Falling All Over Ourselves

Hello Cottage Friends,

Are you as busy with fall activities as we are? Although the afternoons have been sunny and warm here, we know freezing daytime temperatures will soon be upon us. That said, we're spending most of our time completing outdoor work.

Such as our garden shed. 

Are you surprised by the paint colors? Or is it pretty much what you expected? 

Dennis has been working very hard on the landscaping. Digging and shoveling dirt, moving dirt, mounding dirt. It's dirty work.

Today he's adding rock to the dry creek bed. The black plastic keeps the weeds out. He'll trim it all back once he's finished, so it won't be seen.

Several days ago he finished the patio in the front cottage garden.

While he's been accomplishing all this, I've been decorating the front porch.

Overnight temps dip into the low 30's here, prompting a morning fire to take the chill off our little cottage. We like to drink coffee and watch the flames dance in our gas heater. A few days ago I started some interior fall decorating, as you can see by the mantel and Dennis' paintings hanging above it. 

Dennis enjoys painting landscapes in each season, so I have the privilege and blessing of changing out the original artwork in our cottage at least four times a year.

Last night a friend gave me a trunkload of pumpkins -- large and mini -- so I finished decorating the mantel and added some fall charm to the kitchen.

This watercolor by artist Carol McLaughlin was a birthday gift to me from Dennis. He knows I love birds, and especially those our good friend Carol paints. 

The white plate was found in the free box at the Soroptomist Thrift Store. It has a subtle harvest theme.

We shopped Dennis gallery and storage to find paintings that work with the colors in our sitting room. This oil is a scene from Oregon's Soda Creek in very early fall.

I like the way this oil painting repeats the fall colors in the throw.

"Taos Mountain" remains one of my favorite of Dennis' oils.

One more photo before I go. I think this skillet with veggies ready for Dennis to saute has a very fall look. Nearly every morning he makes breakfast, and vegetables are always on the menu.

So, dear friends, are you outdoors or indoors this week?


  1. Aren't you lucky to have artwork to change out as you go from season to season? Those are just wonderful paintings..and I love the little bird he got you for your birthday. Your shed is great- the deep green is a surprise to me...lol
    We are in the 30s for the first time this fall tonight. I am ready (I think) although not ready for the winter that will follow. xo Diana

  2. It's looking fantastic, Nancy! The shed color is bold and fun :) Dennis's paintings are really wonderful. I'm sure you enjoy them a great deal. I am getting ready to toss the annuals in my lots soon and have been busily cutting away at my hydrangeas and bringing them in for arrangements.

  3. Dennis is a talented artist, and his paintings are divine, especially the mountains.

    No Fall decorations here other than those that nature is placing on my lawn at the moment.

  4. Love that Dennis artwork is being used in your decor. Love his pretty paintings. Your sweet cottage looks so nice with all the fall touches. Have a great week Nancy.

  5. The shed looks super cute. Did you choose green, because the garden will eventually fill in green? I am assuming that painting is Taos, New Mexico. Before you mentioned Taos, it had a warm familiarity about it for me. If not, it reminds me of Taos. We spend a lot holidays and vacations in New Mexico, and I use to live near the board of Arizona and New Mexico. Of course it's not close, but anything is just down the road if you live out there. xoxo

  6. Hi Nancy,
    Yes, I love the shed.
    We cleaned out the garden over at the community gardens. We are working at home now on putting the flower beds to bed for winter. :-) We have been blessed with lovely weather. Our first kill frost is for the weekend. WOW, that is late for Northwest Wisconsin.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Beautiful autumn colors, inside and out. PS. I love the chickadee.

    1. Thanks. (Chickadees are such happy little birds, aren't they?)

  8. I love the garden shed and it will look so pretty with your red cottage! My, you both have accomplished so much getting ready for winter. Your autumn touches are lovely, and lucky girl to have a real artist on site to choose from his work. And he cooks breakfast!

