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Forty-ninth post in the series 
"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Welcome Friends. Thanks for joining me for another edition of Living Large In Small Spaces.

Today's featured home, located in Columbus, Ohio, was found on Trulia.  It was listed on the market and sold about a year ago. 

Since the little sign on the front porch says "Pure Honey", we'll assume this petite home is a female. 

She's a bit of a tease. On the outside she says "I'm a traditional girl."

But open her front door and you're in for a surprise.

There are no before photos, so we can only surmise how she once appeared. However, since she was born in 1920 it's apparent that this Plain Jane has had quite a makeover.

She's opened herself up to new possibilities, traded in her 648 sq ft ordinary style for something more daring.

She's thrown caution to the wind and exposed her beams and brick.

And though she's kept her classic doors, trim and baseboards, she's exchanged her staid attic for a sassy loft.

She's streamlined her kitchen with a transitional style that works with anything from vintage to contemporary furnishings, choosing new wood cabinets that enhance her old brick.

She's done a great job of maximizing her small features.

Her restyled bathroom hints at her vintage roots.

Willing to embrace modernity, she's added skylights to bring in natural light.

This lady rests on a double lot that offers lots of landscape potential.

I have to tell you that Pure Honey turned my head.

How about you? 

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. Hi Nancy,
    You know me I am a pure cottage neutral girl but this cottage is really cute and grabbed me with the mix of modern with the cottage. Love that exposed brick. Sooooo cute. Feels really big too with the opens concept. Great little home this week.

  2. Well Nancy she's certainly a honey of a home. She a girl after my own heart, blending the old with the new and she had me smiling with the exposed beams and brick. Happy weekend Nancy.

  3. Oh, what I would give to live in that lady love!

  4. That's about the cutest small house I've seen. Darling


  5. love this one!! Inside and out - so cute!!!

  6. The way that the beams from the loft form the kitchen ceiling is fabulous! That alone would make me buy this house in a second. Neat!

  7. Just love the kitchen...the entire living space is so pretty! Unique home!

  8. I love the brick. I love, love the kitchen.

  9. Oh my, what one can do with creativity, vision, direction . . .
    "She" has a great look. Probably not mine . . . but I wouldn't turn it down!

  10. WOW ~ I love what they did with this sweet little place.

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Sunday and a great week ~ FlowerLady

  11. Nancy, you've done it again! This house, I can't believe how spacious it actually is for it's deceptive outer appearance! Gracefully done, and I think that the simple furnishings are a wise choice to let Honey breathe and inspire. Smaller is most of the time so much better, to limit the extravagances that are too easy to indulge in! LOVELY !!!!

    1. So glad you liked this home, Anita. I expected to see something quite different inside; what I found was delightful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. xo

  12. Hi Nancy, the little cottage looks huge once inside. They have really utilized the space well and looks like there is not crowding of anything. I love the parts that they left exposed, wonderful. I know that you are enjoying your sweet cottage so glad that you are in for the starting of all the holiday. Hugs, Jo

  13. I love the front porch, makes me want to sit and rock in a chair. Debbie

  14. i'd held my breath a little bit looking through the pictures you shared. honey. very fitting for this diminutive cottage. i love it. :)

    1. So happy you liked it, Sherry. I think it's a great remodel. Naming a house is a fun thing to do and I agree that "Honey" is a fitting name for this one.

  15. I love it's small size and huge charm! So deceiving from the outside. Love the brick and exposed beams. So much decorating potential. Love it!

  16. Such deception! One truly would never guess the contrast of old and new mixed together by looking at the outside! The brick is gorgeous! Love the open airy feel to the home :)

  17. Pure Honey looks like one sweet house to me!

  18. She is lovely . . . a sweet little hive for some honey of an owner :) I can picture a grandma living here and having the loft for her visiting grandchildren. I think it is wonderful how they kept the old beams and brick, they add charm and history. Too many times old homes are totally redone and much of the charm is lost. Nancy, I can not express how much I enjoy your home tours. One of my favorite pastimes is Googling Zillow and touring homes around the country. Peeking into other people's homes is just pure fun and gives so much inspiration.
    Have a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  19. I love it. So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  20. What a dream it would be to take care of a small honey like this! I can't believe it's only 648 sq ft, but then I certainly can't believe your own new cottage is not much larger than this one. I wonder if the original living room opened up to two stories, surely not?

    Wouldn't it be nice to know what the family was like that lived here when it was brand new? I bet they'd be amazed now.

  21. I could certainly live happily in this cute little honey pot.

  22. I love it Nancy!!! I could easily get comfortable in this beauty. I'm sure crushin' on the iron fencing out front too. Thank you so much for taking us there.

  23. THis is a darling littel house and the exposed brick brings a lot of charm!


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