Living Large In Small Spaces - Ten Petite Bedrooms Big on Style

Fiftieth post in the series 
"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Welcome Friends,

On today's edition of Living Large In Small Spaces we're looking at ten different bedrooms that have maximized their small size through great design. I think you'll like these.


We start with this traditional bedroom. The headboard is recessed into the custom made shelving and cabinetry. French doors open into this serene space.

This stylish bedroom uses animal prints to make a statement. Notice how the delicate legs of the nightstands give an open feeling to the space. The mirror on the wall adds visual depth.


Here's another winning way to create the illusion of depth in a room. In this contemporary Georgetown bedroom photos of columns at the Jefferson Memorial were used to create wallpaper behind the bed. The side tables have pull out shelves for additional space, and wall sconces take the place of table lamps.

This is one of the best bed-in-front-of-the-window scenarios I've ever seen. The open frame headboard allows light to flow into the room, and its style, finish and height compliment the windows instead of fighting them.


Skylights brighten this charming bedroom under the eaves and make it seem larger. Space is preserved with the use of tiny storage cabinets between the studs with room for a book and other night time essentials. Wall sconces stand in for lamps.

Several design elements struck me in this bedroom photo. The beadboard walls and ceiling painted in the same color, the double ceiling molding and the simple window treatment. All of this makes the room appear larger. But what really impressed me is the use of two matching dressers.  One might be tempted to use one big dresser on this wall, but these twins break up the space and visually expand it, as well as provide room for a chair between them. Brilliant.  


Great floor space conserving concept in this small teen's bedroom: dual closets, over-the-bed shelves instead of a headboard, with room for a painting. I could see this basic idea used in a master bedroom with any design style. Imagine this same scene after changing out the door style with a cottage or French country twist. Or how about a rustic approach. So many options.

Here's a very creative solution for placing a double bed in a very small room, while still allowing for access from either side. Place it at an angle and use an adjustable screen for the headboard. See how a nice sized chest still fits here, too, and doubles as a nightstand. Love this!

This bedroom is delightful. Cozy and calm.


And because I couldn't decide which of two views to share, I'm including both photos of this handsome bedroom.  

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed exploring this collection with me. Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Great bedrooms!! I do believe that the beach style bedroom, # 9 is my favorite! I can imagine reading a book and listening to the sound of the waves while that window is open!
    Great features!

  2. And who said small couldn't be beautiful. Loving them.

  3. I like the bed-in-front-of-the-window, the light green beadboard, and the last one. Great inspiration, Nancy. And our master bedroom is crying out for a complete makeover......

  4. I like the last room...both views and that fireplace!!! That is my favorite. Can I book a night? ;)

  5. Definitely big on style! Love these!

  6. Lovely bedrooms! I especially like the first one. Space for books is important to me...

  7. i picked #s 1, 2, 4 ... and then saw #10.
    swOon fAint tHud.
    perfection. showing the hubs.

  8. After each bedroom I would sigh and say, "This is my favorite!"... until I'd get to the next picture. :-) I would have to say that number 10 is a "10" in my book! I love the window seat and the fireplace. So cozy and so perfect.

  9. I loved this Nancy . . .
    IDEAS . . . many . . .
    We are planning on some updating in our home so I am always hungry for ideas.
    Right now the debate is between carpet and hard wod. I want the latter, with area rugs. Hubs wants carpet, especially in the bedroom. I think I have the problem solved with the hard wood and a large area rug positioned differently, (warm toes in the middle of the night) instead of under our very large king bed, it will be placed at the opposite direction. I might not be making sense . . . but I think I have it figured out perfectly! SMILE . . . I loved #10 . . . oh my . . . nice! But each entry gave me ideas. I thought the column wall paper was interesting . . . So much fun to look at ideas, dream and plan!

  10. You really and truly know how to find and point out the details in a room. I love that. The room with the see-through headboard is so inspiring as well as the one where they used two twin dressers instead of one. We have two small guest rooms at our lakehouse and I can definitely use these ideas! Thanks!

    Jane x

  11. Beautiful choices! and I feel much happier about the size of my 2 extra bedrooms now :)

    Have a wonderful weekend Nancy! xoxox

  12. Well Nancy each of the bedrooms have amazing details and would be wonderful to spend some time in but my very favorite is number 10. Bedding looks yummy and Cozy, the window seat inviting and oh the warmth and beauty of a fire!

  13. I think your bedroom should be your sanctuary and a peaceful and serene place. All of these bedrooms prove that you do not need a lot of space to make a comfy and peaceful place to rest. Love all the inspiration Nancy. Have a great week end.

  14. nice article nancy! small bedrooms can be cozy and uncluttered.

  15. Thanks for sharing these great bedrooms. Our home isn't large and our bedrooms are small. I got a few ideas I may try. You always inspire me!

  16. WOW! Numbers 6 and 8 stand out to me the most for the light and airy feel. Small spaces are fun to find solutions for, and you have shared quite a few winners, Nancy! Wishing you a great Sunday! Anita

  17. #9 is my favorite and #6 is runner up.

    Have a lovely week ~ FlowerLady

  18. #9 is my favorite too - did you notice how the little curtains swing open - so cute! I like #6 also and I think the two dressers are a better use of the vertical space as well. These are all great, Nancy!

  19. I have my bed placed at an angle in the corner of the room like pic # 8. I like the flow of the room but go nuts over the wasted space behind the bed. My bed is a queen size four-poster & very heavy so it's not easy to slide it out.

    I love the look of the screen here but I have a huge moving box covered with a pretty fabric behind mine so that I can have a lamp to read by at night. There really is no other convenient spot in the room for it & I've searched online endlessly for ideas. I guess I may need to purge that room even more than I have already!

  20. I would love to pick a favorite but I can't! I love them all! So well done and doable!

  21. Numbers 2 and 9 are my favorites but who can argue that your last room is fabulous!

  22. Wonderful eye candy. I like how different they are, each with its own style and personality. I think the beach style one is my favorite.

  23. My Favorite is #6 but painted the pale yellow on the back wall of # 1. I would change out the masculine Head/Foot board and add that chandelier in # 2.

  24. Hi! Love the chandelier over the bed!!! Nancy

  25. Hi! Love the chandelier over the bed!!! Nancy

  26. Love them all Nancy but I think you saved the best for last. What a fabulous room!

  27. Hi Nancy, Thanks for stopping by my blog....I always visit your blog, it's one of my favorites......Of course, because we LOVE cottages! I haven't been commenting or posting as much the last 6+ months on blogs...I've been on treatment but doing great now things are getting back to "normal". Would you believe "on a whim" I sold the sofa....didn't really plan to. I had plans for it (we are still working on our family room) and I was going to have some fun with it...but.....I hope I don't regret selling it! LOVE this series....if I ever finish up on these last few rooms of this cottage, I'll give you a holler! Blessings~~~Roxie

  28. A fun collection, Nancy! I think my favorite is the last one, so I'm glad you showed two! I really like the first one, too.

  29. Hi Nancy! I think no.9 the beach style bedroom is my favourite. It looks cosy without being too dark or too light and I love the cool colour scheme and the painting too! :-)

  30. These are such beautiful bedrooms.

    I seem to run into that quite often. I have stepped back and will look tomorrow. It may look better then. Sometimes you just have to do something else to get a perspective.


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