Our New Cottage Build - Progress Report #13

Howdy Cottage Friends!

This update will be short and sweet so that I can get back to work on painting interior trim. Our electrician just arrived to do the last details, such as hooking up the stove hood fan.

July 14, 2015

Here's a pic of my garden shed with new storage and a few plants and flowers growing.

July 15, 2015

My friend Robin has beautiful perennial gardens, which she is graciously allowing me to rob for transplants. This Black-eyed Susans bouquet came from one of those plants.

July 16 - 20, 2015

Not much going on besides what we're doing ourselves. Lots of yard work and interior trim building and painting.

July 21, 2015

Our refrigerator is moved into place.

I finished the bathroom window curtain.

Rouse came to install the gutters.

They really look good. 

The mantel is installed.

I love it.  Chuck did an awesome job fulfilling my vision.

There's a surface recessed electrical outlet that can be accessed for Christmas lights, etc.


July 22 - 25, 2015

We do a lot of landscape work.

I had to show you how big my basil has gotten.

July 26, 2015

Dennis creates a new microwave meal:  Breakfast in a Cup.

I expect this to be a very productive week. The heating stove is due for installation Tuesday. We should get the countertops, cabinet hardware and sinks installed this week, too. If so, I'll be cooking in my new kitchen very soon.

I'll leave you with the latest photo of the cottage exterior. (You can see various landscape materials and bags in the picture. That's life right now.)

Have a great week!

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You can find our awesome builder at their website:


  1. it's coming along beautifully! :)
    would love to know what kind of fridge that is...

    1. Hi Sherry. The fridge is an LG 10 cu ft, bottom freezer. :)

  2. Hi Nancy: Everything is looking gorgeous. Love the garden shed so much. That's a dream for me to have one. Must plan to work on that soon. We picked similar colours for the exterior of our tiny dwellings. We tried 6 stains before we got the right color. Yours looks beautiful. Won't be long before you are all moved in. :) Deb

  3. Nancy,
    Your home is so pretty...everything looks so nice, fresh and new. Love your bathroom curtain. You must be so excited. God bless!

  4. I've been thinking of you and wondering how things are going. LOVE everything about your new home and garden shed and yard. I'm so glad you are nearing the end of things so you can start to 'live' there. So much more to see and I can't wait!

  5. It's really amazing how it's all coming together now Nancy - I know you must be anxious to start cooking in the kitchen - hope you share some recipes with us later.

    Mary -

  6. You're almost there! It's been fun following your progress, Nancy. I know you'll be glad to get moved in and settled. :-)

  7. Lookin so great Nancy. You are making wonderful progress. Soon you will be living in your new cozy cottage.

  8. Oh you so totally inspire me, I cannot wait to see you moved in and all its designs in place, it such a wonderful barn rustic red.
    So excited to see and read more about your small cottage.


  9. Love checking out your progress. It's all looking great. The recessed outlet is awesome!

  10. I'm loving what I'm seeing and I'm sure you are thrilled with all of the forward progress.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  11. WOOOO HOOO! I have been waiting for this, Nancy! LOVELY! And your mantel, I just love it. I would love something like this on a wall in our great room made with the same type of wood as yours, but I'd paint it to match our ceiling beams.....OOHHHHHH and your fridge is just like ours (but ours is stainless, but the same narrow type)...perfect for a cottage!

    Your potting shed is fantastic and for sure you are going to be in and cozy for the holidays. This is SUPER!

    Happy day! Anita

  12. Now is when things slow down. All the finishing up and details. But at least you might be able to cook in a few days. Great idea with the electric on the mantel. It used to frustrate me to no end trying to hide the cords at Christmas. LOL. The Holidays coming up will be so special for you both. Even though I do not garden I like your little shed. Debbie

  13. Your basil is fabulous looking! Everything else is coming along beautifully!

  14. I love your update, so many things getting done. Love curtains and the mantel looks wonderful. Don't forget to take some breaks or you will wear yourself down.

  15. Wow, Nancy! I love everything...especially that sweet curtain!!

  16. It is beautiful. I enjoy your updates. I love the gardens already. :-)

  17. The new home is coming right along. The mantle is awesome! Can hardly wait for the finish, as you do too. The garden shed is dandy!

  18. Such a nice home. Love your yard. I know you are ready to be able to move in. I've enjoyed keeping up with your posts.

  19. Things are really coming along...are you looking forward to cooking in your kitchen? The gardens look really nice!

  20. Nancy your sweet cottage is really cook'n, and your plants have gotten so big. Your dream is coming to pass. Hugs, Jo

  21. Great progress.

    Do you have a move in date?

  22. It actually looks like you're improving faster than I am right now !

  23. Nancy, I so glad you dropped by my new blog so I could find you again! I've put you on my blogroll so I won't miss any more. The last I knew you were still looking for a house and now you're building your own! That's wonderful! I love the pretty exterior and I've worked my way back through a few of the progress reports. I know how much planning you must have put on this and I'm happy that you are very near now to it being finished.

    It's looking so very much like what you wanted.


  24. It has been a while since I have done any blogging, or checking in on your progress!! WOW you have been super busy and it all looks amazing!!! I love so many of the details you have chosen and the way the yard is taking shape for you as well. Can't wait to see the kitchen!! You have both worked so hard and it must be so exciting to see your dreams coming off the paper and to life!!


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