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Forty-sixth post in the series 
"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Charming Folie, Midi-Pyrenees, France

"Architecture is inhabited sculpture."
Constantin Brancusi

Thank you for joining me today for another edition of Living Large In Small Spaces.

Keeping Brancusi's quote in mind, if I was asked to describe today's featured home I would say it is classical and elegant, yet altogether approachable.

An 18th century Neo-classical structure located on a private chateau in Midi-Pyrenees, France, Charming Folie has been renovated into a guest house and listed as a vacation rental with Boutique Homes.

What first drew me to this space is the color palette. I love the light pistachio walls with the pink and creamy yellow uphostery. Next is the excellent mix of antique furnishings with contemporary pieces.  

The ground floor is one open space. The big windows with interior shutters are swoon worthy. 

Behind the charming screen hides the kitchenette. My first thought upon seeing it was that it's terribly utilitarian and somehow out of context. But I don't know. . .it's sort of interesting, and although it's not my style at all I somehow don't mind it used here. 

The pretty spiral staircase leads to the bedroom.

I'm not in love with the bed's red coverlet. Aside from that the bedroom is dreamy.

The en suite bath is small, but inviting.

Right here is where I want to rest. A fabulous outdoor living space. The walls are breathtaking.

Charming Folie sits on a private stretch of river bank.

Here's where I would take my coffee in the morning.

This just may be the most romantic small home I've shown to date. 

One thing I've discovered while doing this series is that you folks are not shy, what do you think of Charming Folie?

No compensation received for featuring this home. For more information go to Boutique Homes here.

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  1. Very nice Nancy. I love this little cottage in France. I too would not be thrilled with the kitchenette but for a rental it is probably more user friendly. That outdoor space is heaven. Those brick ruin walls OMG! Love! Great feature this week.

  2. Nice little cottage. I agree - the kitchen seems out of place and I would change that red spread on the bed. Of course, who would care if you could spend hour after hour outdoors?

  3. Hey Nancy! What an incredible post - loved the romantic little cottage share today! I totally agree (as usual!) with your adept assessment... love the palette colors, and the incredible outdoors space, but the kitchen needed a different touch, and the red bed covering was just odd! However those things could easily be changed, and would be a charming place to live, especially with outdoors area! Enjoyed the tour so much, have a blessed day!

  4. OMG, OMG, OMG Nancy this cottage almost made my heart leap out of my chest!!! Now I will say I agree with each of your comments, but still totally love this place. The kitchen could use a few open wall rustic wood shells from antique barn beams to take the stainless chill away. Yup from the lips of the blogger who loves blending the old with the new. Nancy this cottage in fairytale France is a charming folly. I'd stay here in wide eyed appreciation.

  5. I think I'd spend a lot of time outside having coffee on that sweet white table & chair set.....

  6. The color scheme really works. I would definitely ditch the red spread. The outside is amazing. That kitchen would have to go too institutional for such an elegant space. Great find.

  7. Talk about living large in a small!!

  8. Love this! So elegant and a really great way to show how varied tiny houses can be.

    Jane x

  9. I love it. Since it's a rental, it has WAY MORE to offer than a regular rental condo or suite; it is a literally a little, scaled down palace with it's lush grounds, exterior and interior. The kitchenette I think is brilliantly hidden, utilitarian indeed, but functional and well-placed. With views like this and a feel as if you were on the grounds of a château, who needs a grand or even "normal" kitchen! C'est charmant, bien sûr!!!!!!!

  10. What a lovely rental! The little kitchen looks out of place because of the stainless steel, but hidden behind the screen you don't even notice it. I don't like the red bedspread either. Sitting outside sipping 'whatever', and those views, makes it really desirable. I love the color of those walls inside too.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  11. I think it's adorable! I love the decor except for the strange looking kitchen! Love the beautiful grounds, let's meet for coffee!
    Happy Sunday, Nancy
    Nancy :)

  12. I think it's adorable! I love the decor except for the strange looking kitchen! Love the beautiful grounds, let's meet for coffee!
    Happy Sunday, Nancy
    Nancy :)

  13. I agree....the colors are divine! Not crazy about the kitchenette or the red bedspread but the rest is just dreamy!!

  14. It's really a one of a kind house, very interesting.

  15. I find it interesting . . . I would love visiting and staying there as a rental . . .
    And the setting, views and eclecticness (is that a word) of it all would please me the most.
    I did really like the green and pink . . . It seemed to really fit!

  16. Even though that kitchenette doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the house, I still like it somehow. This place is indeed a charmer! And the outdoor spaces just take your breath away, don't they?

  17. I love it all, and not being a fan of red I still don't mind the coverlet, yet with that much boldness they needed to add that french black to the room, perhaps some trim around the built ins.
    The home is fabulous, and I would take it like it is.

    This is an inspiring share.



  18. Have you noticed that in many European homes the coverlet or bedspread is just pulled up over the pillows like this?

    That outdoor space is like being in a secret grotto, isn't it?

    I love the color scheme and you know, that kitchen keeps the rest of the house from looking too twee.

    Lovely little place!

  19. The spiral staircase and outdoor living area are my favorites in this little place. I like how you are featuring different homes in so many different countries.

  20. So charming Nancy! Love the windows in European homes and I love the outdoor spaces. Thanks for sharing.

  21. This is way more elegant than any vacation home I've stayed in. I like the eclectic chic.

  22. Hmmm.... I would say it's interesting, but not my taste at all as far as the way they have it furnished. I can see past that though and it could be a really charming home. It just needs more coziness I think. Pretty little home though :)



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