Living Large In Small Spaces - Stone Cottage in Spain

I must confess my pulse quickened when I discovered this enchanting stone cottage in Spain. It has great design that doesn't sacrifice function, lovely outdoor spaces and loads of charm. 

Welcome to the fifty-fifth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

It's hard to believe this cottage began life as a stable; the rehabilitation is just amazing. Come tour it with me and see if you don't agree.

Walking through the front door we enter into a living room filled with natural light and wonderful architectural details. The deep well windows and exposed beams give it so much character. A cozy reading corner invites snuggling up with a book from the built-in floor-to-ceiling library.

A soft color palette and plush furnishings create a relaxed mood. The big picture window invites nature to come in. I'm crazy about the shutters on all the windows. 

The rosy pink dining chairs are a delightful burst of color.

There's a refined rusticity to this home.

Who wouldn't like to cook in this stunning kitchen? Even if you don't like to cook, just standing at the sink would be enjoyable.

The girls' bedroom is like something from the pages of a story book. Built-in bunks are so charming. (Notice the storage drawers under the bottom bed?)

The master bedroom is breathtaking. Everything about it spells romance.

Living space is expanded through the creation of outdoor rooms.

Arranging intimate outdoor spaces invites sitting in quiet meditation or relaxed dining with family and friends.

Sometimes all that's needed is a bistro set on the lawn.

Here the children have their own outdoor space. . .a red playhouse.

In my book this is a small home with characteristics that make it live very large.

Is there a particular feature in this cottage that you'd like to incorporate in your own home?

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  1. Swoon! This one is absolutely delightful! So many wonderful features. The large windows, the ceilings, the exposed brick, the library, the tile floor.... Plus, that view and the playhouse! :) I can see why your pulse quickened!

    1. I'm still waiting for my pulse to normalize, Anne. I really do LOVE this one!

  2. This is my new dream cottage, now just need to win some money to build it here in the US. You just keep posting so many beautiful cottages.

  3. Love the window box couch! And the stone walls! And look at that view...!

  4. Just breath Vera catch your breath! A vision of stone beauty ... A cottage of calm, warmth and texture. Not sure about the power punch pop of color on the dining room chairs but somehow the unexpected adds interest. Rolling Spanish hills and dining al fresco looks like a dream.

  5. Ok Nancy, I know that I say this every week, but this time I mean it...this one is my all time favorite. I love everything about it!! Everything. I noticed that glass end table right away and thought, wow, what a great idea. Charming and practical. I would incorporate that in my home. I would normally think that it would be too modern, but the addition of the natural basket underneath really warms up the look. I'm moving in! ;)

    And fifty five?? That is a lot of cottages.

  6. I love the WHOLE house here,Nancy. I think the little girls' room is just adorable...and the master is a very romantic place, too. Love the stove with the curved oven "window"and handle. xo Diana

  7. I'm in love with this home. It's perfect. xoxo Su

  8. So beautiful and what a great use of space. I love this one.

  9. I love the natural light and openness to the home, with all the unique details like the sofa window seating, the lovely fireplace, and the romantic details throughout the home and in the bedrooms. Of course the outdoor spaces always catch my eye too... and I agree with you - this one is another winner!!!!!!!

  10. It's really hard to believe this is a small place...I love everything and the furniture and decor is just perfect Love this. When can I love in?

    Just noticed your giveaway. How kind. I'm off to sign up! :)

  11. How lovely. And I like the outdoors, especially the more casual bistro set.

  12. ALL of the cottages you have ever shared have been "must-have" cottages; I especially love the European ones, those from Great Britain. HOWEVER.....this little "casita" has GOT to be my absolute share of yours. The exposed beams throughout, the light colors, the extra little's THE BEST! Hi Nancy! Happy November!

  13. Oh my gosh! This is 'wonderful'. Hubby and I lived in Spain while he was in the US Navy, Jan. '70 - Mar.-'73 and sometimes wish we had just stayed there. But alas!

    I think I'd like to make my bedroom more romantic, even though I'm now alone. I've already started and I know my DH would like what I've done so far. It is my little cozy haven in my little cozy cottage. :-) It is all a work in progress.

    I loved that large window in the living space and those pink dining chairs were great too. So much to love about this place.

    Thanks for sharing it here.

    Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  14. oh wait .. i have some favorite homes you've shared on saturdays .. but this one? oh my. my heart is touched by the comfy soothing qualities, white kitchen, and pumpkin toned chair. and the stone. yes..

    1. I love the pumpkin color on that chair, Sherry. Glad you enjoyed this cottage.

  15. Charming indeed . . . Bet you know what I am going to say . . .
    I could live here!
    Really . . .
    I would keep the "Rosy Colored Chairs" but I would change the wallpaper . . .
    Love the very large opened window. I would rather look out though than have my back to the window!
    Love the STONE!

  16. Nancy, this cottage is beautiful . . . so feminine. I would love it, but it is decorated a bit too girly for my Steve to be comfortable there. One of the things that I love about homes from other countries is the design of their ovens (or cookers). I find this especially true in all the British homes. The stove in this cottage kitchen is so cute. Why doesn't some manufacturer in America come up with a cottage design? Well, at least one that isn't overly priced.
    Happy Sunday!
    Connie :)

  17. I was so surprised to see how light and bright this stone cottage is inside. My favorite features are the floors, ceilings and deep set windows. The use of a quilt on the dining table and those rose chairs sing cottage. Debbie

  18. I was gasping Wow with each picture of each room! I want to incorporate it all....into my own cottage!!!

  19. This is a lovely stone cottage, the living-room looks really comfortable.

  20. Love this cottage and could happily live there. ;)

  21. Lovely, I love the wall paper in the Master Bedroom.
    Enjoy this week!

  22. Beautiful cottage Nancy. I think this one may be my favorite so far. The deep well window, the beams and the stone are all fabulous. Love this one!

  23. I LOVE this little cottage. I can imagine living there. The girls' room is a dream and the master bedroom is absolutely wonderful - but that kitchen! I would stand at the sink and look out the windows and never get anything done!


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