whatever it is! I love the brightness of this home. My only issue is that I feel like it would be quite cold during winter months. I would have to spend all of my time wrapped up in blankets drinking hot toddies ;)

    1. That's a Swedish tile stove, Julie. It's fabulous, isn't it?

  4. I agree, the furniture is wonderful. But the placement of each treasure is done with such purpose.
    My favorite is the dining room table and then the master bed.

  5. My jaw is on the floor. I think I am on charm overload. Every single room had at least one fabulous element. To see so many in one home was just too much! They really don't make them like they used to, do they?

  6. What a sweet little place...bigger than it looks, I think. It is perfectly imperfect with all it's little quirks. xo Diana

  7. That would be the perfect vacation spot for me. Cozy, plenty of green, plenty of water.

  8. I'd love to hear the tales these walls could tell! This is such a sweet, little cottage - the kind where I can imagine spending the rest of my days just enjoying every part of it and the views beyond.

  9. I love it. :-) I love the charm. I love the added love in all the details. ;-) I can just feel it.
    xx oo

  10. How I would enjoy that view! I even like the attic. (It reminds me of my grandparents'. We used to sleep in a very similar attic when we visited them.)

  11. Oh Nancy another beautiful cottage. Love the view out the window and Oh my that kitchen and wood burning stove is sooooo beautiful. This one is a great one. Swooning.

  12. SOLD on my heart! I LOVE SCANDINAVIAN EVERYTHING! Nancy, this is another winner. That dear Spanish cottage you shared lasts week stole my heart, now this one has stolen it back! My heart keeps jumping from country to country! But the Swedish white and "simple" decorating sensibilities really are easy and pleasant on the eye. This is where WHITE décor rests naturally in the scene, without too much or any overly done and forced shabbiness. I admire the Scandinavian look here in Minnesota that I have grown to love, and your share today is making me want to see Sweden one day.

    LOVELY, my friend! (Don't you just love those tall, white enameled furnaces they use?)

  13. I love it too! I'm wondering how they keep truly warm in the winter, especially with that gap in the beautiful front door. I love the old siding on the outside, all the oldness on the inside. I can almost feel and hear walking on these old floors. I like it that it is so bright inside. This is a wonderful place with a fantastic view. Thank you for sharing.


  14. So gorgeous! I find it interesting that there are so many Ikea pieces in this decor and they fit in beautifully! I also really love the look of the exposed wiring (I know, I'm weird that way - you should have seen my electrician's face when I told him I would use that technique to rid myself of the last of the k&t wiring in my house!!!) Happy Sunday! xox

  15. There hasn't been one yet that I haven't said. . . . "best ever!"
    The setting alone would take me there . . .
    Charming indeed . . . and the kitchen, corner, wood stove . . .
    What a treat to see . . .
    thanks to Nancy !

  16. I fell totally head over heals for this cottage from the first picture to the last. I like Anne love the exposed wires. The rugs, the wood stove in the kitchen, the attic, ...... there is not a thing I would change. So rare to find a home that hasn;t been modernized. You hit this one out of the park. Debbie

  17. This is a lovely home, simple,yet it looks very comfortable, exactly my kind of Cottage.

  18. Simply beautiful and I loved the view to the water through those gorgeous windows. I bet it sold fast!

  19. I have to say that the original wood cook stove stole my heart, of course along with all the other quaint charm of the home. The open living room with the beautiful windows and view, in the gorgeous setting - all just delightful! You have a gift for finding the most unique, quaint little spots ever!

  20. I think I could live just in the kitchen! Oh to be the owner of so much charm!

  21. One of my favorites! I'd even leave it white ;)


  22. This is simply adorable. Like AnnMarie I could live in the kitchen. The location is gorgeous.

  23. Ooooh! I love it!! That kitchen is amazing. And all the bright whites & light from the windows. Wonderful!

    1. The kitchen is exceptional. They just don't make them like this anymore.


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