Our New Cottage - Progress Report #9

Hello Cottage Friends,

Do you see a pattern in my recent reporting? Less time is passing between updates. We're into the finishing work now.

Here's the progress this past week.

May 26 - 29, 2015

The team has pulled off the job for a few days and so has the rain. We use this time to finish the exterior painting.

Dennis applies a second coat of red paint and I work on the lower panels of the porches. I also paint some of the trim.

Such as the wood on the garden window brackets. 

And the vertical porch trim and the door trim.

One afternoon I took a tumble off the porch and landed on my bum, which was a good thing because that's where all my padding is. I'm very thankful to God that I received no injuries except for a small bruise on my left wrist. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I think I may have gotten tangled up with the drop cloth. I was stepping down from a ladder and the next thing I knew I was falling onto the concrete. A bit scary, but I'm fine and no paint was spilled. 

May 30, 2015

I paint more porch trim while Dennis works on landscape sculpting and gravel walkways.

June 1, 2015

Dennis has a vision for our cottage landscaping that I enjoy seeing come to fruition. Here he's working on the front entry terrace.

The guys are back.  Exterior door hardware is installed.

More hardwood flooring, too.

June 2, 2015

Dennis does more work on the terrace. Soon the porch step and hand rails will be installed, and top soil will fill the recessed areas where the dirt is. Then I can plant some pretty flowers.

The hardwood flooring is nearly complete. 

The team should finish the hardwood flooring today and then Dennis will start installing floor tile in the hallway and bathroom. He'll do all the interior trim, too.

The kitchen cabinets are due to be finished this week. 

Thanks for all your nice comments and encouragement. We're getting close!

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You can find our awesome builder at their website:


  1. Nancy,
    I feel so privileged as a blogger to watch the progress of your adorable cottage home. I feel a connection to all you have accomplished in building, an excitement for you and Dennis as the final stages are coming together. I love the happy Red paint, from the first rendering to actual painting the exterior. It puts a smile on my face. For it is a cheery fun color choice. Sorry about you fall... Gotta admit I'm a klutz and have taken many spills.

  2. It's really coming together. I love the red. So sorry about your tumble. I hate falling. But it is a good feeling that you didn't break something when you do fall.

  3. It gets more exciting every time you share the progress on your sweet new home! Your floor is gorgeous and I LOVE the garden window. I'm so glad you weren't hurt when you fell. No paint was spilled? My friend, that would be the least of my worries!

  4. It's looking really, really good, Nancy. All of that delicious red is just so charming. I am sorry that you fell, but glad to hear you are ok...and didn't spill any paint! ;)

  5. It's going to be awesome. I love how much detail you put in each one. Oh to have your vision! Hugs, Diane

  6. Just beautiful Nancy. I love the hard wood floors they are so pretty. You guys are getting so close to having your new cottage home complete. This has been so fun to come along with you. Everything is looking great.

  7. Love the stain on the floors! So pretty!

  8. Looking Really Good.
    Will the wood on the porch rails be white ?

    1. Hi Angie. Yes, the porch rails will be painted white. I'm waiting until the steps and hand rails are in and all the construction workers are gone. Then I'll paint all the railings at once. :)

  9. Oh- It is just SOOOO wonderful. I am so excited FOR you and can't wait until it is finished. You are really coming along! xo Diana

  10. It's beginning to look like a home :-) Love the color.

  11. You really are getting close.
    I like the landscape design and the pathways . . .
    You each have such a vision for your cottage and its surroundings.
    Happy you weren't injured in your fall . . .
    Be safe in these "winding down" days . . .

  12. I'm amazed at each progress update how much progress you are making! I just love the outdoor landscaping that Dennis is doing, and can't wait to see the landscaped yard with flowers... know you will have fun with that! Your painting escapade sounded kind of scary, but I'm so thankful you were okay! Appreciate this round of the progress report, and am certainly enjoying the journey with you from afar - oh the blessings of blogging :) Much love to you today!

  13. You are getting so close! It all looks amazing and I love the brackets under the window! This will b the best cottage and ard ever! Take care

  14. I can't wait to see the final product! It's looking so great!! Glad you weren't hurt in your fall!

  15. Looking good, I bet you can't wait to get in! Love the window brackets!

  16. Just love the contrast with the red and bright white, very cheerful. But may I be so bold and ask what your red paint is, just love it, but perhaps it is a custom blend!

    1. Hi Mary Anne. The color is a match of Sherwin Wlliams Vermilion. You can read all about it on my Progress Report #6: http://www.ajoyfulcottage.com/2015/05/our-new-cottage-progress-report-6.html :)

  17. Oh Nancy, your homestead is ON THE MOVE! Soon you will be ready and for the holidays you will be sharing a lovely Norwegian style Christmas, maybe? OH DO!

    Thank you for your visit and dear words. I want to glow. I want to shine HIM.

    Enjoy your weekend! Anita

  18. That red is so rich with a second coat. Just gorgeous. Pretty floors too!

  19. The second coat of paint just makes the house zing! I am happy you didn't sustain any bad injuries in your fall. That would have been a big setback. Debbie

  20. To build your own home is something truly special, you must be so excited with the progression now. Glad to hear that your fall wasn't too bad as I'm sure you're itching to get it all done.

  21. Oh Nancy your sweet Cottage is looking so beautiful. I just had a thought, are you going to name it? I mean it's been a real labor of love for you and hubby, and with your tumble and tired muscles I'm sure that it seems like being in labor. lol Take care sweet friend. Hugs, Jo

  22. That path is lovely! It's really coming together and looks so nice!

  23. Sending you a HUG!
    I tell you, this is just beautiful. I always share your posts with my husband. We are dreaming too.
    xx oo

  24. I'm really relieved that no paint was spilled while you fell ;)
    Your cottage looks more amazing by each post!


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