Living Large In Small Spaces - Glentrothy Lodge

Forty-fifth post in the series 
"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Gateway and parking
Glentrothy Lodge - Blaentrothy Holiday Cottages
There's something so welcoming about a driveway with an open gate, don't you think?

Thanks for joining me today for another edition of Living Large In Small Spaces.

Today we're back in Wales for a tour of Glentrothy Lodge, a small holiday cottage situated on a gentle stream.

Stream outside cottage

We'll see more of the delightful grounds in a bit, but first let's take a look at the indoors. 

Is your decorating style eclectic? If you're comfortable mixing things up a bit, than you'll love the interior of this cottage.

French doors invite us into the living space.

French windows

Dog friendly cabin in the woods

Starting with a neutral back drop, the owner -- an interior designer -- judiciously uses bold colors to guide the eye around the room. 

Comfy sofas and furnishings

Bright, light living room

In my opinion this is a perfect balance of color. And I love the mix of patterns. Completely doable when they're in the same color family.


The kitchen, dining and living spaces encompass one room. 

Well equipped kitchen

Undeniably modern in design, the kitchen is warmed by wood countertops and nostalgic touches.

Sink in self-catering kitchen in Welsh holiday cottage

Beatles poster

The upstairs master bedroom is home to a glorious bed.

Sumptuous bed

The rich colors of the duvet and pillows make this brass bed work. It is the focal point of this room. . .100%. 

Cosy bedroom

The ensuite bath may be one of my all-time favorites.


Love the roll-top tub.

Traditional bathroom

In fact, all the fixtures are wonderful.

Beautiful rural setting near horses, hills and the River Wye

As is the window.

Lovely bathroom

The child's bedroom is subtle and sweet.

Single bed

Single bedroom

A lovely patio off the living room offers views of the lush garden.

Large, private garden

And the pastoral grounds beyond.
Main bedroom with log burner

An idyllic spot in rural Monmouthshire.

Stunning rural setting

Private holiday cottage in rural Wales

Special thanks to Blaentrothy Cottages for allowing me the privilege of sharing Glentrothy Lodge with you. I received no compensation. All photos belong to Blaentrothy Cottages and are used with their permission.

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  1. Ok, I want this cottage. I have never seen so many beautiful cottages until I started reading your blog.

  2. I love this one Nancy. She is so cozy and comfy I would love to stay there. Have a great week end.

  3. Nancy,
    This Wales cottage had me at first Hello! Although I think I would want to just sit outside and look at the exterior I think the interior is an absolute charming place. Of course the bathroom beckons for a soak in bubbles and a glass of bubbles - but it is the charm of the stone walls leading to the master. But of course that Teak wood table and chairs outside invite one to linger and share travel stories and laughter during their stay.
    Door bell is about to ring, guests today. Have a fun relaxing weekend with Dennis my friend.

  4. Take that brass bed out of the equation and I love every square inch of this house! Lovely setting too. Sigh...

  5. It is idyllic! Not surprised that a designer owns it. I love the alcove the wood stove sits in. And the fabric that the loose covers (isn't that what they call it instead of our slipcovers?) on the sofa is so pretty with all the white in the room.

  6. Loved Glentrothy . . . so very charming.
    Love the white and green, patterns and punches of color.
    Just perfect . . . surrounding outdoor is lovely too!

  7. It's amazing how much charm and function can be found in that tiny looks so SMALL from the outside, but clever placement and light-filled d├ęcor make this space big enough to live LARGE!

    Hi Nancy!

  8. Love the living area and the wood counter tops but the kitchen and bath are a little to stark and modern for my taste. I would love to be on that patio listening to the bees buzz and the butterflies flutter. Beautiful countryside. Debbie

  9. I suprisingly love the modern kitchen, I think they managed to make it feel very comfortable and "at home" in this cottage.

  10. Beautiful.

    Love how open and airy it is. And that garden!

  11. Oh so pretty. A lovely place to be.....

  12. This little cottage is definitely a charmer!! Love the way the outdoors becomes more living space to enjoy.
    Mary Alice

  13. Wow... what a beautiful place. It almost makes me want to paint everything white... almost ;)


  14. My heart always skips a beat when I see the beauty and appeal in these small homes. This is a winner, Nancy! Thanks!

    Jane x

  15. I love this one, Nancy. The contrast of the stone and the bright colors is so pretty, but it's that stream that makes me swoon!


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