    My husband has worked over a week now rebuilding our well house, trying to get it finished before cold weather. Just finished it this afternoon. Next will be winterizing the house and cleaning the gas heaters. Houseplants are mostly inside now. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it so busy times, but so much fun!

  9. What beautiful paintings by Dennis! They are the perfect touches for your cottage walls. Your landscaping is coming along and is going to look great! When we lived on our other property I always called our BnB yard my "town yard" as it was so easy to landscape and so small! It is always a challenge making areas and boundaries in a big farm yard. I had fun outdoors yesterday as I did a photo shoot in our outdoor room...hope you will pop over and see it. :) enjoy your cozy home! I love it!

    1. Thanks, Dawna. I like the size of our lot; it's just right. :)

  10. What a delightful post! I enjoyed seeing what you are doing with your flower beds. Dennis is quite the talented landscaper, and you are just an amazing decorater, what a great team you are! And his paintings are magnificent! How fun to be able to change out your decor with his seasonal paintings! Our daughter paints with oils, and I imagine she and Dennis would have a great time together should they ever be able to meet! She is taking a 5-hour oil painting class in college this year, and that is the happiest part of her day.

    We seem to be on a treadmill here trying to get things done before the snow flies... the tamaracks are changing colors now, and it won't be long, once they lose all their needles, we usually get our first snow. So much to do, and so little time to do it.

    Your cottage looks amazing. What a team the both of you are! I really enjoyed your fall update today :)

  11. Nancy,
    I'm looking at all these delightful photos and it's hard to believe that within the year your dream came to be. From the charming décor and Fall touches to the outdoor gardens and the rock beds to the über cool fun Green (I had thought it would be wonderfully exciting). Perfect choice with the Green. Your Fall outdoor display and mantel are wonderfully rustic. i especially love the rustic beam or wood used on the mantel. Nancy please tell Dennis I think he is exceptionally gifted. Lovely post.

  12. We're outside a lot this week. It's chilly and frosty back home but for 10 days, we're at our "second" home on a tiny island off the West Coast, so it's nice and warm and sunny here. Love the shed and the landscaping and all the great paintings. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Very nice post! Beautiful landscapes! Your decor is warm and cozy! Great job ! Blessings!

  14. We're outside a lot this week. It's chilly and frosty back home but for 10 days, we're at our "second" home on a tiny island off the West Coast, so it's nice and warm and sunny here. Love the shed and the landscaping and all the great paintings. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Your place is looking so wonderful!!!

    I do like the idea of a dry creek. I use dog or cat food sacks as a landscape fabric and they are working great. I've had some down six years now and they are still holding.

    You both have done a beautiful job together making your home so beautiful.

  16. I love everything you've done with your cottage - inside and out! What a blessing to have your hubby's paintings to display with the seasons. Every peek inside your 'dream' home is such fun!

  17. The paintings are gorgeous...I can see why you switch them around, I would want them all up all of the time.! Talented guy you have there.

    Your fall decor is so pretty!

    Happy Fall!

    Jane x

  18. Oh Nancy, the cottage looks marvelous!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled to see Dennis outside, putting the finishing touches up on the garden. Next spring and summer, you are going to have a full spectacle of green and color! AND....your little mantle! Ruben is making me one for our great room, just like this. We have no fireplace in that room however, but the thick beam of wood he will be attaching to the wall will match the ceiling beams, and a fine, antique oil painting will be hung above it. It will be more of a shelf, but the rustic look will be achieved.

    Fall here is spectacular, so yesterday and today I am off from work for MEA week, so I've been enjoying the sunny but winding pleasures. While inside, it's cozying up to dream, create and rest - all that fall is about!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I know your new "mantle" will be perfect in your sweet cottage, Anita. I hope you post it on Instagram.

  19. You two are busy inside and out! I love seeing what you are doing. Love the paintings by your husband and that bird painting is lovely too. Love your decorating style.

    I'm looking forward to working both inside and out this fall/winter/spring while the weather is oh so comfortable down here in s.e. FL.

    Happy Fall dear Nancy ~ FlowerLady

  20. Oh my . . .
    I could "eat" this post . . .
    I love, love, love your touches . . .
    Dennis' art is such a gift . . .
    Love the mantle and his painting above . .
    Love the Taos piece . . .
    Red and Green . . .
    I am still hungry for more . . . MORE . . .
    Greedy aren't I . . .
    So exciting and wonderful!

  21. I love the glimpses you have given us of your sweet cottage! How nice to surround yourself with such beautiful artwork! I went very minimal inside with Fall decorating and I need to get outside and plant the perennials waiting for me in the garden! Your front gardens look beautiful!

  22. It's all looking so wonderful, Nancy. You must be on cloud 9!!!!!


  23. How sweet to be decorating and landscaping! You must be so happy!!

  24. Good Morning Nancy, Wow! This post was filled with so much interest and I enjoyed every photo and every word. You certainly have been turning your cottage into a very cozy home with so much warmth and welcoming appeal. It is beautiful! Dennis does amazing work; how marvelous it is that you have his art hanging throughout your home . . . between the two of you, you have created perfection. Yes, I was very surprised by the color of your potting shed. It turned out so nice and your landscaping, too. The two of you have been working so hard that you must be running out of elbow grease . . . time to take a cold weather break :)
    Seeing your plate and reading the words . . . Soroptomist Thrift Store . . . brought back memories. That store is my all time favorite . . . I have been in a lot of thrift stores, but done compare to that one. I guess that's why they have a line out the door on Monday mornings :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)
    P.S. Autumn has been working now for about 2 months and she is loving it. She says that she has a hard time not crying each time she thinks about how much the Lord has blessed her. The girls love their new school and the house that Autumn bought has a fenced in backyard, so she got the girls a Labra-doodle. I wish they weren't so far away, but I know that she is right where the Lord wants her :)

  25. The pictures of you cottage makes it look so cosy that I feel like sitting in front of your stove and drinking tea with a good book there.

  26. I love that green shed and everything else. You all have done such a great job with your new home.

  27. The shed colors are a surprise. But I am not a fan of green. My little patio condo had all light green walls when I bought it. I painted them all a buttermilk color before I moved in. The landscaping is coming along nicely. Lucky you to have an artist in the family and can change out your artwork. I used to paint with watercolors but never had them framed. Some day maybe. Enjoy your nice days while you have them. Debbie

  28. I love your garden shed, the color is great and says *happy gardener*. Your hubby is quite the artist, that is wonderful to have so many beautiful paintings and I love that 'free' dish, great for the season! Have a wonderful weekend and I can't even imagine 30 degrees....It was 100 day before yesterday!! Blessings, Cindy

  29. Well aren't you just the luckiest lady in town, shopping the artist's private collection? I must say you have so many fabulous pieces on display. Gorgeous. I would not have guessed that the garden shed would be green, but I love it! It's unexpected and super charming. I hope that you and Dennis continue to enjoy the last few warm afternoons that fall has to offer before the cold really sets in. Although, I doubt you'll mind your time inside, it's a spectacular cottage. xo

  30. I love your garden shed and the color is awesome. Dennis' artwork is absolutely gorgeous are you are one lucky lady to have your pick from such beautiful. Enjoy your last warm days. We just had our first freeze last night and highs only in the 40's today. Winter is coming. Have a good Sunday my friend.

  31. Wow...love your Hubby's artwork, and gives your home a more personal touch! He sure is a hard worker...you're so lucky and blessed. I think the shed's colors are perfect and the landscape is looking absolutely great! Your breakfasts sound so yummy!
    Have a wonderful week!

  32. Such loveliness, Nancy! You have really settled into your beautiful cottage. Love the green of the garden shed. It's just perfect (and no, I had no idea what color you'd choose). That mantle is wonderful over your cozy woodstove. These chilly nights have been making us wish we had one, or a fireplace. In our next home that's one thing we'll be sure to have.

    Enjoy these fall days!

  33. Nancy! Dennis' artwork is magnificent! Your cottage looks sooo cozy. A beautiful, happy place.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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